Monday, August 17, 2009

Disco pants and haircuts, Yeah lots of space in this mall.

Well gosh I've had a busy busy week! Though it was a great busy week.
I Visited Jules at Poppet Vintage for the launch of her handmade dresses which are GORGEOUS, wait I'll try and find a photo

They're my favorites, but there's all different styles, click here to have a drool :)

Also during the week, a rather handsome guy and myself went on one of our regular opshop treks, and didn't do badly at all!
I was also introduced to the movie... I'm not sure if you will have heard of it... The um, Blues Brothers?
Yeah ok, well apparently I was the only person in the world who hadn't seen it, and now, there's no one left because I have officially watched the Blues Brothers. ZING!

Ok yabber yabber this is what I bought!

My favorite find was from my Mum's favorite opshop.
The reason of course being is that everything is so cheap. Not many of those opshops left folks! The pricing makes me laugh.
Aprons $1.20 Skirts .60c etc.
You just know they've sat out the back and had a deep and meaningful chat about each item...
"Doris, what should we charge for this?"
"Oh Barry, I don't know, would they pay .50c?"
"Surely it's worth 50c? Oh look put 60c on it and we'll see how it goes"
"That's a bit steep Barry."
"You're right, .50c"
Big serious conversations about such cheap items.
We always give them extra anyway, you can't not when you get items like I did for so cheap.
The two pieces of German pottery were a whole 50c each. :)

Japanese art glass vase :)

And another vase


Oh pretty owls. I believe they're pencil toppers!

Strange hand blown 70's beer tankard

Oh what a cute china cup with 1920's dancers on the sides.
This will be my new coffee cup! I'm strange with coffee cups.
I only own one because I always have to drink from the same one... and it's not even pretty!
So now, I when people come over, we won't have to take it in turns for coffee. However I'll have the pretty cup haha.

I've always wanted one of these. My boss at work has one and I'm always admiring it. Ideally, my dream item is a glomesh dress. (I'm not even sure if they exist) But for now, this glomesh necklace will do just fine. it's so soft and gorgeous.


I'm a silly duffer. I always need white shoes, but never buy them when I have the opportunity (I have no idea why) And then I get ready to go out, and wish I had a pair of white shoes and remember all those times I turned them down and hate myself a little bit. And then go shopping again, see white shoes, and think.. Oh I don't need them now! I needed them last week, and don't buy them again, and the circle continues. This time I BOUGHT SOME. And they're fabulous. They have that space agey feel to them so will work with a lot of my 60's dresses. :)

The opposite happens with white boots. Ideally I want a pair of genuine white gogo boots, but in the mean time I've been searching for ANY white boots.
You might have seen me wearing this pair

Which are a size too small and the zip only goes half way up my calves, but finding white boots in this style are hard work. I know they're only 90's copies, but they're as close to the gogo boot as I can find, and being rather short, the heal isn't something I'll complain about. So yippee, I now have white boots that fit me!!

I've been on the brown boot hunt for a couple of years. I've designed my dream pair in my head, and am coming to realise they might not exist :( So I decided a brown pair the same as my black lace up pair will be adequate, so nearly died when I found these at market on Sunday (Which I'd like to say I'm quite lucky to be alive to blog, I was pretty close to being blown away!) Unfortunately, I'm still brown bootless. These are a size and a half too big. Sigh.

These are cute. They have little leather lacing at the front. I love Italian shoes. Yes, yes I do.


A Fur stole

This is pretty cool. It's real fur, but I'm fairly sure it's just been dyed. None the less it's a furrly fabulous collar!

And lastly another sheepskin vest with cute leather ties.

Very lastly, I have to post a picture of the most amazing breakfast I've had in a long time. Mums are the best cooks. This meal just had to be photographed. It was a full cook up. Something I haven't had since I worked at Marylands where we served that and more. Mmmm hash browns.

That's all from me :)

Have a good week!!


Poppet said...

hey trish!
it was great to see you at my party, and i'm glad you like the dresses!
you looked adorable, just like always on your blog (i think i was a little star-struck....i kept whispering to my buddies "that's trish...she's my favourite!") haha
oh and that glomesh necklace is beautiful...i've always wanted a black one but alas have never found it!

x jules

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I saw the glo-mesh and instantly thought.."Glo mesh g-string!? WTF?" I was relieved when I kept reading and saw "necklace",phew. That was a close call Trish! ;)

angel wings and hearts said...

i don't quite know what to make of those german vases. hmmm. i prolly wouldn't have bought them, but that purple is calling to me....

dresses are cute and you know i quite like you in those white boots.
i remember when my (older) sister bought a white lace up pair and a black lace up pair. this is the 60's i am talking about here and i remember how agog my mouth was. they were patent as well. they were luvverly.

love_again said...

Oooh! Those dresses are sooo good. I need a simple frock like the ones you have pictured.

..any chance of sharing the name of this ultra cheap op-shop that you speak of...? pretty please..

Also, that coffee cup is super pretty. Good stuff!

harbourmaster said...

nice boots! have you changed your hair? maybe just the photo, but it looks darker and very cute. You're so right, there is nothing like a good home breakfast! My mum makes mean french toast, I can never make it as good...

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the necklace, although I thought it was a g-string at first, and had disturbing thoughts about how uncomfortable that would be.

Lucy said...

I LOVE the owls and the dresses at the start! as well as most of the shoes! AH I always get stuck staring at everything for a good 10 minutes! also that breakfast looks phenomenal, I hope you enjoyed it!

Piglet said...

I had a browse at the dresses, they are gorgeous.
Loving the glomesh necklace!

remember orbeli said...

Ok, so since I'm at work I can only see the first pic and I LOVE those dresses! Can't wait to see all the other little finds you've 'hunted' and found :)

Anonymous said...

Care to share which op shop sells things that cheap and it's location?
From Elizabeth

trishhunterfinds said...

Jules - HII! Oh thankyou so much for inviting me :)
Oh my gosh star-struck PLEASE!! I was such a spud, I can't even remember what I said to anyone I was so nervous haha. But oh I'm glad I'm your favorite, that's made my week!
If I find another mesh necklace It's all yours :)

Candice - OH MY GOSH a G-string. I knew I should have chosen the draped image. Haha. Very close call. Oh the images.

Deb - Yes the vases are odd aren't they! I think that's what drew me to them. And I mean the price tag did too. But they just have something. They're all irregular and strange. Hmmmm.
Oooooh those boots sound fabulous!!
I'm so glad I found a pair I can actually do up and I can wear them more often now. Although the heal is GIANORMOUS so perhaps not as often as I hope!

Love again - I came across that same problem the other day actually. All of my dresses are so patterned or bright, I don't have any plain ones to wear. I don't know how to wear them! haha. You'll have to have a squiz at Poppet :)
So I've been chatting with Mum, and I'm officially not allowed to post the opshop on here. I said that hardly anyone would go, and it's good to share secrets coz then you'll share yours... but I promised I wouldn't because its her special little one and she went a little funny about it.

Harbour Master - Hehe no no, I haven't, although I did dye it the other day and was like 'What, how does she know?' Because that pic is one from a while ago just showing the boots I had. Oooooh yeh, Mums meals are the best :)

Rosie - Two of you!! Gosh it really must look like one. Yes...How... er.. uncomfortable haha

Lucy - :) YES That breaky was one of the best I'd had in a long time. Truly beats my usual wheetbix that's for sure.
You'll definately have to check out Poppet! I bought a new dress there on Thursday! It's amazing!

Piglet - Wait till I find the glomesh dress that I don't think exists!! Ooooooh that'd be so cool!

Angela - Hahha, good old work limits. Curse them for blocking things! How are you? You'll have to drop by the shop again soon :)

Elizabeth - Awww I promised Mum I wouldn't, Otherwise I'd be spilling my guts I promise!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

OMG - I've never seen purple and black West Germans, and for FIFTY CENTS!!! I have to move to Melbourne!

sa said...


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