Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter cleaning

What a day!
I haven't stopped. I've turned my house completely upside down. Every room has been in every other room at one stage, and it's only half finished, sigh.
But it's been SO much fun. Organisation, change, and planning are some of my favorite things, so although it's been super hard work, I've loved every second.

This week I bought seven MASSIVE storage containers. 150 litres each. I could easily squash into one.
Something had to be done. I'd been storing a lot of my clothing in those big checkered bags, and they couldn't be stacked, they were falling over, and taking over the room, so I had to change things.
I spent the whole day unpacking, and repacking boxes, moving everything that's movable around, resulting in a well packed house, and two un-liftable bags to take to market when I eventually go.
My lounge-rooms are still hectic. There's stuff EVERYWHERE that I moved from my bedroom that still needs to find a home, but for now, I can actually see my bedroom floor. There is no checkered bags in sight, I've removed two racks, and I can MOVE!!
I can now get out of my bed in the middle of the night and not trip over a bucket of coathangers, bags of clothes, and way too many shoes.
Don't get me wrong, it wasn't messy, there was just too much stuff. So I needed to reorganise it so it could all fit better, and I didn't feel so claustrophobic.
Oh I should have done it a long time ago. It feels SO GOOD!!
Here is a part of my satisfaction from the day.

Happy dance happy dance!!

And here are a few things I picked up this week.

Fabulous 80's leather shoes. I've wanted a pair for ages, but I can't justify buying new things, so just waited it out and zing!! These were there waiting for me.

How cute is this matching vintage knitted hat and scarf.

Here is my new recycling bin.

An embroidered vest made partly of suede diamonds.

And lastly... REPRISE.

Happy dance happy dance.

Now I have to get stuck into the rest of the house.

Coming home tomorrow night after work will feel amazing.


alma wad said...

You give me inspiration . .. I have to move to another flat ... and I need some idea on packing .. you found lovely vintage winter items ! Good idea to share them !

greetings from doha

Gina E. said...

Well done! It feels great when you have such a great tidy-up. Those huge plastic boxes are a god-send. I've got four of them packed with books and magazines I can't bear to throw out. They are in the garage, much to the MOTH's annoyance.
BTW, would you keep me in mind if you see any old swap cards in your travels? You know the ones I like!


I'm doing the happy dance for you as well!

Erin Faith said...

omg my mum had shoes almost exactly the same as those 90s black n white ones, but with a higher heel. Now my friend Bianca has them cause her feet are bigger :(

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