Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trish's Mum Finds


Today I went and visited Mum.
The day was filled with laughs as she shared stories from my childhood with me.
Some that I'm not able to blog about haha, but gosh I got a laugh when she was trying to explain to me what a massive baby I was.
Here are but a few of the quotes that were used to describe me.
"I remember one day, I brought you over to Nans house when you were maybe a month old, and the first thing she said was 'Moira, that babies ready for work.' "
Nan had a very strong Scottish accent, and when I hear her stories, I know EXACTLY how it would have been said. Gosh it makes me laugh.
Another thing she said was 'Moira, that baby could pull a sled up a mountain.'
Oh my gosh I was in stitches.

Anyway, as you know, whenever I visit Mum she always has a bag of goodies for me.
She's amazing. I don't know how she finds some of the things she does.
This is what she had for me this week.

This novelty cork screw is a bit naughty, but that's what makes most novelty items great. I'm sure I have no need to explain it.

My favorite Mum item, BEST hand held mirror I've ever seen.

Leather painted mini bag/purse

Italian leather and velvet 70's bag.

These two brand new vintage aprons. Flower power anything is my favorite thing in the world, so these had my toes twiddling.

And these bright green gloves with little green daisys around the wrist.

She also got me a velvet blazer that wouldn't photograph, and a pair of vintage tights.

We also went opshopping today. This is what I picked up.

I picked up this cute cookie jar :) (Sorry Deb)

This cord marching vest that I'm assuming was part of a costume, but it's awesome!

Mini love heart shaped hot water bottle that will be used for early morning travels to work.

And my favorite items. You all know I'm a massive tie dye fan, so when I saw these hand dyed cotton hoodies from the 90's, I couldn't leave them. I bought all 8 of them. They're SO GOOD!!!!!!! Made my day.

And that's all from me!



angel wings and hearts said...

ROTFLMAO. when i saw the cookie jar i let out a little "oh" (in a jealous, thats not fair kinda way) and then i laughed when you beat me to it and said "sorry deb". lol!

he is a very cute little guy isn't he. i have seen a couple in a few antique / collectables places but they have been cracked or had missing lids and they still want $35 for them. so i have left them there.
i remember those cork screws as well. oh and the aprons are very nice. the patterns / fabrics are lovely. well done.

love_again said...

Love the cookie jar, and love that you bought 8 tie-die hoodies - I want one! I just saw your candy patterned legs on m friends facebook page.

hollie said...

Hooray for hot water bottles in public! I take them to the cinema often - it's freaking cold in there! I once had a small purple heart shaped one like yours but I obviously over used it because it sprang a leak not long after. xxx

trishhunterfinds said...

Deb - Hahahah, as soon as I saw it I thought of you. I knew you'd love him!
He cost me $10 but he's in PERFECT condition, Never had a cookie in him I think!
He even still has the sticker on the bottom. $35 for crappy ones makes me a bit happy! Thanks for letting me know!
Yes I adore the aprons. I have quite a collection, but mostly the waist ones. The patterns are just fabulous :)

Hollie - Oh what a great idea to take them to the movies! I am always covered in goosebumps when I go in there. You'd think they'd make it nice and toasty in winter, and cold in summer, but no, the aircon is on max during both seasons. Pitty about your one! I wish I knew where to buy them, because they're the best idea. You could also knit cute little covers for them :)

Missa said...

That corkscrew is hysterical.

meglet said...

I love the marching vest! I don't know why but I'm strangely drawn to it... must have been a band-nerd in a past life.
Your mum sounds cool!

also... definitely up for a market day soon!!


pass me the wine bottle pleasssseee...(that's too funny!)

Jen said...

lucky duck! That cookie jar is adorable...
Unfortunately, my mum has developed quite the taste for opshoped home wares, so when she finds a gem she'll often keep it :P
Your mum's a doll!

Eyeball Martini said...

Hey Trish!

Cute blog, love reading it :)

Not sure if you're aware, but the little boy corkscrew is a souvenir from Belgium - he's their national mascot. If you ever get to go there's a life size version of him peeing into a fountain. He's officially referred to as Manneken Pis. Classy!

Bit of culture for ya!

down and out chic said...

that corkscrew is heeeelarious and i totally need to get one.

Gina E. said...

Oh Trish, you and your Mum have the best eyes for opshopping! Those aprons are to die for, and the hot water bottle is soooo cute! I've never seen one like that. I would certainly grab it if I saw it in an opshop, but rather than use it, I'd put it on show in our bathroom!

Anonymous said...

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