Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi hi.

Not many exciting finds this week, however with all fingers crossed, I have a few things I hope to get next week!!

First, it's been a while since I posted an outfit, so here's what I wore yesterday

And my finds...

Crochet vest

2 x berets. I believe I now officially have every colour beret. I think I'm now up to collecting shades of colours. Haha.

Strange vintage cow creamer cup thing? and a fabulous polkadot dish

I hate to admit, but I'm such a fan of 90's clothing. I don't know why, I really don't. I found this denim jacket which screams 90's and it was straight in the basket.

A Star Wars lunchbox and some sweet hire roller skates.

And lastly...

My favorite find, which I did pay Savers price for *waves fist* But it's totally worth it, is this real sheepskin hooded reversible jacket. Yes reversible. It has toggles on both the inside and outside, so you can either wear the woolly side or the skin side. It's so heavy and cozy. And did I mention toggles? I love love toggles. Toggles!!

I'm starving and all I have is old pizza and milk in the fridge.
Off to raid the pantry :)

PS: I have a day off tomorrow and hope to get around to catching up on all of your blogs! My bloglovin' is crazy full with unread posts that I'm missing reading!


Lucy said...

Your outfit is fantastic! Love the colours, and I also love all the things you've found recently!

Keep posting!


You look so warm & cozy cute!
That Star Wars will fetch a great price someday!!

Jen said...

Aaah that VEST. Amaaaazing!

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the outfit, I have a piece of fabric in a similar pattern, but different colours.

thevintageyear said...

Aw, you look really cute!
You have such a knack for finding toggled things!

piglet said...

Love the berets!

Poppet said...

yay, super cute outfit!
i love those rollerskates....i found some a while ago, and i'm so unco on them....but i really wanna go roller-dancing! think of the costumes! the costumes!!!

trishhunterfinds said...

Lucy - Oh thankyouuu :)I of course will do! Thanks for the comment!

Lenorenevermore - I'm not sure if the Star Wars is a newy or an 80's one, but I'll hoard it anyway haha

Jen - I spent two whole yearsish looking and looking for a crochet vest. I found the dream one not long ago and now this! The crazyness.

Rosie - It's my most worn dress, I just love the pattern. I hope you make something super cute out of the fabric!

The vintage year - I unfortunately don't own many toggled things :( But they're quite fashionable this year and are in quite a few of the shops so hooray! Toggles are easily accessible. I want them all.

Piglet - There's every colour at Velour on Barkly st St Kilda if you're keen!! They post stuff too :)
I live in mine.

Poppet - Oh I'm dying to try them out!! There's not enough flat concrete around here to trust myself. It's all hills so I don't see myself roller skating for a while! Although I can imagine how unco I'll be too haha
But you're right... the costumes THE COSTUMESSS!! Next blogger meet should be at a rollerskating rink

disa said...

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