Friday, July 3, 2009

Spice up your life!

Gosh thank you ALL so much for your lovely messages about the website. I'm so relieved it works. I was scared to read the emails incase something massive was wrong but I didn't get any negatives so fewf!! Although I did tell you to lie so.... haha.

So tonight I went to Savers and picked up some nice pieces of clothing.
Afterward, I walked up to my bus stop and I had a good 10 minutes until my bus came, and KFC was staring at me.
Back story; I haven't had 'fast food' besides the odd McDonalds all year.
Under the 'fast food' category I include KFC, Red Rooster, Hungry jacks etc etc. Fish and chips I call treat food haha. Anyway, a couple of months ago, my cousin mentioned that she got really sick from eating KFC the other day, and ever since, (although it seems pretty wrong) I've been absolutely craving a twister.
Every SINGLE time I stand at that bus stop, I look at KFC and think twissssster.
Anyway, months past, and after savers I read the timetable and as I said, had 12ish minutes till the bus came.
Usually when I get there my bus is under 5 minutes away so I just wait, but with the 12ish minutes, and KFC so close, mixed with the fact it was dinner time and I had no food in the cupboards, and of course the fact I was craving it for so long, meant 'it was meant to be.' (so I told myself)
I scooted off and was first in line.
They were heavily over staffed. There were red tshirted busy bodies that filled behind the counter. And not one of them served me for AGES. One girl was but a metre away from me spraying and wiping the counter, others were tapping on the metal bits waiting for food to come out, others were mucking around...
The last straw on the camels back had already been well and truly placed, and I had snapped when 3 menacing children were wrestling, screaming, throwing toys, and a giant exercise ball in the GLASS SECTION at Savers. I told them off. "Guys this isn't a playground go and find your Mum." They laughed at me and said "hahaha not a playground" and continued. I gained a headache.
ANYWAY... So at KFC, already fragile, I did an obvious 'excuse me' cough and a rather nice girl came over and asked what I wanted. I ordered my twister, and waited at least 10 minutes for it. 10 MINUTES!! The nice girl kept miming 'sorry' to me, so I would smile and say it was fine. I looked out the window at the same time I saw my bus drive past and hated my life just a little bit more haha.
With at least 20 minutes until the next bus, I sat down at the lettuce covered table and ate my twister. It definitely wasn't worth the cravings, or worth getting home 20 minutes later, and it definitely wasn't fast food. It was rather bland, and tasted exactly like every other twister I've ever had. No idea why I wanted it for so long.

Vent OVER.
Gosh, that was really long considering all I wanted to say was that KFC was bad. Oh well.

This is the items I picked up tonight...

No wait... first of all, remember in a previous post where I brought up my Spice Girls passion? WELL... that got my toes twiddling, and almost straight afterward, I hopped on eBay and impulse bid on a set of 5 dolls with Geri in the famous Union Jack dress.

I won, and they arrived on my doorstep earlier in the week. LOVE THEM!!

Ok now this is what I bought tonight...

Lovely vintage dress with a circular skirt, sleeves that open but are done up with buttons and ties, and it's just so romantic.

This is a fairly gross dress, but I can't turn down a sailor dress. It has the back flap too! I'll be able to do something with it surely.

Speaking of gross dresses, I've been really trying to stop buying maxi polyester dresses as much as I love them, but their prints are so gorgeous! I couldn't say no to this print.

My gosh my photos are so bad. This dress isn't shiny at all, but it looks like a crappy polyester too! (Well it is polyester but it doesn't look like it in real life.)
It's a green and polka dot dress with matching belt. It's actually really sweet.

And lastly this beautiful beautiful fur collared swing coat with MASSIVE buttons.
There are some flaws but I'll live with them. There's some fading on the shoulders, only minor but I still know it's there, and the lining hem has fallen down but I've safety pinned it up (for now.... possibly forever depending on sewing motivation.)
I'm hoping I'll be in a mood to wear it tomorrow because I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE!! Well I love swing coats in general. I live in my zigzag green one which I don't actually think I've ever posted a photo of up here. Hmm.

Here is something I have worn this week though,

Please excuse the VERY daggy expression/pose. I have no idea what I was doing and it seems they all turned out very blaa. But yes, this is what I wore yesterday.

And here are some of the items I picked up throughout the week.

My favorite item being this sequined fitted dress. Amazing on and in my size fancy that!! (When I sore it glittering underneath a pile of clothes my eyes bulged and chanting in my head was 'please fit me please fit me please fit me' haha.

Embroidered shirt

So again, my photos are horrible, this is a GREEN leather jacket. A very dark green but it's green. And no batwings! It's fitted. Sligggghtly to big, but I'll hoard it for a while. :)

And lastly this cute little 50's vase without a chip in it.

Oh and in wallowing news, my 'live in' boots, the ones I literally live in.
Every single day.
Perfectly fitting, small heal, lace up, just perfectly Trish, died on me today.
I was playing with them and caught a glimpse of the soul which was completely split!! I gasped very loudly. It was like someone had died.
I flipped over the other shoe and it was well on its way out too.
I took them to the boot makers, and they're going to replace the whole bottom of the shoes for a hefty price.
But I've justified it by the fact if I didn't only buy from opshops, the price to buy a new pair of replacement boots would be a lot more than getting mine repaired, so it's okay. But wahhhhh.
What on earth will I wear without my live in boots???


loz.rawwr said...

holy shit. the blinging dress is amazing! x

angel wings and hearts said...

ahhhhh, excuse me, i need the vase!


celebpaparazzo said...

once in a garage clean up of all the crap we came accross my sister's barbies, some being the spice girls ones, i stole the geri before it met its fate!!!

and i agree the 'blingin' dress is awesome

love_again said...

I too agree that the 'blinging' dress is blinging amazing. Want. So. Bad.

piglet said...

I really love the red dress. And the sequin one is amazing!
I guess you won't be eating KFC for a while!

EmilyKate said...

Oh yes, that vase is darling! And you, Miss, are looking exceptionally good in that orange-flower-print dress. With the guitar in the background you're like Joni Mitchell between sets :o)

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