Friday, July 24, 2009

Possibly the shortest blog I have ever posted...

...But I just can't wait until my next post to show you this.
I insist that all of my fellow vintage lovers check out this website,
A friend sent it to me this morning, and my gosh some of these are so funny.

Click here click here click here

Hope I didn't make that out to be better than it was.

You know when you rave about a movie/restaurant for so long and then actually take someone there and you start to stress a little, in fear it's just you who thinks it's good? And then you start to make excuses, just in case when after 20th time they say it's good, (and you still don't believe them), it sounds like you don't have poor taste.

Ok the end.

Enjoy the pics :)


Sarah said...

You really need to check these links out.... oh gosh I was rolling around on the floor after reading this.

Velour said...

I'm waiting for my scanner to be fixed so I can start posting some entertaining adds from my 20's-70's mags-oh gosh they need to be shared.

love_again said...

I was not at all disappointed by this link. HILARIOUS.

Nancy Magoo said...

Great blog! Had to write my own about it and source you.

Rosie Unknown said...

That pictures is so... frank!

Lavender said...

No I think you only talked it up the necessary amount. So funny.

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