Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh dear. Now here's a funny story.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to my first ever Auction yesterday.
I had printed out my list, I knew what items I wanted, and roughly what my max bids were. I brought my Dad who was in wheezing fits at the 'crap people are buying'
I loved it because it showed him that I'm not the only one that likes this kind of 'crap'
I wore one of my 1950's swing coats, and my black beret which was annoying me all day. It was like my head had grown an extra centimeter, and it just kept lifting off.

Anyway, so I registered at the Auction, bidder 130. I was given my number to hold up if I wanted to bid on something, and I did! I bid on a few things, won a couple... or so I thought.

I payed for my items and shoved the receipt in my bag because I didn't want Dad to know how much I payed for the 'crap' I bought. And I was kind of freaking out myself because I didn't expect the price to be so high when I payed for it. But I figured I had to add the buyers premium etc etc, so I just left it.

The next day, I was still unsure about what I was charged so took out the receipt and had a look. There were THREE items on the form. THREE!!
I only won two and I was positive of it. After reading the third items description, I didn't even know what it was! I had to refer back to the auction list.

And then it clicked.

At one stage, well one of the many stages when my beret was slipping off, I had my bidders number in my hand as I went to pull it back down. BEW BEWWWW.
I even said to Dad later on "I'm lucky, earlier I fixed my hat with my ticket in my hand, and it could have looked like I bid"


When I went up to the counter to pay for my items, the first thing that the lady who collected my lot brought up were a couple of paintings and a mirror.
I mimed to Dad, 'What's my number again?' because I thought I might have given her the wrong number to collect, but then when I saw the two items that I intended on bidding on arriving, I assumed the other 3 items were for another person.

I picked up my two purchases and left.

What a dag.

My first auction, and this happens.

I definitely don't want the third lot that I bought, so I'll put it back in for next weeks auction haha.

And that's my funny story.

Here are the items I intentionally bid on.

My favorite item. This caused so much interest when we first saw it come in and I wanted it. Is it not the cutest toy ever made? block wheels are an interesting invention. Never really took off. He's made in Melbourne too!

I also bought this clock that I had great intentions of having next to my bed.
However then I heard it tick. I can almost handle a mild tick, but this one made me a little bit crazy.
I put it in the loungeroom and shut the door. I swear I could still hear it. Probably mental, but I could still hear it. I buried it under a pile of jackets and went to sleep. It's cute though.

The following are the things I've picked up during the week.

Cute shopping list board.

Novelty rack and pot holders.

Yes, another poly dress.

I was chatting to a friend at Savers tonight, letting him know if he ever see's a vintage cape to let me know, and seconds later I pulled this out. *plays spooky music*
It's navy blue, lined in a vibrant red fabric. It has asymmetrical buttons, splits that run all the way from the arm hole down to reveal hints of the red fabric as you walk, and pockets. We all love a pocket.

I don't really buy much 80's stuff unless it's unusual, as I don't wear much of it. The above and below items are pretty rad in a possibly/probably bad kind of way.

The above being a fitted LBD with sheer shaped sections across the front. Not sure how... everything would sit but it looks rad on a hanger.

And this absolutely hideous leather x thick fabric and jeweled cropped jacket. Hmm.

And that's it.

Well there's a few more pieces of clothing, but photos of clothing on hangers just aren't working at the moment, so I've almost given up except for the above items that turned out okay.


PS: I've been super slack at replying to comments lately, HUGE apologies.
I'm busier than busiest at the moment, and getting time in to even blog is tricky.
I'll get around to it I promise!!


love_again said...

That dog toy is super! perfect even! May I ask where the auction was? I'm interested in going to one myself..
..and will make sure to sit on my hands/number unless bidding for item being called.

Bec said...

I love the cape! I found a brown one not long ago and just posted about it on my blog =)

SharonH said...

Your story reminds me one of my Dad's stories... He was at a Art show with a sit down dinner and drinks beforehand - he was watching the auction from a distance when it (the auction) slowed down a little - for some reason best known to himself he raised his hand - HE WON!!!! It cost him a four figure amount... We all said that we hoped that the red he was drinking was worth it!!! He was about 85 at the time... Trish I know both your cousin Amanda and Gina - swap card lady... Small world!!!!

Hammie said...

It's funny but I can see Skylark in the black dress AND leather jacket. She is the queen of the 80's. (I miss her)

I love that you bid by accident. I used to go to Langtons wine auctions and would sit on my hands so as not to accidentally buy a 1953 Grange Hermitage or Leewin Art Series Merlot.

I think you should have collected the items though. And made them work.


LENORENEVERMORE said... them! Especially the 'shopping reminder'! How I miss going to auctions...used to go to butterflies in my stomach! ps:Your dad is so funny...


Piglet said...

Aww the hotdog, so cute!

Once we went to a house auction when I was about 5. People were putting their hands up like they did at school, so I put my hand up too!
My nana was very quick to pull my hand down and tell me off!

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