Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot chips have changed.

Hi hi.
So I tried to cut down the following vent into a Twitter, but it just didn't happen.
I'd like to express my sadness about the gradual change that fish and chip shops have made, from wrapped food, to boxed food.
Is there anything better than when it's really cold, getting a bundle of wrapped joy in the form of chips, with vinegar seeping through the layers of paper, ripping open the top and pulling out soggy goodness one by one.
No wait there is. It's when you get to the bottom, you think you're done, and then you find a couple more hiding in the folds and you have to PEEL them off the paper.

My point.
I now only know ONE fish and chip shop left, which thank god is local, that still wraps their chips in paper!
What's with all these boxes?
A) You get less chips.
B) You lose all the above joy.
C) They have NO chance of getting soggy no matter how much vinegar you pour in there.
Chips taste different in a box, and I don't like the taste.

So you probably think I'm over acting a little bit. Chips are chips right?
My friend and I are chip connoisseurs. We once sat waiting for a train and named 27 different types of hot chips. Yep 27. Beach chips taste different to country chips, and to pub chips, and to mcdonalds chips etc.
And the numbers now reached 29. Which now includes curly fries, and box chips.

Curse box chips.

Someone should start a facebook group. I'll join I'll join!!

Vent over.

Here are the things I've found.

My hair dryer is home. I also bought a stocking doll. Those dresses are fabulous.

Ironing board cover, slightly big, but I doubt I'd find one that actually fits my ironing board because I think it's home made.

12 pair of deadstock vintage flares.

My tie dye passion will never die. Not one piece is the same and the colours are amazing and crazy psychedelic. How could I ever refuse another piece.

And lastly Dad dropped off my unusual teak magazine rack. It's fabulous.

I'm off to finally catch up on this seasons LOST.
Don't EVER miss one episode or you can't watch the rest of them until you get to watch that missed one, and it can take FOREVER!!
Very excited.

Goodnight :)


beccasauras said...

Thanks for the spoiler! I'm waiting for Season 5 on dvd, i'm obsessed but don't like ad breaks. Don't say another word, missy! (haha)

beccasauras said...

Thanks for the spoiler! I'm waiting for Season 5 on dvd, i'm obsessed but don't like ad breaks. Don't say another word, missy! (haha)

trishhunterfinds said...

Aargh sorry!!!!
That's only the tiniest part of the whole season, I promise!
You won't even remember it when you get there.
This season is MASSIVE!! It's shock factor the whole way.
I'm excited for you to watch it.
I won't say another word.

love_again said...

My local fish and chip shop still bundles there chips in paper, and boy did i enjoy them on the weekend!

Rosie Unknown said...

The doll looks so cute beneath the hair dryer! i can't say I agree with you about the chips, for two reasons: a) I don't like chips at all, and b) I dislike them even more when they are soggy.

trishhunterfinds said...

Gem - Hooray!! Don't ever let them change!

Rosie - Pardon? Did you just say you don't like chips? I swear I have never ever met anyone who doesn't like chips. Ever! I didn't know there was such a person out there. Pleased to meet you!

Piglet said...

I was incredibly disappointed with the lack of fish'n chip shops when I lived in Melbourne. Maybe it's because Camberwell is too posh for such things?
But here in good old NZ they always come wrapped in paper. Though not with vinegar, tomato sauce is where it's at!
mmm "fush'n chups"

kirby said...

Love the doll , is it a Bradley? or japanese pose?
i have a "couple". i <3 there eyes and cute little faces,

meglet said...

OMG! That magazine rack is amazing!! It would go lovely with my 70s bookshelf and standard lamp :) jealous...

angel wings and hearts said...

trish your stocking doll is a bradley doll. don't know if all those types of dolls are bradleys or if there are cheaper non branded ones about.


trishhunterfinds said...

Piglet - Perhaps it is an inner city thing. My wrapped place is out in the burbs. Hmm. Yes sauce, or gravy mmmm.

Kirby - I have no idea! How can you tell? I'm completely out of my loop when it comes to dolls.

Meg - Ooooh it would it would!! Keep looking for something similar though. I can't part with mine as it's a part of my lounge suite which is pretty cool in itself!

Deb - Oh thanks Deb! Are Bradley dolls good? I've heard them called both Bradley and stocking dolls, do you know the difference?

Kirby said...

Flip her upside down and have a look :)
i actually like the Japanese "fakes" one's the best.

They are quiet cute usually sell for 10-15$ on Ebay
There is a few groups on Flickr Dedicated to them where there are lots of picks and the doll names ect.

I'm not a doll collector but...... for some reason i can not explain i'm drawn to them.

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