Friday, July 31, 2009

Freaky ceramics Friday

Hello hello :)
So one of my favorite blogs is Emily Kate's.
She has this section where she posts pics of all her 'freaky ceramics' (Here!) that I am forever green with envy over.
So after picking up some of my own ceramics this week, I thought of her and figured I'd have my own once off 'Freaky ceramics Friday' post.
You all should definitely check out her blog, but all you kitsch ceramics fans should bring a mop, because you'll be drooling.

It's been so long since I've had a massive opshop day.
The things I find are usually bits and pieces I find before/after work throughout the week, but not for so long have I gone on a spree where I get to lug home a ridiculous amount of back breaking awkward items... it was great! :)

Oh, but the fun didn't end when the opshops closed up... no no.
That night I went to auction and pwoah!! I got everything I wanted. Everything I had highlighted on my list, and I didn't go over budget. ZING!!

I took Mum. It was her first ever Auction.
After the story I told her about my beret disaster last time, I got her a little paranoid I think, because she was very quiet. I kept asking her if she was okay. She finally broke and said I'm FINE Patricia. Stop making me NOD! hahahahahaha. What a dag.

So this post is going to be divided into a few, because I bought so much I couldn't carry it all home.

Here are the things I DID get home, and a couple of bits I bought today.

Anything that's marked JAPAN on the bottom usually screams Trish.
This is no exception. Super cute cookie jar house with smoke coming out of the chimney :)

This pretty dish has a hairline fracture :( Poor thing. But I couldn't leave it for $1. How pretty are the colours?

Cute Sylvac style vase with a squirrel by a log, and a 'JAPAN' cat my Mum brought for me.

Flower power 70's cup and saucer gift from a friend. Very sweet :)

This is the other thing Mum brought in for me when we met at auction.
I've wanted a cute sewing basket for a while, and I don't think I could get one more suitable! I had a doll basket made of the same thing when I was little. Memoriesss.

In the same girl theme, I picked up this tissue box cover.

I love tooled leather. This bag is gorgeous.

Curtains 1

Curtains 2

Two very 60's belts. They're fab.

A small piece of retro art glass. "Pretty fish pretty fish kiss kiss"

Sheep skin vest. SO WARM. I want it in pyjama form.

Vintage raincoat. I'm definitely going to wear this, and twirl my umbrella and sing in the rain.... well maybe.

Weee. These vintage rubber shoes finished the day off nicely.

But... I saved the best for last.

This trio of stackable plastic canisters are fabbbbulous. I'm sure the photo says it all.

I think that's all.

Oh, in my previous post, I mentioned... ooh did I? I may have mentioned I bought some more flares....

Check out the rainbow of polyester goodness!

Ok that's all for today.
There's a few bits at Mums house, and lots to pick up on Monday. I can't wait to show you all the watercolour I bought. Monday is too far away.

Until then, have a marvelous weekend!


angel wings and hearts said...

wow, i have never seen anything like those cannisters. they look real space agey don't they! oh and deer curtains - very nice. you did well.

Lucy said...

I'm absolutely LOVING your finds!
The fabrics are beautiful and I love the little vase with the squirrel! awesome!

Rosie Unknown said...

So jealous of the flares! I wouldn't wear all the colours, but I would definitely wear some!

piglet said...

hahaha, those freaky ceramics are awesome!
I love the second curtains best!

Jen said...

aww those deer curtains are amazing! Damn, so jealous!

EmilyKate said...

Trish I don't know how I missed your nice shout-out! I just googled Freaky ceramics and found you'd linked me! Thankyou :o)
I'm nearly in tears over the little deer and the flower-tree. I cannot WAIT for you to open your shop, seriously.

sa said...


Anonymous said...

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