Wednesday, July 8, 2009

eBay auctions and auction house!

Hi hi!!

Super quick post just pimping out my current and probably only eBay items I'll have up for ages (hopefully forever)
I put up a whole 9 items yesterday and it took ALL of yesterday.
Never ever ever again! haha.

Anyway here we go...

Rent comes first :( I've put this winner of a dress up. I may/will regret this later.

And there we have it.
That took a whole day.

Sure I might have baked some mini cakes in between, which by the way, you should never use eggs past their use by for, because you will be very very sick afterward...
But a whole day! 9 items? Oh dear.

Here's the link to my eBay

So I might have said that rent comes first... however so does auction house... which is where I'm going to 'buy nothing Patricia... to buy nothing!!' (won't happen but I'll pretend I believe it.) I'm soon going to 'watch' my first auction. I can't wait. I'm a bit nervous about the whole bidding thing though, how do I bid? I even asked my colleagues, but I'd feel so silly winking, or raising an eyebrow. I just know I'll end up putting on a cheesy/dorky smile and putting my hand up (not embarrassing at all)
I'll keep you blogged with what I don't buy :)



angelaseeangelablog said...

LOVEEEE the sequined dress -drools-!!


harbourmaster said...

ooh! flag skirt! i have no idea how to use ebay (yes, major dunce), but, flag skirt! so good, love it.

ps. you look super cute in all outfits!! (how is this? most people only look good in one or two styles...lucky thing:p)

Rosie Unknown said...

I so wish I wasn't half way around the world, making shipping super impractical, because I want it all!

cheshirecat said...

aw pity about the rent, that first dress is absolutely stunning!

Owl and the Grapes said...

Those leopard pants are FIERCE. In a good way. Thank you SO much for the link. You're a life saver (technically, blog saver, but you get the gist). x

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

That sequin dress is fab! I went to an auction recently and found the whole experience terrifying. Hope you found something nice (and didn't buy it!)

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