Monday, July 13, 2009

Because I need it!

Hi hi!

'Because I need it' is one of the most common phrases in the Trish vocabulary.
I've mentioned before that I usually allow myself to buy things by using the manipulative sentence 'It's a good investment.' But equally as common, and rarely ever questioned is 'Because I need it!'
When I'm holding an item that I deep down know I shouldn't buy, but really want to, I give myself a good talking to.
"Trish, what are you going to do with this? Why do you want it?"
I reply always with 'Because I need it', and that's it.
I don't fight myself anymore.
That is a perfectly adequate answer.
I've heard enough.
I obviously need the item I'm talking about, because I wouldn't lie to myself right?
Well a classic example of that exact scenario happened today at work.
I was offered the following item for a great price.

Shotty photos I know, I'll take proper ones when I get it home.
It's a 1950's "Eugene" professional hairdresser's hairdryer on stand, in a fabulous PINK!

Now, I already have a functioning hairdryer, one that's a 10th of the size and doesn't require floor space that I don't have..... but it's not pink, and not vintage, and not this!

They were the only reasons I could think of to try to make me buy it.... until the old 'Because I need it' line was reintroduced, and the item was sold.

No impulse buying there!
That was a well thought out decision. I need it!

And that's how I got this fabulous item, that will one day make a part of an exciting window display, and a photoshoot or two.
But until then, it'll be another curiosity piece for my home that I love and need :)

Today I also picked up the following...

A white Caroma stool to match my Kartell table.

A pair of Italian leather brogues. My others broke (It seems to be a running trend with my shoes at the moment) so I was very please to find these.

All through highschool I was a Sailor Moon nut. When I went to Japan in year 9, I swore I'd come home with Sailor Moon everything, but the only thing I could find was a comic book. My host student said it wasn't 'cool' anymore. I was sad.
The Smurfette pencil case is now already full with my kilometricos. (The only pen that keeps working) (both were little presents from the boss :) )

And this cute little vintage cake booklet too.

Very lastly, I just wanted to show my own photo of the big eye prints I bought. I can't bring myself to hang them up because I only ever sleep in my bedroom so I'd never get to see them!
So until I find something else to lean against my bike, they'll stay.


piglet said...

hahaha my sister and I used to love playing sailor moon in the backyard! I don't care if she's not cool, we thought she was awesome!

Christine said...

I am sooo jealous of the brogues Trish!I've been on the lookout for a pair for ages.Where are they from?

trishhunterfinds said...

Piglet - Sailor Moon is the BEST! I used to watch it every morning before school. I couldn't believe it was so scarce in Japan! I imagined coming home completely decked out in Sailor Moon gear. Grr.

Christine - My gosh really? I picked them up from an opshop near my work. Most vintage stores have them! Pop in and grab a pair, they're reasonably cheap and unless you have my shoe luck, they'll last forever! :)

meglet said...

AHHH! The hair dryer is like something out of hte "Beauty School Drop Out" scene in Grease!
So brilliant.
Also, very jealous of your "big eye" prints. I have one but I want more.

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