Friday, July 31, 2009

Freaky ceramics Friday

Hello hello :)
So one of my favorite blogs is Emily Kate's.
She has this section where she posts pics of all her 'freaky ceramics' (Here!) that I am forever green with envy over.
So after picking up some of my own ceramics this week, I thought of her and figured I'd have my own once off 'Freaky ceramics Friday' post.
You all should definitely check out her blog, but all you kitsch ceramics fans should bring a mop, because you'll be drooling.

It's been so long since I've had a massive opshop day.
The things I find are usually bits and pieces I find before/after work throughout the week, but not for so long have I gone on a spree where I get to lug home a ridiculous amount of back breaking awkward items... it was great! :)

Oh, but the fun didn't end when the opshops closed up... no no.
That night I went to auction and pwoah!! I got everything I wanted. Everything I had highlighted on my list, and I didn't go over budget. ZING!!

I took Mum. It was her first ever Auction.
After the story I told her about my beret disaster last time, I got her a little paranoid I think, because she was very quiet. I kept asking her if she was okay. She finally broke and said I'm FINE Patricia. Stop making me NOD! hahahahahaha. What a dag.

So this post is going to be divided into a few, because I bought so much I couldn't carry it all home.

Here are the things I DID get home, and a couple of bits I bought today.

Anything that's marked JAPAN on the bottom usually screams Trish.
This is no exception. Super cute cookie jar house with smoke coming out of the chimney :)

This pretty dish has a hairline fracture :( Poor thing. But I couldn't leave it for $1. How pretty are the colours?

Cute Sylvac style vase with a squirrel by a log, and a 'JAPAN' cat my Mum brought for me.

Flower power 70's cup and saucer gift from a friend. Very sweet :)

This is the other thing Mum brought in for me when we met at auction.
I've wanted a cute sewing basket for a while, and I don't think I could get one more suitable! I had a doll basket made of the same thing when I was little. Memoriesss.

In the same girl theme, I picked up this tissue box cover.

I love tooled leather. This bag is gorgeous.

Curtains 1

Curtains 2

Two very 60's belts. They're fab.

A small piece of retro art glass. "Pretty fish pretty fish kiss kiss"

Sheep skin vest. SO WARM. I want it in pyjama form.

Vintage raincoat. I'm definitely going to wear this, and twirl my umbrella and sing in the rain.... well maybe.

Weee. These vintage rubber shoes finished the day off nicely.

But... I saved the best for last.

This trio of stackable plastic canisters are fabbbbulous. I'm sure the photo says it all.

I think that's all.

Oh, in my previous post, I mentioned... ooh did I? I may have mentioned I bought some more flares....

Check out the rainbow of polyester goodness!

Ok that's all for today.
There's a few bits at Mums house, and lots to pick up on Monday. I can't wait to show you all the watercolour I bought. Monday is too far away.

Until then, have a marvelous weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi hi.

Not many exciting finds this week, however with all fingers crossed, I have a few things I hope to get next week!!

First, it's been a while since I posted an outfit, so here's what I wore yesterday

And my finds...

Crochet vest

2 x berets. I believe I now officially have every colour beret. I think I'm now up to collecting shades of colours. Haha.

Strange vintage cow creamer cup thing? and a fabulous polkadot dish

I hate to admit, but I'm such a fan of 90's clothing. I don't know why, I really don't. I found this denim jacket which screams 90's and it was straight in the basket.

A Star Wars lunchbox and some sweet hire roller skates.

And lastly...

My favorite find, which I did pay Savers price for *waves fist* But it's totally worth it, is this real sheepskin hooded reversible jacket. Yes reversible. It has toggles on both the inside and outside, so you can either wear the woolly side or the skin side. It's so heavy and cozy. And did I mention toggles? I love love toggles. Toggles!!

I'm starving and all I have is old pizza and milk in the fridge.
Off to raid the pantry :)

PS: I have a day off tomorrow and hope to get around to catching up on all of your blogs! My bloglovin' is crazy full with unread posts that I'm missing reading!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Possibly the shortest blog I have ever posted...

...But I just can't wait until my next post to show you this.
I insist that all of my fellow vintage lovers check out this website,
A friend sent it to me this morning, and my gosh some of these are so funny.

Click here click here click here

Hope I didn't make that out to be better than it was.

You know when you rave about a movie/restaurant for so long and then actually take someone there and you start to stress a little, in fear it's just you who thinks it's good? And then you start to make excuses, just in case when after 20th time they say it's good, (and you still don't believe them), it sounds like you don't have poor taste.

Ok the end.

Enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot chips have changed.

Hi hi.
So I tried to cut down the following vent into a Twitter, but it just didn't happen.
I'd like to express my sadness about the gradual change that fish and chip shops have made, from wrapped food, to boxed food.
Is there anything better than when it's really cold, getting a bundle of wrapped joy in the form of chips, with vinegar seeping through the layers of paper, ripping open the top and pulling out soggy goodness one by one.
No wait there is. It's when you get to the bottom, you think you're done, and then you find a couple more hiding in the folds and you have to PEEL them off the paper.

My point.
I now only know ONE fish and chip shop left, which thank god is local, that still wraps their chips in paper!
What's with all these boxes?
A) You get less chips.
B) You lose all the above joy.
C) They have NO chance of getting soggy no matter how much vinegar you pour in there.
Chips taste different in a box, and I don't like the taste.

So you probably think I'm over acting a little bit. Chips are chips right?
My friend and I are chip connoisseurs. We once sat waiting for a train and named 27 different types of hot chips. Yep 27. Beach chips taste different to country chips, and to pub chips, and to mcdonalds chips etc.
And the numbers now reached 29. Which now includes curly fries, and box chips.

Curse box chips.

Someone should start a facebook group. I'll join I'll join!!

Vent over.

Here are the things I've found.

My hair dryer is home. I also bought a stocking doll. Those dresses are fabulous.

Ironing board cover, slightly big, but I doubt I'd find one that actually fits my ironing board because I think it's home made.

12 pair of deadstock vintage flares.

My tie dye passion will never die. Not one piece is the same and the colours are amazing and crazy psychedelic. How could I ever refuse another piece.

And lastly Dad dropped off my unusual teak magazine rack. It's fabulous.

I'm off to finally catch up on this seasons LOST.
Don't EVER miss one episode or you can't watch the rest of them until you get to watch that missed one, and it can take FOREVER!!
Very excited.

Goodnight :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter cleaning

What a day!
I haven't stopped. I've turned my house completely upside down. Every room has been in every other room at one stage, and it's only half finished, sigh.
But it's been SO much fun. Organisation, change, and planning are some of my favorite things, so although it's been super hard work, I've loved every second.

This week I bought seven MASSIVE storage containers. 150 litres each. I could easily squash into one.
Something had to be done. I'd been storing a lot of my clothing in those big checkered bags, and they couldn't be stacked, they were falling over, and taking over the room, so I had to change things.
I spent the whole day unpacking, and repacking boxes, moving everything that's movable around, resulting in a well packed house, and two un-liftable bags to take to market when I eventually go.
My lounge-rooms are still hectic. There's stuff EVERYWHERE that I moved from my bedroom that still needs to find a home, but for now, I can actually see my bedroom floor. There is no checkered bags in sight, I've removed two racks, and I can MOVE!!
I can now get out of my bed in the middle of the night and not trip over a bucket of coathangers, bags of clothes, and way too many shoes.
Don't get me wrong, it wasn't messy, there was just too much stuff. So I needed to reorganise it so it could all fit better, and I didn't feel so claustrophobic.
Oh I should have done it a long time ago. It feels SO GOOD!!
Here is a part of my satisfaction from the day.

Happy dance happy dance!!

And here are a few things I picked up this week.

Fabulous 80's leather shoes. I've wanted a pair for ages, but I can't justify buying new things, so just waited it out and zing!! These were there waiting for me.

How cute is this matching vintage knitted hat and scarf.

Here is my new recycling bin.

An embroidered vest made partly of suede diamonds.

And lastly... REPRISE.

Happy dance happy dance.

Now I have to get stuck into the rest of the house.

Coming home tomorrow night after work will feel amazing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trish's Mum Finds


Today I went and visited Mum.
The day was filled with laughs as she shared stories from my childhood with me.
Some that I'm not able to blog about haha, but gosh I got a laugh when she was trying to explain to me what a massive baby I was.
Here are but a few of the quotes that were used to describe me.
"I remember one day, I brought you over to Nans house when you were maybe a month old, and the first thing she said was 'Moira, that babies ready for work.' "
Nan had a very strong Scottish accent, and when I hear her stories, I know EXACTLY how it would have been said. Gosh it makes me laugh.
Another thing she said was 'Moira, that baby could pull a sled up a mountain.'
Oh my gosh I was in stitches.

Anyway, as you know, whenever I visit Mum she always has a bag of goodies for me.
She's amazing. I don't know how she finds some of the things she does.
This is what she had for me this week.

This novelty cork screw is a bit naughty, but that's what makes most novelty items great. I'm sure I have no need to explain it.

My favorite Mum item, BEST hand held mirror I've ever seen.

Leather painted mini bag/purse

Italian leather and velvet 70's bag.

These two brand new vintage aprons. Flower power anything is my favorite thing in the world, so these had my toes twiddling.

And these bright green gloves with little green daisys around the wrist.

She also got me a velvet blazer that wouldn't photograph, and a pair of vintage tights.

We also went opshopping today. This is what I picked up.

I picked up this cute cookie jar :) (Sorry Deb)

This cord marching vest that I'm assuming was part of a costume, but it's awesome!

Mini love heart shaped hot water bottle that will be used for early morning travels to work.

And my favorite items. You all know I'm a massive tie dye fan, so when I saw these hand dyed cotton hoodies from the 90's, I couldn't leave them. I bought all 8 of them. They're SO GOOD!!!!!!! Made my day.

And that's all from me!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Because I need it!

Hi hi!

'Because I need it' is one of the most common phrases in the Trish vocabulary.
I've mentioned before that I usually allow myself to buy things by using the manipulative sentence 'It's a good investment.' But equally as common, and rarely ever questioned is 'Because I need it!'
When I'm holding an item that I deep down know I shouldn't buy, but really want to, I give myself a good talking to.
"Trish, what are you going to do with this? Why do you want it?"
I reply always with 'Because I need it', and that's it.
I don't fight myself anymore.
That is a perfectly adequate answer.
I've heard enough.
I obviously need the item I'm talking about, because I wouldn't lie to myself right?
Well a classic example of that exact scenario happened today at work.
I was offered the following item for a great price.

Shotty photos I know, I'll take proper ones when I get it home.
It's a 1950's "Eugene" professional hairdresser's hairdryer on stand, in a fabulous PINK!

Now, I already have a functioning hairdryer, one that's a 10th of the size and doesn't require floor space that I don't have..... but it's not pink, and not vintage, and not this!

They were the only reasons I could think of to try to make me buy it.... until the old 'Because I need it' line was reintroduced, and the item was sold.

No impulse buying there!
That was a well thought out decision. I need it!

And that's how I got this fabulous item, that will one day make a part of an exciting window display, and a photoshoot or two.
But until then, it'll be another curiosity piece for my home that I love and need :)

Today I also picked up the following...

A white Caroma stool to match my Kartell table.

A pair of Italian leather brogues. My others broke (It seems to be a running trend with my shoes at the moment) so I was very please to find these.

All through highschool I was a Sailor Moon nut. When I went to Japan in year 9, I swore I'd come home with Sailor Moon everything, but the only thing I could find was a comic book. My host student said it wasn't 'cool' anymore. I was sad.
The Smurfette pencil case is now already full with my kilometricos. (The only pen that keeps working) (both were little presents from the boss :) )

And this cute little vintage cake booklet too.

Very lastly, I just wanted to show my own photo of the big eye prints I bought. I can't bring myself to hang them up because I only ever sleep in my bedroom so I'd never get to see them!
So until I find something else to lean against my bike, they'll stay.

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