Friday, June 5, 2009

Trish's 'Starring role' pt 2

Hi hi
So, I was waiting at my bus stop tonight, with 1 minute until my bus came, and I recieve a phone call.
It's my brother.
"Did you know you're in MX again?"
(No Hi, hello, how are you. He's 19 and feels the need to use as little words as possible to form a sentence. It is sometimes composed using grunts that I'm supposed to understand.)
"You're in MX"
"Oh okay?"
"What does it say?"
"Don't know Corey told me"
"Is there a photo?"
"Don't KNOW Corey told me"
"Okayyy? Thanks for letting me know!"
*he hangs up*
Again no see ya, or further conversation, he has got across what was needed.

Has anyone seen this youtube video?

That's my brother.


Completely not the point of conversation.

So yeah, I didn't even know until I got that phone call that I was in MX again!
For the whole Logies deal again.

So as the bus pulled up, I had to decide if it'd be worth walking back to the train station, just to probably see a quote or two by me.
They surely wouldn't post another photo.
I figured it'd be worth missing out on.
But I couldn't just leave it.
So I left my bus and walked back.
There were of course no MX's, as I was well out from the city, so I did a bin scab, and managed to rescue 3.
One with some kind of funky white gunk that I don't even want to know what it is.
That cover is well and truly binned.
But anyway, so yeah. I walked back up to my bus stop and waited 15 more minutes and went home. Totally worth it because...
I again fill up the whole page!! My god! HUGE TRISH.
It freaks me out over and over again.

Here's a copy of it. MX 'Fame' apparently. Haha. Hmmmmmm.

The dress I'm wearing is from Velour in St Kilda!! They have the best vintage in the world!... hint hint!!
They're in the process of putting up a ton of stuff in their eBay shop, so to get a glimpse of what they have, lurk here, or follow their blog to get their updates.


Here are my finds of late.

Cool set of 70's Tupperware containers

And some more.

Strange sunglasses. I look like a butterfly when I wear them.

Italian leather boots. Weird colour.

Leather blue bowtie

6 ramekins from the 50's I presume.
I was afraid they were remakes but under closer inspection, there was some small spots of crazing on a couple, so I picked them up.
Oh, but you'll never guess what I saw the other day, this 'crazed' vase which was actually pretty cool, I flipped it upside down to see what it said, and there was a big 'made in china' sticker with a barcode. They make objects that look crazed! Wahh!?

Cute petti

And this fabulous duffle jacket.
It's not vintage but it's lovely. It is a mix of wool and chashmere, so feels amazing on.

And my favorite item. This table cloth has the best pattern. I love it.


A couple of outfit posts.

I wore this to work on Wednesday, this is the new strange rubbery jacket from my previous post. Still not sure about it.

And this is what I wore today. I picked this dress up on Wednesday at the Salvos. It's by the designer Ilana Moses. I've never heard of her, but it's super cute. I feel like Alice in Wonderland :)

That's all from meeeee :)


nollyposh said...

Fabulous!!! X:-)

Kit said...

OH!! The pastel Tupperware is just too cute. I love your blog, it always inspires me to re-raid op shops especially after a long period of finding nothing! xx

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Which op shop did you find the yellow and white dress that you wore to the Logies?

Miranda said...

Omg that dress is amazing! How does it fit you so well? Do you tack them in?

cheshirecat said...

wow! you do look like alice in wonderland! fantastic!

angel wings and hearts said...

boots are cute and i love the tablecloth. :)


trishhunterfinds said...

Nollyposh - Thankyouuu :)

Kit - I wasn't sure about the tupperware, but I grabbed them anyway. They're fairly used, but still a ton left in them, so I wasn't sure. But I'm sure they'll do me better than flimsy takeaway containers I've been using.
Go and raid!!! And tell me what you finddd :)

Elizabeth - I didn't actually get it from an opshop! It came in a lot of vintage clothing that a lady sold to me! I loveeed it :)

Miranda - Do you mean the green dress? It just fitted me! It was the right size :) I love it.

Cheshirecat - I so felt like it!! Although I had my duffle coat on for most of the day which hid it a bit, but as soon as it was just the dress, I was Alice again!

Deb - Hehe I thought you'd like the tablecloth :)

Rosie Unknown said...

When you say that that is your brother, so you mean that the guy is your brother, or that your brother acts like that?

boubou said...

Bonjour !
first time i come across your blog or second time, just wanted to say that for inspirations or just for a dream, come and take a cup of tea at boubouteatime :) ( collages/Scrapbook and stuff :) )
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA love it. You look gorgeous! :)

Great finds!

- Dani

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