Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trish Brady

I've been a busy girl.
Working 6 days a week this week, 6 DAYS!!
I must be crazy.
I have though, still managed time to sneak into the opshops before work.
A big thanks to the ladies who know me and let me in early so I can catch my train.
I've said it so many times, I love my opshop ladies. They're so lovely!
It was one of their birthdays on Friday, and they ran down to work and told me to come down for cake (which I've had before for another birthday and my GOD it's the most amazing cake I have ever eaten)
When we were all in the back room feasting, this caught my eye.


I haven't found something that's made me this happy in a long time.
The design of it is so beautiful. It's definitely going to be on display.

It's a four piece Mewo coffee set, with wood grain handles and tray.
So VERY 70's, I just love it.

It was just about to go out on the shelf, so it was mean to be mine.

Other things I picked up this week include,

Single sheet and pillowcase set still in it's packet.

An old teachers marking stamp.

1976 packaged Oscar the Grouch crocheting kit.

I can never turn down things featuring daisies. They make me so happy.
It was my Nans and my Mum's favorite flower, so I've been brought up in a house full of daisy love, and it's been passed on. The colours in this make me smile :) and after the frame gets a good clean, I think It'll be hung in my bedroom.

Fur collar

Cute Magazine stand

Ee hee hee, this is the best. Novelty jumpers are hilarious.
I rarely wear them, but if it's really good like this one, I can't resist buying it just for the pleasure of owning something so bad it's AWESOME!

This top doesn't photograph very well but it's gorgeous. Little puff sleeves, matching buttons, and it's green. I'll try and wear it soon to show you better because it definitely deserves more credit than this poor photo gives it.

I got two suits. One I didn't photograph because it wouldn't stay on the hanger so I told it "fine I'm not photographing you" (Like it cared)
I'll try again next time, but it's a beautiful wool vest and skirt from the 50's, with the metal zip, and just amazing quality.
The suit above I suspect is 70's, but again it's wool is the finest softest wool I've ever touched, it FITS me! and it's actually really classy despite how intense it presents on the hanger.

I also picked up this poncho which I wore the next day...

...with these gloves.

And lastly, the thing that made my day!
I had a visitor at work. One of my blog readers Gina dropped in for the second time to say hello and she had a present for me!
She'd brought me a little parcel of swap cards!
All the cutey ones that I just adore.
Have a look at her collection. She has over 2000 of them SO JEALOUS!!!

I was beaming for the rest of the day! I'm going to do the same for someone and hopefully it'll make them as happy as that made me.

Gosh count the times I've said positive words in this blog. I should be a Brady.
'happy, amazing, beautiful, love, adore, gorgeous, awesome, lovely.' Hmm..

Oh that wasn't the last thing, I lied.

I won one of the things I had bid on at the Auction house!!
These two big eye / wide eye prints are all mine :)

Ok and very last thing I promise...
I have a Trish Hunter Finds page on Facebook!
It will eventually become the facebook page for my shop, so for updates and such click... HERE to join. :)



Chelsea said...

You got all of this in a busy 6 days =0
How do you find room in your house for all your finds.

Brooke Alexandra said...

I would imagine that it would be easier to just write 'SEE ME' on the student's paper than to dial down to the appropriate setting on the stamp!

And I also have thrifted that newspaper sweater, I'm in Florida. How weird how clothes get around...

Piglet said...

Gosh I think we used to have those exact sheets!
And I love those dainty little gloves.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

That teacher's stamp is fantastic!

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