Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet, Sugar, Candy legs.

So, as I went to take photos of my latest finds, I realised that most of them would be wasted if photographed on the hanger, so I just had to play dress ups to show you my latest finds. Haha.

So here goes.

Ok, so this is by far my favorite new item for some time.
Possibly one of the favorite things I own.
It's not one of the most flattering items, but pft, I doubt many normal people would look flattered in a skin tight lurex jumpsuit. (Also there's a high chance a girdle might be hiding underneath haha)
So I was sitting on the floor at work, taking up the legs of a pimp suit, when my boss drops this on the floor, about to cut it up to use for detail on a hat. Um NO!
It has been hibernating upstairs with all the unused items.
It's a vintage item that we've been planning to use for the under garment of knights, but no one wants to wear it so it made its way to the unused pile.
"Ok you can have it" were the words that made my day!
Outfit combinations were running through my head at a crazy speed.
But yeah, so anyway.... amazing.
This photo is of me pretending to do disco moves as I imagine it with roller skates and an afro even though it's 80's rather than 70's.
However I feel like I should be doing the robot instead?

Um, so are these the greatest tights in the whole wide world? Or are these the greatest tights in the whole wide world?
I'm sure if you had candied hearts with little messages on your legs, you'd think you had the best tights in the whole wide world too!
They're by Celeste Stein, and I bought them from the only stockist in Victoria, Velour on Barkly street St Kilda.
There are 20 million different prints, in footless, full length, and sock form. I definitely recommend them.

I also picked up these culottes. I've never seen ones like these.
They're made of that fabric that you see so many nanna skirts made out of in every opshop you go into.
They're fully pleated, on an elastic band, and are just crazy!!

I also picked up this plastic piggy bank that has 1 and 2 cent coins still inside.

And lastly this Elvie Hill 1950's dress. (UPDATE 30/12/09: This dress is now available for sale in my online shop. Just click the shop button above for more pics and details)
I didn't know who she was until I googled her and had a great surprise.
From the 'Swish, fashionable Melbourne in the 50's' pdf I downloaded, it says,

"The celebration and consumption of high fashion in 1950s Melbourne encompassed two distinct shopping experiences: the larger department stores like Myer and Georges, and the Lucas showrooms; or the intimate and very exclusive dressmaking boutiques of Hall Ludlow, Le Louvre, Elvie Hill, La Petite, Raoul Couture and Magg. Both types of destination supported the development of Australia’s postwar fashion industry, newly conscious of the pleasures of shopping in an era of economic prosperity access to, and could participate in, an exciting and glamorous world of high-end fashion. Georges, perhaps the most iconic store of the era, excelled in generating fashionable desires. Priding itself on service, quality and style, Georges had established a culture of exclusivity and specialization under the direction of Ms. Reta Findlay."

Ooh la la, that was a find :)


jen said...

omgggg that last dress!!! amazing!!

Chelsea said...

I have those tights =D
The jumpsuit is amazing, I would whip out the spanx and wear that anyday.

Rosie Unknown said...

It is all so amazing! I think that I am in shock form the awesomeness of it.

EmilyKate said...

Bless you and your skintight lurex jumpsuit. I think you're rocking it. INSANE (in a good way) culottes. And the Elvie Hill! Little piece of Melbourne fashion history right there!

Vegan and Vintage said...

Wow, get me to velour!!!!!!!!!!

you are so right, they are the best!


StrikeMatch said...

I heart those tights! Are you wearing another pair of tights underneath or are the Celeste Stein tights fairly opaque? Please let me know!

thevintageyear said...

hehe I love you and your obsession with things that are on the verge of wrong!

Love Again said...

i'm fairly new to the blog world, but yours is quickly becoming a favourite/ my favourite. love love your latest finds. glad to see someone who isn't afraid of lurex. AND THOSE TIGHTS ARE GREAT. You are dishy!

Vintage Verve said...

OMG. If only I could wear tights like that! You've got the best legs for them Trish.

I DEMAND more photos of you in that Elvie Hill dress - it looks devine even on the hanger!

xx VV

Anonymous said...

i saw that dress!and almost brought it, but it did'nt fit, lucky for you!from inkerman street right?

harbourmaster said...

these are TOO GOOD! i looooove those tights, you look adorable, pink suits you. and you should most definitely wear that armour unitard out sometime haha

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