Saturday, June 6, 2009

Halloween inspiration

Hi hi!
So I went to Savers tonight, and picked up a few things.
I've been starting to think about Halloween costumes lately.
I work in a costume shop, so even though it might sound early to you, we've been ordering things for about a month now in preparation, so it's always on our mind.
Its the biggest time of year for us.
And as easy as it would be to just borrow a costume from the shop, I don't do easy.
I love the challenge of putting together my own. Which is easy to say when you have like 5 months preparation. Can't say I haven't opped for easy when I hear about the party the night before! Mmhm.
So anyway, I'm rattling around ideas in my head.
It's hard to come up with original ideas as everything's been done by someone.
But anyway... I went to savers today and picked up the following

It's a scouts hat and necktie from the 80's.
I've been collecting bits and pieces of scouts gear when I find them.
I have a belt buckle, a leather neck tie clip to clip the tie in place, and a shirt covered in badges, so when I found the hat and tie, I thought I could perhaps be a scout who's fallen into some kind unfortunate death, stabbed with a tent peg?
Gosh I don't know. But anyway, that could be cool. Idea one.

And then I found this.

It's a blue nighty that automatically looked like Alice in Wonderland (with a fair bit of work) And I have fabulous petticoats to add underneath, and, if I sewed some shape into it, and a waist, added an apron of course, it'd be super cute.
It will in no way be sewn into the short version though.
Original costumes are the best costumes.
Problem is, Alice is such a cliche character to do, even if you do gorefy her up to become Malice in wonderland, or Alice in horrorland etc.
And I don't sit well with normal things.
So I'm thinking I'll just sew this one up to just have as a costume for when I get that last minute party.

But wait there's more...

Then I found this giant pocket watch, which is what the white rabbit holds, which just added to my Alice passion, and made me more keen to make this costume. I could have a toy white rabbit who holds the watch etc etc.

Ok, I'm done with costume stuff now.

I also got this leather tassely belt,

This 70's tablecloth

And about 10 sets of these curler sets. Really only because the tag is cool.

That's all tonight.

I called Mum today, and she went to a garage sale this morning.
This is what she bought me.

A pale green bakelite lumeray bed lamp.
A dealer came in and saw her with it, and tried to buy it off my her.
Always a good sign you got a bargain! Haha.
She also got me a pack of two cupie dolls in their original packaging.
A pair of 50's b&w striped glasses,
A blue hard plastic shopping bag thing?
A gold leather handbag
And maybe one or two other things that I can't remember, but she did very well.
She spent $11.
She's pretty good at life.
It's hard to describe things that you haven't seen before, that someone else has tried to explain to you, so I don't know if what I said is what she bought, (The whole Chinese whispers deal) But I'll visit her next week and show you all :)


Chelsea said...

i need that watch/clock in my life.

Allison said...

Hey, what if you went as a girl version of the white rabbit?
You could have bunny ears and I think he also had a waistcoat, jacket, bowtie, spectales, and an umbrella.

Whatever though, just an idea.

Kirby said...

That watch is awesome.....

Hammie said...

you are very committed. I tend to start planning Halloween during August - But we always go home made too. I hate out of the packet superhero or fairy costumes. Boo will conspire to a theme of his choice, and with his sisters leggings, a black skivvy and a swimming cap - he is Duck Dodgers! Bratty starts out as a flamenco dancer or fairy, and ends up a goth when I can't get her to wear anything else.


Jen said...

you're having good luck with the kitsch fabric/tablecloths! lucky girl!
I kinda like Allisons girl white rabbit idea, that would be really cute! And also a good excuse to collect even more outfit garments, yay!
nice stuff :)

Kit said...

Oh my gosh! That stopwatch is MIND BLOWING. You MUST use it somehow! xx

StrikeMatch said...

I am stealing the watch/clock from Chelsea. I don't think it's early at all. Well it is early but the best costumes always have the longest prep. I'm stuck for ideas myself :(

Gladys Lopez said...

great pocket watch! UO recently had a belt with a watch and a necklace watch. i love these time of vintagey things! :D

disa said...

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