Monday, June 1, 2009

Got bored, got retro pt 2

Two posts in a day! Gee wow!
A friend and I were going out to dinner tonight.
I had time up my sleeve before he came to decide what to wear.
Lately I've been super boring with my outfits.
Jeans, t-shirts and a jacket is as far as I've gone.
I wanted to dress up and bring back the flamboyance I've been lacking, so I went into my wardrobe and stared at it like I do when I have no food in my pantry.
I needed to be inspired, and venture into clothing I normally wouldn't touch because it was on the too extreme pile, or I just hadn't ever experimented with it.
Most of them I still wouldn't wear... but it was fun and brought back a glimmer of motivation to get creative again. Yee

Here goes..

I put this first as it includes one of my finds that I haven't blogged about as they're too hard to photograph.
I've had this velvet dress for a couple of years now.
It's tragically good, shoulder pads and massive bat wings (see my wannabe bat pose? haha) I've never worn it... and then the other day I found these matching velvet boots, and the outfit formed instantly in my head and they were mine.

Just because I wanted to wear my new cowboy boots.
I couldn't find my cowboy necktie. Very disappointed.

I bought this vest at market a few months ago and just love it.
It's so good I just want to hang it on my wall and watch it. It'd look much better than it does with me wearing it!
I just can't seem to do vests.
I can't even seem to photograph well in them, so I took to holding a guitar to block the whole wearing the vest idea.
I wish I could because I have so many that I want to wear!

Such as this one. I LOVE this vest. It's my pride and joy and I'd wear it every day if I could. However... can't do vests!

This is my favorite dress that I own... today. I just love it!

This is an outfit I have collaborated in my head for a while now, but never went through with putting it together. I'm a bit of a fan! Can't you tell by my cheesy grin?

And lastly, this is what I ended up wearing. A little more subdued than the rest.
The skirt is new too, but I just haven't photographed it before. I love pleats.

And that's all from my wardrobe experimentation class.

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Anonymous said...

Haha loooooove dressups!

- Dani

Kat George said...

I love the velvet!


Hammie said...

Hmm, they used to wear that little blue smock in the Tuckerbag supermarket in Pier St Altona...

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahha YES!! I knew it was from some kind of shop, but I wasn't sure which one! It's such a well made top I couldn't leave it there!

Bryce Lachlan said...

hi trish, the female train driver outfit is my favourite on you. now where can i find the male version? ha.
i like your clothes. bryce.

Bucca said...

Ah I love the first one and the last two best! fantastic outfits! and your place is so 70's I LOVE it - funky as they come!

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