Monday, June 22, 2009

A girl with a short skirt, And a reeeeeeeeeed jacket

Hi hi!
Just a quick post today as I'm ready for bed.
My eyes are at half moon stage, which means soon my nose will start to get itchy and when that happens, its really time for bed or I get 'tired hayfever.'
Sounds stupid I know, but it's true! My parents have said it to me for years.
"Patricia's ready for bed her nose has started"
Anyway, completely irrelevant.
Today I went and did a fill in shift at an amazing auction house!
I had a great day.
Lucky it was a once off because it'd be a very dangerous job
I've already placed pre-bids on two lots.
But it'll make for great blog posts, a very happy Trish, and an even more full house.
This is what I wore today.

Yesterday I had an incident where I was caught out wearing all black, with navy tights.
Mum washed mine and replaced my black ones with navy and I had no idea until I was on the train. Oh dear.
There's a difference when you intend to wear navy and black, and when you look like you have no idea that it's a mistake which is how I looked.
However today, I broke all rules.
I wore black and brown together, as well as black and navy.
I don't think it was too tragic though.

I picked up the following as I was wandering around the markets in navy tights.

177 swap cards in various conditions.
Lots of cute ones!

Little boy blue childrens night lamp. I've been TRYING to collect these for about a year now and have only found one. But now I have two!
The collection has begun.

Fabulous suede 70's boots.

I bid on eBay for one of these in much worse condition than this.
I'd never seen anything like it before and thought it was a novel idea.
I jumped on this one when I saw it for a mere $3.
I'm not sure what they're called, but it's some kind of weekly savings account for house hold amenities such as 'bread, milk, rent, rates' etc.
This one is by 'Willow'

I got two of these tote bags for 50c each.

Lastly my favorite item. A perfectly fitting furry red jacket.
Oooh it's so warm and I just adore the colour.
I rarely wear any shade of red, but this shade I just love and want to wear it every day.
You'll see a lot of this coat.

I bought a few other bits of clothing, but I took most of these pics sitting in front of the heater and didn't want to move from it's lovely warmth, so you may see them in outfit posts in the future.

The following is a few things Mum had for me.

Cute boxed recorder. I still remember the tunes I played in primary school.
I was 'so good at recorder' (if that's possible) that I got to play the harmony section of Advance Australia Fair at assembly.
Oh the poor parents/teachers who had to sit through that.

And dolly. Nannas used to sew heaps of these and sell them at craft tables.
The lady at Mum's opshop said to Mum 'Oh you can just have that dear, I really don't think it'll sell.' She still payed the marked $2, and I'm happy with her.
She'll sit amongst all the other cushions on my bed.

I swear there was more, I think I'm missing a bag somewhere.

Anyway, that's all for tonight.

BED :)


Rosie Unknown said...

I love your boots!

angel wings and hearts said...

i love the swap cards. i remember buying the 2nd one. the girl with the bird and the pair to it a pink one. i thought she was beautiful then. she made my heart flutter. must dig it out for you to see. i still have all my swap cards. my younger sister had them after me, then my husbands sister and then my daughter. they have been added to over the yrs and written on too - not by me!!! i think i have over 2000.


thevintageyear said...

I used to love that song!

You don't look mismatched at all, rules are meant to be broken! That jacket is pretty sweet!

Charity said...

Thank you for your very kind message last week. The new job at the auction house sounds very good vintage wise...I know cravings would beat savings big time if it were me!

Charity Shop Charmer said...

Charity is Charity Shop Charmer - I somehow cut myself off there!!!Sorry about that!

Missa said...

Ok, first off, love love love your new header!

Secondly, I really like the mix of colors you've got going in this outfit and your green cardi with blue buttons is super cute.

Thirdly, awesome finds! The cards, the boots, and the tote are my faves :)

Hahahaa... my verification word is "swine".

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I also like the colours of this outfit, brown and black go really well, as long as you put heaps of other colours in there, which you have!
I'm STILL amazed at the stuff you find!!

Bonnie said...

The little doll for two dollars is great, my Gran showed me hers, it still sits in its original place as a cosy for the spare toilet paper roll ontop of the old toilet systen with the pull chain, she takes it out and changes it over everytime she changes the roll, still... all these years later.
plus her dress is lavendar scented, your find is cute too. Oh and that outfit so doesn't clash!


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