Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girl Power!!

I began work in a book shop, then joined the criminal career but it wasn't for me, I then became a musician, went busking in the park, met an unemployed fan, took him home, 'whoohooed' and had a baby boy.
I'm now a single working Mum...
... in the Sims3.
My reason for my lack of blogging lately has been because I've been living in the sims world (because I'm not busy enough in my own apparently!)
I've always been a game nerd.
I own a lot of consoles.
NES, SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Sega master system, Sega Megadrive, Sega game gear, and of course my computer. I've also had ps 1 & 2, and Xbox.
So yep, bit of a gamer here.
And those who have played any of the Sim games, know how much of an addiction it can become. Theme park is what started me off, I then got addicted to Theme Hospital, and then the Sims was it for me!
It gets to the stage where your real life is affected. Time passes so quickly.
I looked at my blogger account today and I had 100+ blogs to catch up on, and comments to reply to. So on my day off today, I'm playing catch up... in my real life.

I've still managed to get to the opshops before, during and after work, and this is what I've found.

I collect vintage/unusual badges. I can never go past a home made drawing especially when it makes me laugh like this did. 'Punk is cool' haha.

I've swapped over my 80's earring collection with my badges, as I'd stopped buying earrings because they're no longer 20c a pair, but $3 which I can't justify for something that I won't wear.

Now don't judge me, I know this is rather out there, and there's no way I'd have this set of salt and pepper shakers sitting on my imaginary dining room table, but I do love anything novelty, so these will look great amongst my S&P collection!

Another 3 aprons to add to the collection.

A photo cube made in the 70's. I'd love to get a heap of these, put interesting images in them and hang them from the ceiling at all different lengths.

Leather boots.

I'm not sure if I've ever ventured into my Spice Girls passion on here before. I'm not a collector... yet, but I'm a massive fan... still.
They're a regular on my playlist, I've read their biographies, and my ears still prick up when their name is brought up.
Geri is by far my favorite. I wanted to be no one more when I was in year 7- current haha. I can see their items becoming huge in the collectors world in the future.
Their spice girls Impulse has gone up to $90 on eBay in the past, when once it was 10 for $2 at the reject shop after they broke up.
I am a regular eBay watcher of the dolls, and often put in a bid.
So yep, I got a tight pull in the stomach when I saw these two COMPLETE photo albums in the photo album section. 120 photos in each.
I always always wanted to collect them as a kid! Who ever collected these must have spent a fortune and had so many doubles! And now they're mine! I love them.

Novelty ashtray. Not the most happy clown in the world hey?

Hooded, faux fur lined, fitted jacket. One size too small, but pretty to look at! and Toggles!

Short sleeved knit with a bow in the front

Cute late 60's knit tee.

Fabulous jacket. The detailed shape on the front is beautiful. I'm sure there would have been a matching dress at one stage, but I'm happy to wear the jacket alone.

That's all of my finds, a friend came to visit the other day and brought me a belated birthday present! I swear they're the best ones because once you think the birthday's all done, you get a real surprise!

What a great little gift! 'A guide to being a goddess', there's some great things in there! A super cute home made coin purse. It reminds me of an owl. And lastly her favorite scented candle. Oh that made my week!!

And lastly, the amazing things Mum picked me up that I mentioned in my previous post.

She went to a garage sale of a girl who was moving overseas and who had lots of vintage goodies!

A pair of bagged Kewpie dolls. Not sure how long they'll stay bagged for even though the small value it possesses will be less after I do.

Cute gold vintage bag.

1950's cat eye sunglasses

Vintage blue plastic shaped shopping bag!

And lastly, the item that a dealer tried to buy from Mum as she flaunted it in front of him at the garage sale. She already had it under her arm when he walked in and pretty much ran to the pink one that was exactly the same, only to find that the top was melted and repainted. She then proceeded to make sure he saw hers haha which is when he approached her. Suckerrr.
I thought this was a 1950's bakelite bedside lamp, but when I googled it, I found one that was up for auction at an auction house and it was said to be 1930's? So now I have no idea.

And that's the lot!!

I'm feeling a bit fluey today (greaaaaaat) and so have no desire to cook (do I ever?) so have manipulated myself into believing that I deserve to order delivered pizza for dinner because I feel so bad.

Hope you all have a great night :)


StellaForStar said...

Oh wow... I still remember the day the spice girls broke up haha. Crazy considering I was only 6 at the time... How much do spice girl dolls go for? I have quite a few I picked up ages ago...
And I love the fur jacket and the bow jumper. So pretty!

Sarah said...

I went out and purchased a new computer specifically to play sims 3. I've been immersed in Riversdale for the last 48 hours.
How you finding the gameplay? I actually prefer Sims 2 to be honest - I hate the way they look and also everything is so complicated and hurts my head. I'm also a bit of a control freak and it's so hard to keep my eyes on everyone and what they're doing.

I used to be a major spice girls fan too - damn it I so should have kept that impulse thing now, I threw it away a few months ago after finding it lodged at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Am off to see if what other Spice Girls memorabilia I can rummage up.

angel wings and hearts said...

re the blue plastic basket. funny you should pick one up. i saw one in an antique market a couple of weekends ago and said to my other half "hey remember these? did your mum have one?" every house had one of those. late 60's early 70's from memory.

kewpies are the cutest. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha it's so obsessive.

My Mum hasn't even got the new Sims but the mention of me buying the new one the other week has restarted her obsession with it too and was on it 6 hours on the weekend straight. Hahaha. Like daughter, like mother.

Soooo addictive.

I like those salt and pepper shakers! HAHAHA

- Dani x

Velour said...

oooee i believe i've seen those salt & pepper shakers at a couple of collectors fairs for $80 or so!
nice work lady

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Man I wish I'd known of your Spice Girls fetish. I just got rid of a bunch of stuff including the Chupp a Chup series with the microphone holder. All still in their packets.

I do still have a 90210 swap card and doll collection though.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Looove those cat eye sunglasses. Your mum is awesome!

LENORENEVERMORE said... the 'out there' salt&pepper shakers! Fab new week beautiful!

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the plastic shopping bag! that is such a neat idea!

Chelsea said...

I have been fighting the urge to buy sims3, for the sake of not becoming housebound. i thought sims 1 was the best thing ever, this would kill my life.

thevintageyear said...

lol at the S&P shakers! What I would like to know is, what the op shop ladies said when you bought it. :)

Missa said...

My goodness, how do you do it? You are a thrifting machine! I love the sunglasses and the plastic shopping bag :)

Jessica said...

im waiting for sims 3 to be released on DS haha.
i have kept ALL my spice girls crap that i had when i was younger.
but the thing that caught my eye here was that badge, i remember either my parents or my parents friends had a heap of badges like that one (mona lisa with texta background). i wonder where they came from...

trishhunterfinds said...

Stellar - I'm not sure how much they go for! I'm bidding on some boxed ones at the moment that are at $60, but have no idea how much they'll go for. Most of the ones I have bid on have been from the US, and postage was the biggest issue, so I didn't bid very high. I'm very jealous that you have so many haha.

Sarah - haha yes me too! I have the bug :(
Omgosh I can't believe you went out and bought a new computer for it hahaha, that's one expensive game!
I don't mind the gameplay, The whole scrolling thing is doing my head in because i'm on a laptop, so when I'm not in sims world, I keep trying to use their scrolling method in normal computing and its very annoying.
Haha oh no, a few months ago!!
Hope you find some goodies.

Deb - Ooh how much were they asking at the antique market? I'm sure they aren't too valuable, but I always love to know! Thanks for the info! Yee yes I love kewpies so very cute.

Dani - Wow I can't believe you've got your Mum addicted! My Mum barely knows how to turn on a computer never mind become a gamer!! That's so cool. and PWOAH... SO addictive.

Ballarat Vintage Style - Ooh thankyou! I'll pass your compliment on :)

LENORENEVERMORE - haha mmhm, they're definately different aren't they!

Rosie - I think so too! I'm going to try and use it, although I've gotten used to carrying folded up ones in my bag so it'll be strange carrying one that isn't so flexible!

Chelsea - Yes, the game should come with big warning stickers on the front for people like us. Haha. "Warning, users will become housebound"

The Vintage Year - Haha, well I'm lucky enough to know the ladies at the opshop as I go there every week, so they know I'm not some weirdo, so I brought them up and said, 'now don't judge me, I collect salt and pepper shakers' they had a little giggle :)

Missa - I have no idea how I do it, it's partly thanks to my Mum that I do so well. I guess the more you go to the more you find?

Jessica - Oh I'm so jealous that you still have it all!! I had a fair bit too but stupid fire ate it haha. The inflatable Geri doll was my favorite. It was a freebie on the front of TV Hits I think! haha. Hold on to it all!
I'm intrigued by the badge now!! Let me know if you find out what it means!

Anonymous said...

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