Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trish's 'Night of Nights' - Crashing the 2009 Logie Awards

So last night myself and two close friends, Chris and Clare, crashed the Logies.

It was our 5th and probably last year doing so, and we had the greatest night.
This year we were more prepared than ever. We had made up Logies wrist bands in all colours, based on previous years, we knew the routes and the cover stories, we were oompaloompa'dly spray tanned and beautified, and ready to go.
However this time, we uncovered a major disaster.
Thanks to the recession (we presume) The channel 9 celebration room that was usually filled with delicious buffet meals, unlimited alcohol, luxurious couches, staff who walked around topping up your champagne, also a massive television screen to keep up to date with the happenings of the Logies, was gone. GONE.
That was the room that was the lead to the logies and the after party and it was GONE.
Not a person in site.
We freaked out and had to revert to our oldschool ways re-exploring our changed territory.
We didn't go as far as using fire escapes and sneaking through kitchens... again, we went back to where it used to be and sat down to strategise.
Two crown staff walked by, and we asked if they knew where the room had moved to (Completely in character of course) They made a phone call and told us where it was. We knew it was inaccessible to us without the passes we needed.
So I asked one of the ladies if she could take us there.
Chris and Clare freaked out, knowing she was going to take us to a place we weren't allowed, and where we'd be asked for our passes that we didn't have, (We couldn't use our fake ones yet because we hadn't seen anyone else's to pull out the correct colour), and we'd get kicked out.
We still played along because we couldn't back out now or that'd look suss too!
Luckily, the Crown lady took charge, taking us straight through two barriers of security by simply flashing her pass, and we were in.
We sat in the very... well shit new channel 9 celebrations room, which was foodless, soft drink bottles were the only drinks available and a tiny tiny TV screen similar to those the teachers would wheel in, in highschool to watch the Logies on. Hmf. This was all a bit crappy.
We wandered around a bit, during the commercials we popped our heads into the event, and then finally the Logies ended.
The best bit.
Finally canapes and open bar.
Much better.
It was a great night after all.

The first time we went was 5 years ago, when four of us were down at Riverside skate park in skinny jeans and band t-shirts. We thought it'd be funny to go and see if we could see anyone we 'knew'.
It was fate that we went. I happened to recognize one of the security guards at the door! I asked him how we could get in. He said "Well I can't let you in... but if you were to go to level 2 and go down the stairs you may find another entry *nudge nudge*"
So off we went, and we walked right into the actual Logies ceremony in skinny jeans and band tshirts. Hilarious. Sure we were kicked out straight away. We were sent down the escalators where masses amounts of fans were waiting to cop a glimpse of the people they love on TV.
And then down we come.
We were nearly wetting ourselves.
For the following four years, we dolled up, and explored until we mastered the art of sneaking into the Logies. It was never ever as easy as the first time.
Especially this year.
Each year we got better, got further, found out more about the workings of crown, and the past two years have been our best. We couldn't have done better.

I have photos of my outfits from the past three years to share.

2007 Logies before we left home.

2008 Logies, outside the original celebrations room.

And then there's this year.

I wore a beautiful home made vintage gown.
I bought it for $3.60, and my boss at the costume shop tailored it to fit me perfectly. I'm so grateful, she did a dream job. It was nice to have her be apart of my excitement too!
I've never held or worn such a beautiful dress, the weight of it, the work gone into it, all the bead work, the gathering, and the shear amount of fabric in the gown is just... stunning. Apparently I look rather roman goddessy! I'll accept that!
My bag and necklace are borrowed from my boss! They're all vintage, and they match like they were designed for the dress.

Here are the photos from the 'night of nights'.

The three of us sneaky sneaks in the actual ceremony.

Yes... yes that's Drazic!

This was Chris's goal for the night, to meet Ruby Rose, and it came true.
He was a very happy boy.

And I'm leaving last my two most favorite meetings.
Both of whom I embarrassed myself infront of.
Dear dear me.

Dieter Brummer was there. Now Dieter Brummer was to me, like he was to thousands of other Primary school girls (kind of wrong really) their one true love.
If it wasn't Dieter, it was JTT's face who covered their school books and with I LOVE JTT/DIETER all over their pencil cases.
We were getting a photo with Kate Ritchy when I turned around and did a real life loud gasp.
I ignored Kate and pointed at Dieter and said Oh my gosh please please don't go anywhere I need to chat to you. (Already sounding like a psycho freak fan.. great.) My friend Clare was screwing up her nose thinking 'Wtf Trish, who is that creepy looking guy and why do you want a photo with him?'
So we finished with Kate, no follow up conversation was said, as I was in a rush. Clare went to jump in the photo with the anonymous stranger, and I scowled and firmly said 'JUST ME'
She then realised the importance. "OH MY GOD DIETER BRUMMER!!!" She withdrew and very excitedly took the photo for me. Somehow during that small time I had him within talking distance, I happened to blurt that I loved him in primary school.. loved.. and that I wished I was Angel, and how I had almost every TV HITS poster of him on my wall. Yep so he thought I was nuts. Maybe I am. I hang my head in shame.

And lastly, the other two people whom I embarrassed myself infront of.
I again gasped as I met Adrian and Gordon from my favorite show 'Collectors'
It was a bit hard to hear, but I do remember really trying to get across that I am opening my own collectibles/vintage shop, and how they're a great influence and have always wanted to meet them and pick their brains for knowledge.
Ok so not as bad as the Dieter Brummer experience, but I do remember being a little intense.
They were chatting with Kerri Armstrong (A well known Australian actress in comparison to the Collectors men) and I didn't give her a look. Whoops.
She took the photo of us all, and she said I looked like a beautiful Roman goddess, I said thankyou, and turned to Adrian and with a cheesy smile said "It's Vintage Couture!!" (which it's not, but I was trying to make out I was cool in the collectors world... oh dear.)
I thanked them and walked away a little bit giddy, but very very embarrassed.
It was an 'I carried a watermelon' incident.
Still very glad I met them.

And as we left, and walked down those escalators that we did the very first year in hysterics, we were waved at, clapped, and highfived by the people that lined the super long walkway to the exit. HILARIOUS.

And that was my Sunday night.

I really don't enjoy being orange.
I'm pastey proud.
However the best way to sneak into any event is, 'if you look the part, you are the part.' And orange is their part. Sigh.

Please note: None of these images or text are to be reproduced without my permission. Thankyou.


Anon.Misc. said...

I have that exact dress in black and white- they are so beautiful and really heavy! I'll have to get mine fixed a little though cos its coming away at the zip and a little loose.
Good job on sneaking in, I'm tempted to try but would probably be too shit scared to do it! haha.

christie said...

trish, you're my hero. well done! and yes, you totally looked the part in that gorgeous dress.

i didn't share your childhood love for dieter brummer, but my god did i have a thing for drazic. you've done all of us heartbreak high desperados good!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Trish you are now top of the pile of my list of Very funny and Very cool chicks! This is just about one of the best things I've ever seen! Amazing the stealth power of the spray tan. Just had to Tweet you.

Vintage Verve said...


You, my girl, totally rock!

Jamie said...

Haha! That is absolutely brilliant. I love how you were clearly taking fan photos throughout the night too and no one blinked an eyelid.

You're awesome.

Poppet said...

oh my god....trish you looked amazing, so very pretty!
I too had dieter brummer and JTT posters on my bedroom walls....but my heart always belonged to drazic (i'm a sucker for a bad boy....spike from press gang was my ultimate fav!)
excellent work...i would never be brave enough to do that, looks like you had a great time.....

it was a shame you couln't make the blogeratti catch up...i was looking forward to seeing you again

Fashion Hayley said...

WOW you did it. Congratulations. I love the dress on you. So beautiful.

Hammie said...

If it were possible to type the scene from Wayne's World where they bow to Alice Cooper - then that's what I would be typing.

I am in awe, and I am not worthy!

It's been 8 years and without a copy of TV week, I cannot tell who half of those celebs are (Brian McFadden sticks out) but Boy oh Boy I am impressed.

Now tell me, Do they not find it strange that a fellow orangey person wants to get a photo with them? or do a lot of minor soap stars go around with cameras?

Does anyone google themselves and find out the truth next day (is that why you didnt label most pics)

and will you get an invite next year? for out Perezing, Perez.


Ms Unreliable said...

Truly brilliant...and very awe-inspiring! I never even had the guts to pull of a SINGLE knock-and-run effort. So definite kudos!

juznie said...

Epic post! You look stunning :)

beccasauras said...

One word. Awesome. I feel I know someone famous- YOU!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

That is so hilarious! You look gorgeous by the way.

Anonymous said...

hilarious! ballsy! love it!

did you tell any of the celebs that you'd sneaked in?

potty mouth mama said...

This was SUCH a great read. I loved it. I lived it with you. So great. I too loved Dieter. There's still a chalked 'I love Dieter' in the garage at my family home. Jeepers! I love that you got one with Eddie McGuire because I think that guy is a tool, and you 'boned' him. HA! You are the bomb and then some. So cool!

cheshirecat said...

OH GOSH! WOW! You make it seem so easy! Haha! And no one figured out? Ever?

Fantastic dress! And yes, must agree though, I'm proud to be pale!


Kat George said...

Trish you are a fucking scream. I love you. x

Ayesha said...

ohhhhhhh so jealous!!!!

This is the best blog post ever hands down! I laughed so hard!

The scrolled the pictures!
you met ROVE! flip I would have been doing the happy dance in my head for sure.

Then I thought...well sucks she didn't meet hamish.BUT YOU DID!! gosh you have met one of the funniest men on the planet.

then I thought, well there it goes the sweetest two people to meet ever!

then BRYAN MCFADDEN!!! ahhh! my favourite Westlife'r for sure! gosh!

you rule!

zigsma said...

I am incredibly impressed. I feel old, unadventurous and envious. You looked luverrly.

Skye said...

Gold! Pure gold!

I used to get an actual invite to the Logies every year in my past life and only go about one in three. I think if the thrill of capture and illicit sneaking was there it would have made it waaaaaaay more fun.

Love it! And you look much better as an orange person than the orange people themselves.

Bucca said...

LMAO omg that is SO funny! how fantastic - I wish I could crash the logies lol.
Love that dress it's very very beautiful and you all looked great :)

NapoleonsOwner said...

your dress is STUNNING

harbourmaster said...

YOU ARE HILARIOUS!! hahhahahahahhahhaah Trish thankyou, you made my day. Nice work with Drazic ;) and you look stunning, even in orange!

trishhunterfinds said...

Anon.Misc - Wow of the same dresses! Perhaps it was a popular pattern back in the day! I'm sure you of all can appreciate the workmanship that got put into it!! I'd love to see your one in black and white!

Christie - Hahah Drazic was a BABE! I think everyone had a thing for that bad boy! I can't believe Heart break high just ended how it did! I was shocked.

Super Kawaii Mama - Hahahah the spray tan... it works wonders!! We both felt gross getting it done.
And I don't own any 'tan' makeup, so now I have a white face and an orange body. Sigh.

Vintage Verve - THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH!

Jamie - HA! I know, we truly were. Everyone's so nice to everyone, except Pippa Black (Elle) from neighbours who was the only snob there that I could tell.

Poppet - I have never ever seen an episode of press gang, but I'm sure I would have shared your love for Spike if you too liked Drazic. Did anyone not like Drazic?? He was dreamy! Oh how I envied Anita.
I hope there is another Blog meeting (On a sunday that I'm not working *fingers crossed* ) that I can come to, I'd have loved to meet everybody in 'real life'

Fashion Hayley - YESSS!!! FEWF!! We were under enormous pressure since we told so many people we were going, and since it was now expected of us since we go every year. Big sigh of relief!!

Hammie - I know it's hilarious! I mean, some people are taking photos with their friends and stuff, but did the rounds! We didn't mind if anyone sort of thought less of us because we'll never see them again, and even if we do they won't remember us so we could really just do whatever we wanted.
I didn't even think about putting names underneath the photos, I was just lazy I guess! I'd probably get more people reading if I put the names... hmm perhaps I should de-lazy and type them in.

Ms Unreliable - Oh trust me, I don't have the guts either... Well much guts... I used to once, but this time I came SO close to passing out when we were walking up the huge staircase at the top of the red carpet, right towards the security guards. I felt sick to my stomach and was ready to run for most of the night until we were past that security!

Juznie - Thankyouuu :)

Beccasauras - Bahahah how funny! I used to want to be famous for yeaaaars, I went and studied drama, then quickly realised I was hopeless and left! haha. So this is as close to fame as I'll ever get.

Ballarat Vintage Style - Thanks so much!!

Anonymous - Yess! we told a couple of people! We told the professional photographer who was taking the TV week photos (The ones on the red couch) Because we had to contact publicists etc if we wanted a copy, so we asked if he'd use our cam.
We also told Ryan Shelton from Rove, because we met him last year and sent him our last years pic via twitter, and reintroduced ourselves this year. Good guy.

Potty Mouth Mama - OH I love that you have that in your garage!! Back in Marysville I engraved I LOVE DA (won't reveal real name as it's a rare name so will appear in google if its googled) He was a boy from my primary school, and I'd laugh every time I'd walk past that tree. I wonder if it's still there actually! Memories like that are priceless

Cheshire Cat - Oh it was far from easy! Last year was easy! This year was horrrrible!
Pale girls are beautiful girls!

Kat George - Hahahahhaah best comment!!

Ayesha - YAY I made someone happy dance!! 3 times!! haha I barely recognised Brian Mcfadden... I was like hmmm he looks familiar, then I clicked!!

Zigsma - I think it'll be the last time we do it. I think I'm getting too old for it. It's way too stressful, and my youthful careless attitude is diminishing and the nervous, anxious, shy Trish is coming out, and I don't think she'd have the guts next year.

Skye - I agree, I don't think it would have been half as fun if we weren't fish out of water. All night we kept bursting out in laughter saying 'Um... so we're at the Logies' it's just a funny circumstance!
You're still very lucky to have received a real life invite!

Bucca - Eee thankyou :)

Napoleons owner - It was my dream dress!! I just loved it!

Harbour Master - Hahahahahah I love it..... 'even in orange' Thankyou!!

angel wings and hearts said...

oh wow trish. well done. you looked like a million bucks and very very beautiful. it sounds like you had the best time. very happy for you and thanks for putting a smile on my face. love love love. :)


reners said...

Hey Trish, absolutely love love your blog! You are so awesome for sneaking and getting to put your arm around Drazic!!! YAY!

Lavender said...

You are a rock god. I love it.

Leesa said...

Love the dress. Absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...

Well done! heard your friend "Chris" on Nova earlier :) -B

Frith said...

Omg, you looked beautiful! I LOVE that gorgeous black fish-tail-like dress from a previous year!
I'm so jealous of all the celebs you got pics with!

KJM said...

Saw you in MX , thought it was funny as, had to visit your blog, I like your recap better though! On train home now!

Nadine said...

LOL - what an absolute classic!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful dress! Which Op Shop did you find it?

Loz and Dinny said...

This is absolute GOLD! I have juststumbled onto your blog from god knows where and I don't think I have laughed so hard in ages ... well done ...and I'm with the guys from the Collectors - thinking women's crumpets. Thank you for the entertainment!

MANFOX said...

i think i love you hahaha amazing!!! you're my new hero...


Ms Vitriol said...

Trish, kudos to you. I do love a good prank. How hilarious. Dieter Brummer, oh, boy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you both are so lucky!!, I love your pic of Dieter Brummer as he was my love also, I loved yout comment about this as I know I would have acted the exact same and thats no joke!!!. When I was younger I drew a very non likeable portrait of him I used to carry this ugly bronze (supposably secial) cant remember why, anyway I though I would send them to him and I sat every morning waiting on his response. Well cut a long story short.... weeks later they were sent back to me in the post no know addressee what my luck eh!!! at least my mum said you know its been to Austrialia and Back to you thats close to him. That was the best thing I heard after all that waiting, but as I said I was a made Dieter fan also.. Ps your dresses are fabulous espeically the yellow and white one looks spectacular.

Ta ra


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