Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trish Hunter definitely found.

So today was Market day.
I haven't been in what feels like an age, and I had the best vibes.
I always do well when I have good vibes, so I was very excited.
I'll get right to it..
This is what I found. Eee!

I'll start with my favorite item, and what a bargain!
This pair of vintage leather cowboy boots cost me a whole $2.

From the same lady, for the same price is this Alannah Hill poodle skirt.

These leather boots are beautiful. I can't believe how soft they are.

Never been used 70's pots by Arzberg Germany. Now that's a pretty pot.

'Japan' Tea for two, teapot and two cups. Very kitsch and very cute.
I love that one of the cups features the owls behind.

I love this girl. She appealed to me because of the conceptual story I saw in her.
An innocent fairy tale girl who has some kind of... hidden horror element to her.
It's the eyes that haunted me.
They're the ones that close when you lye her down and open when she stands up, and they some how scare me on her! Which is great because she's not at all scary. Hmm perhaps a bit hard to explain. But I had to have her.

I unfortunately blurred the photo, but you can see the shape.
This is a beautiful dress.
Diamante lined straps, gathered polka dot tulle bodice, nipped waist, and circular skirt.
And it fits. I'm dying to wear this out.

Cute band mice.

5 x genuine snake skin bags, and one other leather bag.
They were all $3 each. Bargain.

This... made my day. I love it.
It's the canisters that the toppings were stored in, in most Milk bars before the squirt bottles were brought in.
Ladles to pour the topping into the milkshake cups, and it still has all of it's original Fowlers glass jars, which in themselves are valuable.
I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, but it'll definitely be used.
Perhaps as a curiosity object, storing miscellaneous junk in.
Sewing items, pins, misc earrings, who knows. I might even use it for herbs, cocoa, icing sugar and all of those less used ingredients. We'll see.
I believe it'll definitely come into play in my shop for who knows what.
The condition is amazing, no dints or rust, it's very dirty at the moment, but all the labels are in perfect order, no fading or tears. Love this.

Last but not least, I bought something I really shouldn't have.
I already have 3.
Both Mum and Dad shook their heads at me, however Mum soon became a fan as she rode it back to her place.
Look at the colour, look at the colour!! I don't have one in green!
It's a little bit rusty on the chrome, I have some steal wool work ahead of me, but I enjoy doing that.

You should have seen me carrying THAT lot on the train. Pwoah.
Anyone know a good masseuse? My shoulders are dying.

Along with all of the above items, I was also carrying my overnight items, (I stayed at Mums place) and 4 containers of soup that Mum had made for me.
AND... some of the things Mum got me.

This beautiful 'Gone with the wind' book. The cover is so lovely to look at.

Blouses from the 1970's are 90% of the time, made from polyester.
Which means I hardly get to wear them.
This one is one of the few I now have that aren't, so I look forward to wearing this, this winter.

And lastly, she picked up this genuine Chanel purse for $2.
I won't ever use it, as it'll still be assumed it's fake when I pull it out of my bag. That, and I don't really like to flaunt designer labels, but it's definitely nice to have!
As Lisa says, "Your Mum is a thrifting legend" Yes she is.
That's the second real Chanel item she's found me.
The inside is made of a suede like fabric with the Chanel logo embossed. And the previous owner left a 5c coin in it for good luck. My Nan always used to do that for us when she'd give us a bag or purse. I love finding purses with 1 and 2 cent pieces. I feel extra special

And that was my day!
You should see the state of my lounge room right now! Christmas morning. Scrunched up newspaper is taking over the room!
I'm off to read my new books.

Goodnight everyone :)


Chelsea said...

The lace up boots are an amazing find.

Raybies said...

Those cowboy boots are fantastic. What a find. Go Trish.

Sarah said...

geeeeeeez your mum should try her hand at picking some winning lottery numbers.
second chanel find??
i seeth with envy

(ps. how are you certain they're real?)

angel wings and hearts said...

crikey, thats some haul you got there. pat on the back for carting the bike on the train. something i wouldn't try as i am the biggest klutz there ever was.... polyester shirt pattern is cute. the milkshake thingy is in great condition. the best i have seen in fact. well done.

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, amazing finds!

I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award.

EmilyKate said...

W*o*W! The vibes were on, your mojo was clearly workin', what a haul! That 'Tea For Two' set is amazing- I love how the mugs stack to form a tree trunk!
hey now as regards growing out your nails.... I highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr LeWinn's Revitanail. It is the shizz.

geminisc said...

omg i'm SO JEALOUS of those red boots! and the price!!! *swoons*

i need to get myself down to melbourne.

trishhunterfinds said...

Chelsea Geminisc & Ray - I never ever seem to find boots, so I couldn't believe my luck when I found two pair in one day!! I haven't even put them away yet because I'm loving looking at them! hahah

Sarah - Hahah she has won the lottery before, one number off the jackpot, but that 6 grand was acceptable too!
I thought of you when I was given it actually! You can tell things are genuine by their quality. The look and touch of a fake in comparison to a real anything there is a noticable difference.
Ripoffs wouldn't bother using high quality fabrics, and are generally mass produced, so the quality of it's construction is also poor. I don't know how else to explain besides the fact that you can just tell quality by feeling it?

Deb - I didn't end up taking the bike on the train! I could barely carry the bags let alone the bike! The milkshake thing weighed a ton. I'm still feeling the pain.
I did however take the bike from one market to the next via the train, which was interesting haha.
Do you know any info about the milkshake thingy? I can't seem to google/ebay anything about it!

Rosie - Thankyouuu

Emily Kate - Ee yes I love the tea for two! I should have saved them for a Freaky ceramics Monday post! haha

Lecon de vetement said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I don't have the jumper, I will die a slow and painful death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you reserve it for me? Since I am leaving to Europe on Wednesday I wont be able to receive the package on time and it will be in limbo land somewhere in mail land. I can even pay ahead of time... I'm so sad that I would have to wait. Tell me how we can make this work!!
Thank you so much for showing me this!!!!!!!!!!

meglet said...

Great finds, what markets do you frequent?

Jen said...

wow great finds!
That delicously kitsch owl teapot= amazing!
I'm so jealous!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Both pairs of boots are fab! I think the librarian in me would want to use the milk bar cannisters to store my button collection by colour. But that's because I'm a nerd :)

harbourmaster said...

love it, all of it, you are the king of bargain hunting! nice work dude. can i tag along some time? we're different sizes so i won't cramp your shopping style :p

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