Monday, May 18, 2009


So I had this horrible experience.
My brother came over for dinner the other day, and dropped that my house smells like old people.
To clarify... It DOESN'T.
It does has some kind of funky smell I admit.
All houses smell different, and my smell was here before I moved in I swear!
He was just being a stirring Brother.
But anyway, you can tell by me still trying to justify it, that it scared me.
What if my house DOES smell like old people?
It surely can't be, because I wash everything before I use it.
Anyway in a panic I took off to Coles and splurged on scented things haha.
I bought air freshener dangly things, I bought glen 20 (not just a cover up)
I also bought the 'just a cover up' spray, and I bought those things that have really bad commercials, you plug them in and they automatically spray every now and then.
It's the only thing I've used of the lot so far, and I can easily say my house smells of nothing else BUT that.
I feel so crook, it's so strong and full on that it's given me an intense headache and I'm feeling nauseous.
On top of that, every time it sprays it makes a pretty loud noise, which scares me half to death every time.
If my coffee was just a little more full earlier today, I would have been in trouble.
I have now turned off the automatic spray and think I'll save it for when my brother comes over haha.
Until then I'll live with my slightly odd smelling house that isn't of old people!

In other news, here are some more of my 'old people' items to add to my 'old people' house.

I got all 3m innovative today, and put up some of those hooks that you pull down the tab when you're done and it's gone.
Please don't tell me your horror stories about these, because it's done now, and I don't want to stress about my bond haha.

I bought this knife set.
I have no idea how good they'll be, but they can't be any worse than the ones I have had for years now.
I think it's part the reason I don't enjoy cooking, because my knives don't even cut.
I use my steak knives instead of my kitchen knives because they cut better.
So I'll give these a go.
I also couldn't leave them there because on the inside is a little note with a taped coin saying 'To not sever ties' which was cute.

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
The fabric is gorgeous and although it doesn't come across in my photos, they sparkle more than any glittered or sequined shoe I've ever seen. Lovely.

These lime green 80's heels are fun too.

This 1950's dress is wow. If only it fit me.
Metal zip, fully lined, home made, and the fabric is so thick and delicious! Mmmm.

And lastly here are a couple of my outfits I've worn in the past week.
I live in my duffle coat, so I apologize for the repetitiveness.

I'm off to scoff another piece of cake!
Enjoy your night.


Bec said...

I love your leggings in the last pic. I used to have a pair like that when I was little but I called them happy pants hehe

Paula said...

Eeeek! Is that blood on the french knife?!!
The "coin to not sever ties" is fantastic. I've also heard of giving a coin if you give your partner a knive so it doesn't cut your love!!

zigsma said...

The dress is stunning!

I burn essential oils as those syntheticky smelly things are foul and give me a headache too.

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow! The blue dress looks stunning!

Gina E. said...

You didn't say where you found all your stash today, Trish! That knife set had to be a bargain no matter what you paid for it - they cost a heap new! I've wanted a decent knife set for years but never wanted to pay out the huge amount of dollars for one. That coin is a funny touch - if I didn't know better, it could have been my MIL. She is madly superstitious about things like that. I asked for an electric knife one year for Xmas and she was horrified - "Oh no, dear - it would sever our relationship!" So what did she think I was going to do - divorce her son or cut off his penis???????


You look so beautiful in that cute coat! Since I have 5 dogs, my house can smell a little funky...I boil/slow simmer cinnamon+coffee in the kitchen...the house smells so much friendlier now ;)

honey and lemon said...

absolutely love the framed pictures

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love your old people items. Cool duffle coat too. I have one in navy, it's the best thing I've ever bought.

And what does your brother know? Kick him I say.

Jen said...

it's a cute coat, i think we can allow the repetition... amazing dress and leggins :)
And those pictures look really cute- i'm in the same boat with the whole 3M vs Bond, fingers crossed we pull through!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Looove your pshychadelic tights!

Anonymous said...

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