Saturday, May 9, 2009

My week of finds.

What a big week it's been!
Thankyou all for your lovely messages and comments!
It's also been a big week in the opshopping world.
Here are some of the things I've picked up over the past week or so.

These West German vases are becoming harder and harder to find, I remember seeing them in opshops as commonly as you see 'made in china' dolphin figurines now days.
I only own one of these vases, the more common orange and brown type.
I don't collect them, but if I can pick them up cheaply I won't hesitate as I they'll continue to get more and more valuable, as they have great 'retro' appeal.
Mum was the one with the sharp eye who saw this being put into her local opshops window.
It seems every time I see her I say a new 'MUM! Keep your eyes open for *insert item here*'
Which has proved to be beneficial, because she finds space to store all of my nags, and always finds me winner bargains.
This vase is pretty big.
I'm very good at life, and have lost my tape measure, so I've measured it in a new universal measurement called 'the DVD.' It's just under 2 DVD cases tall.
It's lime green and two different browns. It's actually quite nice.

Mum also bought me the fabric it stands infront of.
Not sure what I'll make out of it just yet as it's stretchy so hmmmm.

This is a glass vase I picked up at my BOSSES opshop.
She regularly comes into work with all these things to show off from there.
I am especially jealous of one of her coffee tables.
I never get to go there as it's not on a public transport route, however whilst driving with a friend, I asked if we could stop and picked up this vase.
I really like it. It felt good to find something that'd make her jealous from her territory.


I love love love reading through old magazines.
All of the advertisements, and articles are so very different from today.
They're so entertaining, and the pictures are beautiful.
The top one is from 1964, and the other two are from 1966 and 1976.

Here is my favorite ad.

So very cute.

This is a very cute home made dress. It has a lovely pleat down the front, fits me like a dream, and is something different. Big fan.

Also in the clothing department was this 1950's evening gown. It's so very well made. A good steam will bring it up a treat.

Mum picked me up these childrens handkerchiefs. My collection grows.

My question for you is, what on earth would you put in these mini pyrex mugs?
I bought them whilst out with my cousin Amanda, and all we could think was perhaps coffee shots, or mini chocolate puddings? Or perhaps are they childrens mugs? No idea. I'm going to make mini self sauce chocolate puddings in them. YUM.

And lastly is something that I have no idea about. These are three prints from well known Dickens books. Oliver, David Copperfield, and Great Expectations.
I'm hopeless when it comes to knowing about prints because... well it's a print!
It's not a painting that an artist has painted for 3 years and there is only one of. It may have been printed 39482394 thousand times, making it valueless.
However the J H Lynch prints are selling for hundreds.
When I showed one to my Dad, he said, "Why do you want one of those Patricia? They're at every second stall at carboot sales" Well sure maybe once, but not now.
Maybe they were printed 39482394 thousand times, and so no one thought they'd ever be worth anything so everyone binned them, leaving not many left, making them valuable. Hmm I don't know.
So basically, I have no idea about prints.
I bought these anyway because I like anything from my childhood, and Oliver was a good part in it.
they were also cheap, and I don't mind making mistakes on cheap things that I like.

In other news, this whole digital TV business really hasn't catered for people who don't want an ugly set top box in their house, or want to watch TV on their retro TV's.
When they completely get rid of normal TV, I won't be a happy girl.

In other other news, I was interviewed on the radio yesterday! Hahha.
I have never been so nervous. Everyone said it went okay, so fewf!

That's all in my world!

I'm off to eat left over Indian! Mmmmmmm

Have a lovely weekend.


Lavender said...

I love those old magazines. I find it so rare to find good ones that old.

Joyce said...

gorgeous finds.....I love that vase- the stripy one, and the retro fabric the first one sits on is very in at the moment! I have jammie shorts made out of almost the same...

Holly said...

Okay so I really love: those cute mini stackable cups (especially the orange ones), the hankerchiefs and yes, that ad for cookies was pretty neat too!

You find the best stuff. Kudos
- Holly

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I've a stash of West German Pottery from when you could get them for $2 - bought them cause I love them though!

Love your Logies crashing - your dress rocked the house girl, and you don't look too bad all orange! you have to milk it though for this year, cause now they know what you look like!!! (I've a feeling they might actually send you a proper invite next year, well they bloody well SHOULD)!

Raybies said...

Just had a look on the net for JH Lynch, Wow Kitsch Heaven. Keep checking the prints, especially look for ones that are not prints, they may be etchings or engravings. You can tell by looking at them with a magnifying glass, if you can see dots of 4 different colours then they are printed so probably limited value. If you cant see the dots then they must have been reproduced a different way which probably means they are old, before the dot printing technique was used. If you are lucky they may be engravings or etchings which will make them more collectable. I dont know much more about them but I'm checking.
I know Marigold prints sell well at auction, (check google images) also Arthur Rackham ones sell. Old photos also sell, old postcards, family albums, etc. So keep a lookout. If you see kitsch religious items on your travels under $10 let me know, for some reason I collect them, rosary beads, holy cards, medals, statues, must be some subliminal conditioning from my altar boy days. Cheers


haha I love my curry too...gets better the next day somehow!
That gold pc is couture darling, COUTURE!!! ~Lovely new week to you... XO*

drewballs said...

Lol tri, i have one of those mickey mouse handkerchiefs, had it since i was a bubby. good shit. peace. drewballs

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