Friday, May 22, 2009

Jackets a plenty!

Gosh what a Savers spree I had tonight!
Very very pleased with my finds.

I was so pleased that I felt the need to play dress ups.
This is what I bought.

The item you think you'll like the least, always becomes the favorite.
I don't know why.
With a basket full of fabulous items, I was making my way to the register and these caught my eye.
I didn't even look at them, I just chucked them in the trolley.
Yes I know they're hideous... but SO SO good.
In comparison to some of the jackets that I bought, they really shouldn't be praised so highly, but I can't help it.
Love love these pants.

Cute home made dress... size 18? I don't think so! Well not exactly my size either, but not 18. I love wrongly marked items.

Vintage nautical jacket. Could this be more cute? It comes with a detachable hood that has stars inside, but I feel a little wizardish with it on, so I've detached it.
It comes with a matching tie belt, cinched waist, and the buttons have little anchors on them too!

This jacket... wow. A thick carpet bag like fabric, completely fitted, highly detailed everything, a pleat down the back, peter pan style collar, the buttons the buttons, and it's fully lined. Did I say wow already?
This item didn't have a tag, and I was petrified to ask what the price would be in case it was too expensive. (Curse no tags, I always feel guilty) But it was only $29.99 I was thrilled. Hello Mary Poppins!

I know pyrex stuff is everywhere, but I never seem to see good stuff.
They're always scratched up, missing lids etc.
I've been wanting a good oven proof dish for a while now, so this is perfect.

I also picked up a safari suit for work.

Two other things I picked up this week...

This gorgeous pure wool swing coat with a faux fur collar. It's made in England, and the lining feels like nothing I've ever worn. It also has a sort of pussy bow tie that goes down the front made of the same fabric. It really is beautiful.

This pair of 70's? sunglasses

And this jumpsuit. Made in France. Definitely an outfit that needs some double sided tape. The back is the same as the front, and although not really modeled well, it's actually a massive cowlick, and the pant's are harem style.

I received the two above books for my birthday. I love new books. But most of all I love big thick books. I get the same feeling from them as I do from stationary. That 60's book (Which is the greatest book I have ever ever seen) is so big and thick, that it's close to being my favorite book that I own.

Also, in the mail I received this.
For those who pre-ordered the new Carter's guide, they would receive a free book of choice to the value of $59.95.
If I had have known this book existed, I would have bought it anyway!
It's fantastic. Very informative and interesting.
I can't wait until the new guide comes out!! September apparently!

I've got a few emails to reply to, (I promise I'll get around to it! I haven't ignored you) and a ton of blog replies too! Thanks for all of your comments :)

I'm off to bed to try and get a backwards sleep in.


Judith said...

that french jumpsuit and english trench is such an amazing find! as always, jealous.


cheshirecat said...

opps! thats my mothers account, embarrassing!

meglet said...

What amazing finds! Very lucky girl.
Which Savers did you go to? I'm a big fan of the Frankston store.


Happy B'day dear...
Good gracious so many fabulous finds!!! Love your new header picture~


Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Happy belated birthday :) Some fantastic finds as always!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

PS- love the new banner :)

Missa said...

Indeed, the banner is very cool and you are ROCKING that jumpsuit, I mean WOW!

Happy belated birthday too!

honey and lemon said...

cute, adore the jumpsuit.
i had a savers spree with my bestfriend last night as well.
we went into the change rooms witha trolleyfull and came out with a few things each.
were you at the sydeny road savers?

X3ANNA said...

Your black outfit and jumpsuit is gorgeous!

Hammie said...

I think I have absorbed jumpsuits by fashion osmosis - either that or you could have a new career as a jumpsuit model because the look works!

Great new banner, but I bet those sunglasses smell? am I right???


Lecon de vetement said...

The top three outfits are extremely amazing, and your skin tone looks ethereal in all three as well!!

javieth said...

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Anonymous said...

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