Friday, May 1, 2009

It's called rubberneckin' baby but that's all right with me.

We've all heard that story from a friend of a friend who found that amazing item on the side of the road.
And then for days afterwards you spend rubbernecking to try to find your own sweet find, but never find anything that can compare.

(rub·ber·neck (rbr-nk) Slang
intr.v. rub·ber·necked, rub·ber·neck·ing, rub·ber·necks

To look about or survey with unsophisticated wonderment or curiosity.
A rubbernecker.

However my kind of rubbernecking is usually fast paced 180 degree head jolts in a speeding car, when a pile of branches, rotting doors, seatless computer chairs, and broken down whitegoods are piled up on the side of the road.
I've downpatted my scanning to under a second as I have no control of the car as I'm never driving, and no one ever has the patience or interest in fossicking through interesting piles of legal litter. (Well illegal to go through but pft)

The only things I've ever picked up off the side of the road are my bedside tables (Timber laminex, very 70's) And years ago, when I was in a share house with a friend, we went and spent the night collecting bits from all over Richmond and built a loungeroom in our carport, including lamps, rugs, tables, telephones, waffle machines? guitars, couches, oh the list goes on. Amazing fun.
Here's a really clear photo.

Anyway, I've lost my train of thought. Ummm

Yeah, so this friend of a friend who found this amazing item on the side of the road.

About a month ago my boss calls me with this smug tone in her voice. And she wasn't even calling me in 'free time' so I knew something was up.
"Trish, guess what I picked up on the side of the road?"
I didn't want to know. I really didn't.
No... I did.
"One of those circular bar things!"
"Not a Kartell?"
"I don't know I didn't look at it properly"
"It's a Kartell" (The tone in my voice is currently very 'Daria')
My boss started to laugh at the success of how jealous she had just made me.
(We have jealousy wars. Whoever can make the other the most jealous that day has the best day. A very bitchy and hurtful game.... unless you win. The time I got a large Murano vase was a highpoint in my life)

She collects to sell to collectibles stores, so I knew that's where it'd go.


I had brought in a safari suit and kaftan to sell to her to hire out for the shop, and asked if I could buy the Kartell from her for whatever cost the collectibles stores offered her, so instead (Something that hadn't even crossed my mind dah) we did a swap! Kartell for clothes.

I'm a very happy girl, and even though it wasn't me personally who had that heart stopping moment when I found something other than a massive broken TV set on the side of a road, I still had the heart stopping moment when my boss did, and again when I got it as MINE!


I've always wanted to own something by Kartell. Although it's not the most valuable collectible in the world, it's still something I've desired for a while now.
Next thing on my list is a Whitefriars drunken bricklayer vase. It may take me a lifetime but I will one day own one!

Here's my little plastic bundle of joy.

Also, check out the new lounge suite I'm getting! I got an add on Facebook from a girl I used to go to highschool with who got given this LOVELY suite, and lucky for me it's not her style, she knew I liked all the retro stuff so asked if I'd be interested!

And I'm getting the little matching magazine rack next to it too!
Where I'm going to put it in my chockablock house is yet to be decided. But it will fit!

I wish I didn't have such a love for furniture.

Thats all!

Goodnight, and happy rubbernecking :)


Rosie Unknown said...

Love the couch/chairs! The look of the arm rest is amazing!

Jacinta said...

Man, that is an awesome couch, I love it!

Ahh hard rubbish stories...I know people who have set up a lounge room in a drive way also, it was not their driveway, but a friends...a friend who needed to drive OUT of the driveway in the morning. Lamps, chairs, tv stand...

We heard about it, i'll tell you that much. haha.

harbourmaster said...

hahaha your house is going to be SO FULL! I am going to go hunting for furniture, my house is furnished by Bunnings and completely lacks character :( but your interior pics always inspire me to do something about it! :)

REread said...

cool ... digging the lounge set. Clutter and stuff are what make the workd go round, so enjoy it

geminisc said...

that kartell is gorgeous! and looks like it's in mint condition too! lucky you!!! i wish i could get more sideway finds. my best and only one so far was two bar stools - made from lacquered pine. but the bottom rung is broken, even after i super glued it into place into the slot, it keeps falling out. *sigh* i guess there was a REASON it was on the junk pile...

potty mouth mama said...

Those are incredible finds. Incredible. I love a good roadside find. Almost a year ago, I made a weekly jaunt to this house near us - a deceased estate, and the family were throwing EVERYTHING into a massive skip. I'd sneak up there in the darkness and go through it. I rescued so much goodness from those bins. Damn fools broke so much crockery from just throwing it in the bin, but I salvaged a lot! I love other people's junk too. And that Kartell is a FIND and then some.

angel wings and hearts said...

oh, that plasticy stuff is called "kartell". don't know much about it obviously, but have seen lots of it. good score. :)

jess said...

I have the same kartel as my bedside table! mine has one extra stack on it though. my dad got it for me years ago, i think from the side of the road!

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