Sunday, May 31, 2009

How now brown lounge!

Not much on the Finds front this week!
I did however get my new lounge suite that I told you about in an earlier post!
I have kept the 3 seater in the garage for now, as room in my house is... well there's none. But I do love my new lounge room.
I've named it the Brown Lounge, while my other one is my fantastic plastic lounge.
For obvious reasons.
I love this 'room' now.
When I got my teak veneer wall unit, I instantly felt so much more mature as it's a 'mature' piece of furniture.
I've well past the stage of sharing with room mates, where we'd have milk crates as tables, random cardboard cutouts on the walls, and cheap hand me down couches.
Even though I'd been out of that faze for years, when I got this unit, it was just then that I could actually see that I've come so far. It made me realise my age, maturity, and the changes I've been through.
D&M Blogger right here!
Anyway, so now with my matching 'mature' couches, I feel super good sitting in there.
I sit down and read my books with my record player going, and gosh it just feels nice!
I feel like I should have some brandy a pipe and a raised eyebrow! Haha.

ANYWAY, here's a couple of pics of my brown lounge

And here's a refresh of my fantastic plastic lounge

Obviously some things have been moved now, and some added, but it's still roughly the same.
In replace of the animal mat, I have a bright orange shag rug which looks pretty good.
OH... and I bought a new TV that I get to pick up tomorrow... I can't wait to show you.
Mum picked me up some fabulous items too, which will also be posted after I pick them up.

In the mean time, here are the few items I got this week.

Squeaky toy number two!

I got this lot of vintage sewing patterns for $5.
There's some gorgeous 50's ones in there too! Oh I just love them all.
I really have to pull out the sewing machine again, I'm completely un-motivated.

Cute tissue pouch

And lastly, this massive bunch of peacock feathers. Although these are considered bad luck for many, I'm going to rebel, and choose beauty over luck. :)

Well it's my day off, and my house is calling out for a good clean.
Have a lovely Monday.

PS: Just this second, I found out my neighbours got a drum kit. GREAT!


EmilyKate said...

OMG Trish, those patterns!!!!! I'm GREEN :o)

Poppet said...

wow, those sewing patterns are amazing! I'm very jealous :)
I love how your house is set up, everything looks great. Hopefully one day I'll be grown up enough to have fancy furniture.

beccasauras said...

I know what you mean, my teak 3 piece setting is so grown up, I love it. I like the brown lounge version better, but I like the yellow couch- where did that go?

zigsma said...

Yes, I pay no attention to the superstitions surrounding peacock feathers and their 'evil eyes'. I have three vases of them around my place. They're so beautiful, the colours, the patterns and their retro appeal.

Gina E. said...

Your blog makes me wish I was single and 20 again - you have such fun, Trish!
I used to have a bunch of peacock feathers in a vase thing in our house until my MIL saw them and nearly had a fit. "UNLUCKY!!" Oh for goodness sake...I got rid of them just to keep the peace, but I've still got my collection of hand embroidered peacocks, and that's going nowhere!

Lanelle said...

Adore your blog. I should start up one soon with my own vintage and op shop finds (and that of my mother).

Noticed that your cute tissue pounch is fabric from Austria because my next door neighbours have a wall hanging version of that thing in their kitchen :)

Ross said...

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