Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"How I crashed Logies in $3 dress"

I have never said 'Oh my god' more times in my life.
What an absolutely BAZAAR day!
So this morning I got an email from MX newspaper asking if they could interview me about the whole Logies stint.
I thought we'd get a little section in the 'What in weird' section or something.
Now that would have been a pretty cool way to end the already hilarious episode in our lives.
Hanna, the journalist asked me some questions on the telephone, and then told me a photographer was coming by work to take a photo for the paper.
Hmmm perhaps it was a page four article or something, if they want yet another photo!
I was absolutely shaking in my boots.
I did SO many laps of work breathing deeply trying to relax, constantly cracking up laughing (by myself) and 'Oh my god' was on repeat.
So the lovely photographer came.
She set up her gear and asked me to do some poses for her.
I asked her what was going on with it all, and she dropped that it going to be on the FRONT PAGE.
I nearly died. OH... MY...GOD.
I couldn't wait to get into the city to get a copy of it!
After it was out, I received never ending messages and phonecalls!
My dad thinks I'm a lunatic! Hahaha.
I called my Mum and told her to go down to the train station at around 6pm and get one out of the bin.
She was so embarrassed to be seen rummaging in the garbage but is glad she did!
She is so proud.
She picked up a few more bin copies to give to her friends too!

So catching the train home was one of the most interesting and embarrassing scenarios of my life.
My face was EVERYWHERE.
E V E R Y W H E R E.
I couldn't count the amount of people who looked down, then up, then down, then up at me.
Every single time I burst out laughing... by myself... on a very full train.
One time I was holding back laughter so much that I actually spat when I cracked.
I was a deep shade of red that whole train trip.

here's a scan of the paper.
Sorry it's a bit hard to read.

Who would have thought.

Thankyou for all of your lovely comments!!
They too, made my week absolutely unforgettable.

What could make this even more funny? If tomorrow, when my 15 minutes of fame is over and the bins are lined in Trish's faces; would be if I were to one day buy some kind of collectible from an opshop, and they were to pull out today's MX. Yep!

To check out the original Logies post, click Here


Hammie said...

Oh I love the circle of fame you have joined. Have "I'm a Celebrity Big Chef and I've got talent" called yet? Next year you will be invited to the logies. Be sure to watch out for blow-ins and liggers!

Lauren said...

ahhh thats fricken amazing!!! you're famous!! :D btw you look A-MAY-ZING in your dress.. i seriously thought it was the most beautiful dress i've ever seen. congrats on the front page! xo

juznie said...

A.MAZING. You look super cute on the front page too!

NapoleonsOwner said...

hahahha! omg as a reader of your blog... i actually grabbed an MX today and recognised your face and i was like OH MY GOD.

OH MY GOD hahhaa

well done! fab front page spread!!!!!!

Kat George said...

WOWSER! This is so cute and funny, I loled so much! You're adorable! x

Skye said...

Great picture - very cute. If this was the UK you could probably parlay this into a low-rent celebrity career doing night club appearances and whatnot.

I hope the security guard from Crown doesn't get into trouble though, hopefully they won't be able to work out who it was.

Bucca said...

lmao great! I love your dress on the front cover too!

harbourmaster said...

hahah I was trying to tell my bf how you crashed the logies n he was just like 'yeh yeh whatever' but then there you appear on the front page, brilliant! i waved it in his face. you look super cute in that pic too. nice work!

StellaForStar said...

Oh wow!
For the record, I did find your blog through the mx. :) I've never really thought about crashing the Logies, but when I heard about your dress it really got me interested!
Even though its in two months, I've already started trying to op-shop a dress to my friend's formal. I hope I can find something as nice.

angel wings and hearts said...

ha ha. trish. what a crack up. i started to laugh imagining people looking at you on the train whilst reading the mx's. congrats again. maybe who weekle will be calling next!!


Raybies said...

I had to go down to my local train station to get my copy of MX, my daughter was way impressed. Did you get that photo of you sitting on the train reading the MX. You will have to do that photo, in the same dress as on the front cover. Maybe you can use it for your profile pic.

macyaverage said...

ahahaha, I love it! You just gave me one very good reason to laugh xD

EmilyKate said...

heheheheheheh! I saw you on the MX on my way home, and I was all... now I KNOW that FACE?!?!? and then I got to the end of the article!!! Nice one!!!!

cheshirecat said...

wow! well deserved though! i cant quite believe it though, but hey! good way to end it!

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

You're a living legend Trish!

angelaseeangelablog said...

BAHHAHA! That's soo hilarious and awesome. So that's why you were M.I.A. at the blogger get together. Hmm...


Grace said...

you're so funny.

hey, i was wondering if you have ever come across any clothes with by "night shift"? theyre generally hideously 80s but so appealing.

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