Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday too me!
Today I turned 24.
New page for a new age? Let me know what you think.
It sounds strange saying 'turned' 24.
I imagine some kind of old creaky rusted time meter that looks similar to a water meter turning over as soon as midnight hits, and then the imaginary clock strikes 24 in a haunted echoey dong. And then it hits you, 24 is nearly 25, and that 25 is a quarter of 100, and 100 is old!!
As Dad says, "Blink and you'll be 50."
I am beginning to see the truth behind it.
I swear only last year I turned 17.
I miss the years when the year went TOO slowly, and Christmas seemed like it was never ever going to get here.
Now it seems like it's here twice a year, three times a year! As soon as it's gone, it's back again! The years are flying by.
Isn't it about time Coles started bringing in the Christmas merchandise?
Anyway I'm not here to talk about Christmas, it's Birthday time.
So yep, I'm 24.
And being almost quarter of a century means I'm too old for proper presents.
No bikes, or stereos, ipods, or toys.
Going out for dinner seems to be the norm for this in between aged crowd.
So tomorrow night, myself and my a couple of my besties are going out for dinner and icecream!
Two days of birthday for me.

Today I worked, and was sent an absolutely beautiful bunch of flowers from an anonymous sender.

One thing I hate more than anything is when I don't know something...
Like when someone says 'Hey guess what... oh nar I can't tell you'
Killer. It was a well known fact in my family, that when someone knew something I didn't know, that I wanted to know (tongue twister) They'd all sing "I know something you don't know" .. in that whiny playground tune.
So receiving flowers anonymously killed me. All day. I even pulled out my magnifying glass and pipe and played detective, calling the flower shop and then being referred to the internet company who it was booked through, and still no luck.
Anyway, I have never felt so special in my whole life.
Pft flowers, lame I know, but I've never been sent flowers.
In highschool on valentines day you'd always see the 'popular' girls walking home parading their bouquets of flowers and practically rubbing them in your face.
You scowl at them telling yourself 'I don't want the crappy flowers anyway' and for years, every time you see it, the receiving flowers section of your heart dies a little bit more, and then you don't even see the flowers anymore.
Ok I'm exaggerating just a little...
But my point is... having someone walk into the shop today, even though it was my birthday, I automatically thought, ugh wrong address idiot. But they were for ME!!
So I might have cried... happy cried... just a little... and I did say 'might have.'
My dead flower section of my heart blossomed again (good pun?) and I could barely contain my happiness as I got to parade my flowers home on the train. And then I saw this girl scowl at me, and I felt super bad. I wanted to give them to her (No chance) but I did want to.
That was a full circle for me.

Looking forward to my second Birthday tomorrow!

Hope you've all had a splendid day.


harbourmaster said...

Happy Birthday!

Hahaaaaaa i always felt like that at school...yay for grown up flowers!

Really like the new header.

Rosie Unknown said...

Happy birthday!

I really like the new header!

That is so cool about the flowers, so you really have no idea who sent them?

Sarah said...

Happy birthday!

angel wings and hearts said...

happy birthday trish - you poor old thing....says someone who is twice your age!! flowers are lovely. are you looking at everyone suspiciously now, in case they were the ones who sent them?. love the new header. it is all very co ordinated. i have been thinking of changing mine, and then i think "oh i will do it tomorrow" and it never gets done.


EmilyKate said...

Well happy birthday! I love the new header pic and I WANT that pair of ceramic kitties :o)
You must let us know if you find out who your secret flower-bestower is.

Anonymous said...

Love having two day celebrations! Haha.. Happy Birthday once again :) Wow 24, I'm freaking out about 23!!!!

Pretty flowers :)

- Dani

Loz and Dinny said...

Happy birthday! and how lovely - nothing beats the anonomous flower delivery - ace!! Very swish new header too. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Poppet said...

Happy Birthday! Yay for flowers, you're a lucky girl.
The new picture is super great!

Judith said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Love the new header!


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