Sunday, May 31, 2009

How now brown lounge!

Not much on the Finds front this week!
I did however get my new lounge suite that I told you about in an earlier post!
I have kept the 3 seater in the garage for now, as room in my house is... well there's none. But I do love my new lounge room.
I've named it the Brown Lounge, while my other one is my fantastic plastic lounge.
For obvious reasons.
I love this 'room' now.
When I got my teak veneer wall unit, I instantly felt so much more mature as it's a 'mature' piece of furniture.
I've well past the stage of sharing with room mates, where we'd have milk crates as tables, random cardboard cutouts on the walls, and cheap hand me down couches.
Even though I'd been out of that faze for years, when I got this unit, it was just then that I could actually see that I've come so far. It made me realise my age, maturity, and the changes I've been through.
D&M Blogger right here!
Anyway, so now with my matching 'mature' couches, I feel super good sitting in there.
I sit down and read my books with my record player going, and gosh it just feels nice!
I feel like I should have some brandy a pipe and a raised eyebrow! Haha.

ANYWAY, here's a couple of pics of my brown lounge

And here's a refresh of my fantastic plastic lounge

Obviously some things have been moved now, and some added, but it's still roughly the same.
In replace of the animal mat, I have a bright orange shag rug which looks pretty good.
OH... and I bought a new TV that I get to pick up tomorrow... I can't wait to show you.
Mum picked me up some fabulous items too, which will also be posted after I pick them up.

In the mean time, here are the few items I got this week.

Squeaky toy number two!

I got this lot of vintage sewing patterns for $5.
There's some gorgeous 50's ones in there too! Oh I just love them all.
I really have to pull out the sewing machine again, I'm completely un-motivated.

Cute tissue pouch

And lastly, this massive bunch of peacock feathers. Although these are considered bad luck for many, I'm going to rebel, and choose beauty over luck. :)

Well it's my day off, and my house is calling out for a good clean.
Have a lovely Monday.

PS: Just this second, I found out my neighbours got a drum kit. GREAT!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The new winter warmers.

Just a quick post to share what I bought today.
A friend and I did an opshop tour of places I have never been before.
Canterbury, Surrey hills, Kew and Doncaster.
Yep, a few opshops were shopped in today, yet I had another unsuccessful day.
I shouldn't be surprised with the haul I brought home on Sunday.
I did buy one thing...
Well two things.

Egg cozys, ear warmers... same thing yeah? Hahah
Knitted into little chickens, I want to display eggs just so that I can display my egg cozies.

My friend scored a NES complete with 20 million games including the original Zelda, and Zelda II. Very lucky.

It was a good day.
"It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho"

Or whatever I was wearing today...
It doesn't really count as any of them as it has toggles down the front.

Oh well, here's a better photo

That's all for today.

I'm surprised I can even type. I ate an unrealistic amount of Chinese for dinner.
It's hard to do much at all, breathing and moving is the biggest struggle.

Oh and the other day I went to the aquarium for the first ever time!
The penguins were the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
The Jelly fish made me gag, lots of fish were just um fishy? The sharks and stingrays were pretty cool, but the penguins were the best.
I've never seen them like up close like that.
They looked so fake! Like polystyrene!
I recommend a visit if only to see them!

About to enter a food coma.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trish Hunter definitely found.

So today was Market day.
I haven't been in what feels like an age, and I had the best vibes.
I always do well when I have good vibes, so I was very excited.
I'll get right to it..
This is what I found. Eee!

I'll start with my favorite item, and what a bargain!
This pair of vintage leather cowboy boots cost me a whole $2.

From the same lady, for the same price is this Alannah Hill poodle skirt.

These leather boots are beautiful. I can't believe how soft they are.

Never been used 70's pots by Arzberg Germany. Now that's a pretty pot.

'Japan' Tea for two, teapot and two cups. Very kitsch and very cute.
I love that one of the cups features the owls behind.

I love this girl. She appealed to me because of the conceptual story I saw in her.
An innocent fairy tale girl who has some kind of... hidden horror element to her.
It's the eyes that haunted me.
They're the ones that close when you lye her down and open when she stands up, and they some how scare me on her! Which is great because she's not at all scary. Hmm perhaps a bit hard to explain. But I had to have her.

I unfortunately blurred the photo, but you can see the shape.
This is a beautiful dress.
Diamante lined straps, gathered polka dot tulle bodice, nipped waist, and circular skirt.
And it fits. I'm dying to wear this out.

Cute band mice.

5 x genuine snake skin bags, and one other leather bag.
They were all $3 each. Bargain.

This... made my day. I love it.
It's the canisters that the toppings were stored in, in most Milk bars before the squirt bottles were brought in.
Ladles to pour the topping into the milkshake cups, and it still has all of it's original Fowlers glass jars, which in themselves are valuable.
I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, but it'll definitely be used.
Perhaps as a curiosity object, storing miscellaneous junk in.
Sewing items, pins, misc earrings, who knows. I might even use it for herbs, cocoa, icing sugar and all of those less used ingredients. We'll see.
I believe it'll definitely come into play in my shop for who knows what.
The condition is amazing, no dints or rust, it's very dirty at the moment, but all the labels are in perfect order, no fading or tears. Love this.

Last but not least, I bought something I really shouldn't have.
I already have 3.
Both Mum and Dad shook their heads at me, however Mum soon became a fan as she rode it back to her place.
Look at the colour, look at the colour!! I don't have one in green!
It's a little bit rusty on the chrome, I have some steal wool work ahead of me, but I enjoy doing that.

You should have seen me carrying THAT lot on the train. Pwoah.
Anyone know a good masseuse? My shoulders are dying.

Along with all of the above items, I was also carrying my overnight items, (I stayed at Mums place) and 4 containers of soup that Mum had made for me.
AND... some of the things Mum got me.

This beautiful 'Gone with the wind' book. The cover is so lovely to look at.

Blouses from the 1970's are 90% of the time, made from polyester.
Which means I hardly get to wear them.
This one is one of the few I now have that aren't, so I look forward to wearing this, this winter.

And lastly, she picked up this genuine Chanel purse for $2.
I won't ever use it, as it'll still be assumed it's fake when I pull it out of my bag. That, and I don't really like to flaunt designer labels, but it's definitely nice to have!
As Lisa says, "Your Mum is a thrifting legend" Yes she is.
That's the second real Chanel item she's found me.
The inside is made of a suede like fabric with the Chanel logo embossed. And the previous owner left a 5c coin in it for good luck. My Nan always used to do that for us when she'd give us a bag or purse. I love finding purses with 1 and 2 cent pieces. I feel extra special

And that was my day!
You should see the state of my lounge room right now! Christmas morning. Scrunched up newspaper is taking over the room!
I'm off to read my new books.

Goodnight everyone :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jackets a plenty!

Gosh what a Savers spree I had tonight!
Very very pleased with my finds.

I was so pleased that I felt the need to play dress ups.
This is what I bought.

The item you think you'll like the least, always becomes the favorite.
I don't know why.
With a basket full of fabulous items, I was making my way to the register and these caught my eye.
I didn't even look at them, I just chucked them in the trolley.
Yes I know they're hideous... but SO SO good.
In comparison to some of the jackets that I bought, they really shouldn't be praised so highly, but I can't help it.
Love love these pants.

Cute home made dress... size 18? I don't think so! Well not exactly my size either, but not 18. I love wrongly marked items.

Vintage nautical jacket. Could this be more cute? It comes with a detachable hood that has stars inside, but I feel a little wizardish with it on, so I've detached it.
It comes with a matching tie belt, cinched waist, and the buttons have little anchors on them too!

This jacket... wow. A thick carpet bag like fabric, completely fitted, highly detailed everything, a pleat down the back, peter pan style collar, the buttons the buttons, and it's fully lined. Did I say wow already?
This item didn't have a tag, and I was petrified to ask what the price would be in case it was too expensive. (Curse no tags, I always feel guilty) But it was only $29.99 I was thrilled. Hello Mary Poppins!

I know pyrex stuff is everywhere, but I never seem to see good stuff.
They're always scratched up, missing lids etc.
I've been wanting a good oven proof dish for a while now, so this is perfect.

I also picked up a safari suit for work.

Two other things I picked up this week...

This gorgeous pure wool swing coat with a faux fur collar. It's made in England, and the lining feels like nothing I've ever worn. It also has a sort of pussy bow tie that goes down the front made of the same fabric. It really is beautiful.

This pair of 70's? sunglasses

And this jumpsuit. Made in France. Definitely an outfit that needs some double sided tape. The back is the same as the front, and although not really modeled well, it's actually a massive cowlick, and the pant's are harem style.

I received the two above books for my birthday. I love new books. But most of all I love big thick books. I get the same feeling from them as I do from stationary. That 60's book (Which is the greatest book I have ever ever seen) is so big and thick, that it's close to being my favorite book that I own.

Also, in the mail I received this.
For those who pre-ordered the new Carter's guide, they would receive a free book of choice to the value of $59.95.
If I had have known this book existed, I would have bought it anyway!
It's fantastic. Very informative and interesting.
I can't wait until the new guide comes out!! September apparently!

I've got a few emails to reply to, (I promise I'll get around to it! I haven't ignored you) and a ton of blog replies too! Thanks for all of your comments :)

I'm off to bed to try and get a backwards sleep in.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday too me!
Today I turned 24.
New page for a new age? Let me know what you think.
It sounds strange saying 'turned' 24.
I imagine some kind of old creaky rusted time meter that looks similar to a water meter turning over as soon as midnight hits, and then the imaginary clock strikes 24 in a haunted echoey dong. And then it hits you, 24 is nearly 25, and that 25 is a quarter of 100, and 100 is old!!
As Dad says, "Blink and you'll be 50."
I am beginning to see the truth behind it.
I swear only last year I turned 17.
I miss the years when the year went TOO slowly, and Christmas seemed like it was never ever going to get here.
Now it seems like it's here twice a year, three times a year! As soon as it's gone, it's back again! The years are flying by.
Isn't it about time Coles started bringing in the Christmas merchandise?
Anyway I'm not here to talk about Christmas, it's Birthday time.
So yep, I'm 24.
And being almost quarter of a century means I'm too old for proper presents.
No bikes, or stereos, ipods, or toys.
Going out for dinner seems to be the norm for this in between aged crowd.
So tomorrow night, myself and my a couple of my besties are going out for dinner and icecream!
Two days of birthday for me.

Today I worked, and was sent an absolutely beautiful bunch of flowers from an anonymous sender.

One thing I hate more than anything is when I don't know something...
Like when someone says 'Hey guess what... oh nar I can't tell you'
Killer. It was a well known fact in my family, that when someone knew something I didn't know, that I wanted to know (tongue twister) They'd all sing "I know something you don't know" .. in that whiny playground tune.
So receiving flowers anonymously killed me. All day. I even pulled out my magnifying glass and pipe and played detective, calling the flower shop and then being referred to the internet company who it was booked through, and still no luck.
Anyway, I have never felt so special in my whole life.
Pft flowers, lame I know, but I've never been sent flowers.
In highschool on valentines day you'd always see the 'popular' girls walking home parading their bouquets of flowers and practically rubbing them in your face.
You scowl at them telling yourself 'I don't want the crappy flowers anyway' and for years, every time you see it, the receiving flowers section of your heart dies a little bit more, and then you don't even see the flowers anymore.
Ok I'm exaggerating just a little...
But my point is... having someone walk into the shop today, even though it was my birthday, I automatically thought, ugh wrong address idiot. But they were for ME!!
So I might have cried... happy cried... just a little... and I did say 'might have.'
My dead flower section of my heart blossomed again (good pun?) and I could barely contain my happiness as I got to parade my flowers home on the train. And then I saw this girl scowl at me, and I felt super bad. I wanted to give them to her (No chance) but I did want to.
That was a full circle for me.

Looking forward to my second Birthday tomorrow!

Hope you've all had a splendid day.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So I had this horrible experience.
My brother came over for dinner the other day, and dropped that my house smells like old people.
To clarify... It DOESN'T.
It does has some kind of funky smell I admit.
All houses smell different, and my smell was here before I moved in I swear!
He was just being a stirring Brother.
But anyway, you can tell by me still trying to justify it, that it scared me.
What if my house DOES smell like old people?
It surely can't be, because I wash everything before I use it.
Anyway in a panic I took off to Coles and splurged on scented things haha.
I bought air freshener dangly things, I bought glen 20 (not just a cover up)
I also bought the 'just a cover up' spray, and I bought those things that have really bad commercials, you plug them in and they automatically spray every now and then.
It's the only thing I've used of the lot so far, and I can easily say my house smells of nothing else BUT that.
I feel so crook, it's so strong and full on that it's given me an intense headache and I'm feeling nauseous.
On top of that, every time it sprays it makes a pretty loud noise, which scares me half to death every time.
If my coffee was just a little more full earlier today, I would have been in trouble.
I have now turned off the automatic spray and think I'll save it for when my brother comes over haha.
Until then I'll live with my slightly odd smelling house that isn't of old people!

In other news, here are some more of my 'old people' items to add to my 'old people' house.

I got all 3m innovative today, and put up some of those hooks that you pull down the tab when you're done and it's gone.
Please don't tell me your horror stories about these, because it's done now, and I don't want to stress about my bond haha.

I bought this knife set.
I have no idea how good they'll be, but they can't be any worse than the ones I have had for years now.
I think it's part the reason I don't enjoy cooking, because my knives don't even cut.
I use my steak knives instead of my kitchen knives because they cut better.
So I'll give these a go.
I also couldn't leave them there because on the inside is a little note with a taped coin saying 'To not sever ties' which was cute.

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
The fabric is gorgeous and although it doesn't come across in my photos, they sparkle more than any glittered or sequined shoe I've ever seen. Lovely.

These lime green 80's heels are fun too.

This 1950's dress is wow. If only it fit me.
Metal zip, fully lined, home made, and the fabric is so thick and delicious! Mmmm.

And lastly here are a couple of my outfits I've worn in the past week.
I live in my duffle coat, so I apologize for the repetitiveness.

I'm off to scoff another piece of cake!
Enjoy your night.

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