Monday, April 20, 2009

What I wore reprise.

Not much to show you today, even though it has been so very long!
I've not been going opshopping lately, (well besides the one next to work)
Since the Easter break I've been behind and it's stuffed up my budget, as casual pay means I don't get holiday pay.
And then I was sick, which meant no sick leave, so this results in no shopping as rent comes first. Sigh.
However I did pick up possibly my favorite item of the year for a mere $3.

These are a pair of original 1950's snakeskin peeptoes that were hand made to for a specific person. I took them to the boot makers who fix our shoes at work and told me about them. They're hand signed on the inside and fit me like no other shoe has fit.
That tied me over for so long as just looking at them make me giddy.
They're in impeccable condition, the snakeskin isn't all dry and pealing like you often see in bags etc.

Today is my day off and so thought it was about high time I blogged, and since I had nothing much to update you on purchase wise, I did another What I wore reprise, since I didn't take photos on the day.

Here goes.

As soon as said 18 degrees I knew exactly what jacket I was going to wear. My new one from Velour has been teasing me for so long. I'm thinking the dress was a bit of a mistake though... I have no doubt it looked like I was wearing nothing but the jacket to most people.

And this is what I'm wearing today. Oh, days off let me be so casual and I love it.

Yesterday I got my hair cut. Not a big difference, I just got some layers in the bottom as it's longer than a bob now so the blunt cut wasn't too flattering.

For the past couple of months I've been having intense nightmares about getting my hair cut.
I know that sounds completely woosy as most people associate nightmares with kidnappings, snakes and murderers.
But these dreams were just as scary I promise! I don't know how, but somehow they are so negative in my head that they give me the same response. I would wake up so worked up, and emotional it's ridiculous but I can't help it! They really are scary!
You see, I'm desperately trying to grow my hair, I have been since I got it cut into a super short bob, maybe a year or more ago, and since I started to recognize it was getting longer the nightmares started.
People would cut at my hair, force it upon me, I'd go to get it cut and they'd 'accidentally' cut off too much etc.
In every dream I'd begin with long luscious locks, and finish with another bob that can't be fixed.

So yesterday, as I went into the hairdressers to get it done. I felt so sick.
I don't think the lady liked me very much as I was telling her what I wanted done the whole time, like "But I don't want layers like a mullet, just a little bit at the bottom" I got more repetitive the more I saw dropping to the ground.
I knew she knew, but so did the people in my dreams!
Oh well it's all done now and I'm happy. I don't have my bob back, and hopefully the nightmares will go away for a bit.

I'm off to continue my lazy day!


mfre said...

Outfit # Two i LOVE!

Rosie Unknown said...

Is that 18 degrees Celsius of Farenhiet? I get eh jacket thing with a lot of my skirts. And then there was this time when I was standing around talking to people and this girl said that I was really brave for wearing leggings without a skirt, only I was wearing a skirt, but my shoulder bag that for some reason i was wearing to the front was so big you couldn't see it.

Emma said...

I think your new hair looks pretty!

Bucca said...

wow they are really really nice - (shoes) and I love the pink and the yellow outfits :)

Megan (AusAnna) said...

such cute outfits ladddddy


That yellow dress looks so good on you darling...~Charmed*

Hammie said...

I am 12 months into growing out a mullet with very short pieces cut into the back of the crown. I think the hairdresser was on drugs. It simply wasnt a recognisable style.

Weird thing is I had my haircut by him 6 months before and it was heavenly. So what goes on in their heads.

Not getting it cut EVER again. I just go in and get my fringe cut and hold the rest so they are not tempted to snip at it.

so I know what you were dreaming/nighmaring about.


Poppet said...

oh my you do have nice things....
that pink and red dress with the beret is amazing.
i hacked off my long hair into a bob about a year ago too....i loved it though! but i find you always want what you dont i'm trying to grow mine out too...sooooo boring it takes forever :)

Raybies said...

Wow your place is looking really cool, or should I say Kool, Lots of great stuff sitting around. Love the dragster bike you posted a while back, very collectable.
I enjoy your post so much I keep buying you little presents when I'm in an Op shop and see something I know you will like, well not heaps, just 2 so far. I'll have to come down to Velour soon and hand them over.

Anonymous said...

Look at those OWLS! Jealous! Haha.. Love the outfits and the hair. I'm thinking about growing my hair back out a bit too..

- Dani

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