Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A lady will always feel dressed a la mode; In frillies she finds in the Portebollo road.

Long time no blog.
I'm siccccck. And i'm that kind of sick where the world revolves around me and all I want is sympathy. I'm sure my parents are so glad I don't live at home because they'd want to kill me by now. My sooking is even annoying me!
Today I woke up feeling pretty good! I figured I must be over my near death sickness (drama drama) So I got ready for work, and as I took the first sip of my coffee which destroyed my tastebuds, I went to give a 'bah' and no voice came out. Hmm. So I tested it. "Hello.. hello?" Still no voice. Well no... very deep manly croaks burst out occasionally, but other than that I was voiceless Eep!
I had a good cough, gargled on some antiseptic stuff, stood infront of the mirror gazing into my mouth pretending to know what to look for, and gave talking another go. Still just bursts of croak.
I called work and took the day off as I'd be completely useless. My boss took pleasure from hearing my not voice and all was fine.

So here I am with a little time up my sleeve, so I'm going to show you some of the things I've bought over the past ages it seems!
I did say a couple of blogs ago I'd be showing my vintage lot I bought, but I'm not going to. There's wayyy too many and the motivations not there. One day though I promise!

Oh before I forget, if anyone knows any one who can do 1940's - 50's hairstyling in Melbourne I'd love their help. I have a special occasion early May on a Sunday and have a Dita Von Tease style in mind that I can't do myself. Hope someone can help!

Ok, here are some of the things I bought.

No idea if they're genuine or not, my thought is 'not' but they could be.... Chanel shoes probably 80's era.

Pretty doll


This belt is so so rad. It is made similarly to those snakes that bend and look real when you move them!

Glomesh bag.

Boxed NES.

1950's harlequin cocktail glasses. There only appears to be two different colours, but they're actually all different. They're lovely. I use them for icecream :)

The left orange mouse was from my Grandma's fridge. Then last week I found two more which I thought was kind of cool so now he has friends.

These brooches are just lovely!

Lots of jewelery to report on today, these pieces came from one of the ladies who works at the opshop near my work. She knows what I like and brought these in for me from her personal collection as she was doing a clearout. They were hers as a teenager. I feel so special that she thought of me and I'll treasure them. Today (If I had have gone into work) She was bringing me in a box of her grandma's clip on earrings that none of her grand kids wanted. I am a lucky girl.

My Mum is also a lucky girl. She has a good relationship with her opshop ladies too, and every time she goes in she says, "don't forget to tell me if you find diamonds or gollies!!" Half joking but mostly serious haha. Lucky she said it though, because a lady pulled her aside and said these had just came in and Mum got first dibs.
It's a beautiful set including necklace, bracelet, and screw on earrings (ouch) They're soooo heavy and just amazing to look at! Mum gave them to me to possibly wear for my special occasion I mentioned above. I've tried them all on so many times and always feel like Carrie from Bedknobs and Broomsticks when she's at Portobello market with all the jewelery on. A kid trying on her mums jewels!

I hope she doesn't expect them back!

Mum also bought me the following

A Dior scarf

These are gorgeous. Cute brass figures of little children. I'm not big on brass things, but I do like these.

Best book ever. It's so so thick full of great photos and patterns from the 70's!

And lastly, I recieved this brooch in the mail because Mum was too excited to wait for me to visit to give it to me! Little diamonds for eyes, this is the cutest owl brooch I've ever seen! :) You have to touch it to understand. And its not Diva... it's vintageeeee yum.

Oh also... I've started to design a website that will hopefully combine my blog with photos and one day a store etc. We'll see how it goes. I have missed being webcreative so it's fun to get back into nerdy html land again!

That's about all from me today! I now have a craving to watch bedknobs and broomsticks so I'm off to do that! I am sick after all, and there is no better remedy than Disney!


Bucca said...

Wow you really do have a knack for amazing finds - those shoes real or fake are darling - I want that NES and ... well just about everything you have just posted!!

Ambroisine said...

You always find great stuff ! I love the electric blue of the Chanel's and the glomesh bag :)

X3ANNA said...

The jewelries, book and scarf are gorgeous!

Jacinta said...

Oh, feel better soon!

Ah, so many great finds, I want a boxed NES! Even my boyfriend the game addict hasn't found a boxed NES before, looks in pretty good condition also.

The site sounds great! Ah, new projects are always so exciting! I have been dreaming of an internet business for awhile now, myself.

muchlove said...

Amazing finds! I love the little brass children figures. I'm pretty sure I've seen that dressmaking book before. It looks really interesting.

harbourmaster said...

i love bedknobs and broomsticks!
"portebello road, portebello road, street where the riches of ages are stowed, anything and everything a chap can unload are sold off a barrow in porrrrtebeeeeelooooo roooooaaaaad"

thevintageyear said...

Oh you poor thing, losing your voice is not cool. It's happened to me twice in the past few years... Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Gina E. said...

Hey Trish, just saw your comment on my swap cards blog, and came over to check you out. LOVE your blog! Although I've seen some of those pics VERY recently,LOL.
I read all the way through your blog and found the swapcards you bought. OMG I wish I'd seen those on eBay!! Looks like you got a real bargain there. I only have so many in my collection because I'm a hoarder. I had about 600 in a shoebox from when I was a kid at school, and when I met someone a few years ago who actively collected swapcards, and told me about the collectors club, I had to go and check them out. Duh. BAD mistake. Well, shall I say EXPENSIVE mistake. I now have over 2000 cards in my collection and shudder to think what I've forked out for them!

Rosie Unknown said...

Ohh! I have a belt a lot like that, but it was a gift from my grandmother, and the clasp is different.

Ballarat Vintage Style said...

I love the dressmaking book you found. I've been looking for one just like it. Jealous!!

Vintage Verve said...

What a haul! You (and your darling mother)always seem to find the most wonderful treasures where ever you go!

Those brooches are so lovely (I have a thing for them) I have to stop myself from buying them when and where ever I see them!

EmilyKate said...

OMG what a haul! I'm sooooo jealous of every single item. Those specific mouse-magnets brought back childhood memories! We never had them at our house but they seemed to be on everyone else's fridges when I was a kid! And that dresmaking book looks rad.

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