Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deceased Estate shopping.

Well I've had a busy week in the opshopping category!
My local opshop had a donation from a deceased estate, lucky me was there the next day and picked up some marvelous goodies!
I also went back the next day in hope there may have been some more unpacking done through the day before, or perhaps some undiscovered goodies lurking that I may have missed the first time, and there was! Lucky.
And then the next day, I was on my way to my hair consultation, and had some time to kill so dropped into Savers.
I shouldn't have.
I spent nearly $80.
Money I've been saving (due to having so many days off work) for rent. Eep.
But I just can't say no.
And my new rule of 'If it's there then, get it' was applied and I was right to do so.
It's not every day vintage dead stock is found, and when it comes to vintage, I can't just say, 'ooh I'll save up and buy it in a couple of weeks'
So although it was a bit expensive, I'm glad I got it all.

Here are my finds for this week!

They're the vintage dead stock dresses. Various sizes with rip off tags in their side seems. Simple shift dresses.

This is a gorgeous home made 50's day dress that FITS ME!!!!

A kaftan that's really well made, and I suspect it's actually from the hippy era as the tags font is very retro.

New toaster for meee. I hope this one actually cooks the top AND the bottom of the bread at the same time.

Boxed and wrapped vintage pantyhose 'made in England' retailing for 6 pound each

I have been looking for one of these for nearly 2 years now. We have one at the costume shop, and oh how I've dreamed of owning one. I even set out to knit my own yet after 2 seconds of putting a needle through one spot that looks exactly like the other I gave up. I have maybe 5 crocheted vests, but this is the one I've been looking for exactly!! Oh this made my day.

Then after I found the vest, I picked up this book, and flicked to about half way through and it was 'how to make a crocheted vest' exactly the same as the one I just found. It was fate.

It also teaches me how to a make knitted breakfast! Lucky, I've always wanted to know!
I would like to make those chippies though, with little faces on them like Jules from Poppet does with her little home made characters !
I will more than likely never get around to it, but it's on the to do one day list!

I got this bottle opener, and a letter opener. They're SO heavy and there was something about them that made me buy them. Hmm I've never ventured into the realm of metal objects. I'm generally a plastic girl. *polyester girl* is now in my head.

And then as i dug through the place where I found the above ones, I found this one.
It must have been my deceased estate mans collection, this one was by far my favorite. It's double sided, made in Italy and VERY heavy. It's so very detailed and I think it may be valuable but again, i'm clueless about this kind of stuff.
I know there's bottle opener collectors, so I know there's a market, but I'm mostly curious about who the King guy is! Anyone have any clues?

Home made 1960's gown including a cape!! Ooh lah.

Gorgeous 50's? Coat with fur trim.

And lastly are these wide eyed girl framed prints. The bottom one has been hand drawn and is signed. But the top two are just prints. I love all the wide eyed girls and boys. (I think that's what they're called?) I especially love the little figurines with the wide eyes. Those eyelashes just make me giddy!!

And that's my week!!

I'm off to my Dads new, very empty and echoey rented house now, as my lovely neighbours are throwing one of their way too loud parties.
I really don't know how they talk to each other! So I figured I'm not going to get a wink of sleep tonight so I'm going to visit.
Wow I must be getting old. Oh dear that was very grandma of me wasn't it?

Hmm anyway, I hope you all have a quiet and good night.



suzie wuzie said...

i agree, it's not like you can ever save up for op shopping! fab finds!

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the really colourful dress!

Raybies said...

Hi Trish
Does the bottle opener have any makers mark or stamps on it?

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