Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a fabulous week!

Hi hi!
I have a lot to chat about so I'm going to divide it up into two or so posts over the next while.
I have had a fabulous week!

Day 1. A friend bought me my dream bike as a pre-birthday surprise! Oh it's love. Yes I do already have two, but this one is different I swear. Her name is Ruby. I really really do love old bikes.

Day 2. I got interviewed for the Age about opshopping. That was a bit exciting. A few of you spotted it, but if you missed out you can read my very daggy quotes here.

Day 3. I officially decided on a time frame until I open the shop I have been dreaming about for years. I have two years of planning ahead of me, and March 2011 will be my grand opening. Oh the excitement.

Day 4. I met up with a good friend who I haven't seen in SO long, we had a very 'romantic' dinner in St Kilda and will be doing so again in 2 weeks! Yee.

Day 5. I have made contact with a lady who I buy bulk vintage off, and who will now be another set of eyes for me and my shop! I bought an extremely huge amount of amazing pieces off her (the reason for needing a whole separate blog for it) Including hand made 1950's gowns and just amazing bits and pieces. She's a blessing for me, and such a lovely lady.

Day 6. Dad came over and helped lay down new lino in the kitchen, it's not very inventive or anything but hey, it suits my house.

Day 7. This was just in time for my second interview which is happening tonight! Kat and Hayley from Melbourne Street Fashion are coming to visit my home tonight for an interview which I'm very nervous about, but excited at the same time. I shall be sure to keep you updated with links to the interview etc!
I have not a THING in the fridge except grated cheese and cordial and no time to go and get some treats, so I fear I won't be a great hostess. Eep.

With my house so tidy, and my new lino down, I just had to pull out the camera.
I thought I'd give you a tour of my little house :)

I'm looking forward to retiring my imac to my television and investing in a macbook as my main computer. My dressing table just isn't the place for it.

I promised no more wardrobe photos as much as I love taking them, so you'll just have to scroll back if you'd like to perve haha.

Lastly and of course most importantly.... Velour, only the greatest vintage store in Melbourne, and the place I love to call my work, is having a HUGE sale.

Be sure to come and visit, I bet even I'll leave with some goodies.... and perhaps a few cupcakes under my belt :)


nollyposh said...

~Congratulations~ i saw the article in the paper... i thought it was fab... Everything sounds & lOOks so wonderful for you... Good Luck with ~dreamy date~ 2 X:-) (Ps) i LOVE olde bikes tOO, i dream of finding a lovely old girls bike (that fits) with higher handle bars and a basket... sighhh...

Grace said...

cant wait to see your car full of goodies!

Jacinta said...

Man, that really is a great week!
Oh and congrats. :)

mfre said...

You're so neat and tidy!

NapoleonsOwner said...

Hey! i read the article in the age! awesome!!!

Vintage Verve said...

Nice one! What a great plug for you and your blog.

and I love the thought of your own shop. I wouldn't be able to keep myself away!
xx VV

Allison said...

Your house looks so colorful and fun!

angel wings and hearts said...

well done and congrats on the age article trish. you are becoming famouser and famouser! good luck with kat and hayley too. :)

curious rose said...

Hi! I wish i had some of the luck you seem to have, I love your house!I have tagged you for '7 things you may not know about me'. Sorry if you have done it before!

AusAnna said...

great post, im so jealous of your bike!

thevintageyear said...

Congrats!! I'm sad I missed the Age interview, I used to have a subscription but don't anymore. How exciting about the shop, and I love your new(old) bike!

Bec said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Trish :) I love yours, so many fantastic finds! Have a good Easter :)

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