Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh happy day!

Wow, the beginning of my day was fantastic.
I went to the markets today and oh I am so happy with my finds.

This is what I bought...

This is possibly my favorite item of the day. How can it not be? Gah
It's all embroidered suede with fabulous pockets, quilted lining and fur details. Oh it's just wow.

Ok I'll order this with clothing first, and then 'stuff' last. So scroll to the end if you are a 'seen one dress you've seen them all' kind of person.

Suede fringed vest

Handmade twin set.

And now the 'stuff'

My favorite item in the 'stuff' section

Hand made metal peace sign on a leather tie. I love it.

Swatch watch... yes another.

I got this tin of 70 vintage badges from late 60's to early 80's. He said $2 for the lot, but I gave him $5 because it was definitely worth 5, and he was a sweet old man so I was happy to.

Super cute book for kids to do all crafty things, play games, sing songs, etc. Lots of old fashioned fun that's really nostalgic to read.

Best photos.

Lastly, the item that I've been photographing my things on today is this.
Dad HATES it, he laughed in disbelief when he saw it. But I love it.
I can now be on the hunt for some fabulous lampshades to complete it.
The pallet shaped table is the style coffee table I've been waiting for, so when I saw the built in bendy lamp attached, it made the whole thing just perfect.

Then I had to carry it all home via public transport and that was definitely the end of the good day. My shoulders HURT.

It was my Mum's 50th birthday on Wednesday, I surprised her big time which has never ever ever happened, so it was a great day. I bought her the set of Carters everything vintage. The first 3 are now out of print so it was now or never, and she absolutely loved them as she too never buys herself anything new and never would have splurged on them herself.
She's going to hate me for putting this photo up, she wished I had warned her so she could have put something other than her 'bum around the house' clothes on.
This is Mum's little front garden, she's right on the beach. She has the most lovely house.
This is what she had for me.

Yves St Lauren scarf! Whoo.

Last photo of this massive blog is some more of the badges I've made :)


AusAnna said...

hahah it was a long post but i loved it. :)
that first vest is so amazing, im SO JEALOUS. kisses. x

Paula said...

The pink/purple/red dress is adorable!!
How's the pen removal on Rainbow Brite coming along?

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

LOVE the vest, and the orange and pink dress is amazing! Great finds Trish!

Velour said...

Ohh gee wiz, the vest! the lamp table!
Frankston or?

StrikeMatch said...

I love all the spots! And your mum is adorable.

Missa said...

WOW, looks like you hit the boho vest jackpot! Loving that cute little tiedye dress :)

Lavender said...

I found my first swatch the other day. So excited I could barely put my $2 on the counter.

trishhunterfinds said...

Anna - Gosh I know!! The vest the vest! I'm still trying to figure out an outfit for it, because it can easily turn into costume if i'm not careful!

Paula - Yess that was the first dress I found! AND IT FITS!! without me having to alter it is a very rare occurrence!! Very pleased
Still haven't attacked rainbow brite as I haven't done a coles shop yet, but as soon as I'm there I'm stocking up on eucalyptus, and magic erasers and having a go!!

Claire - Thankyou!! The dress is in the wash now, I hope it dries by tonight, with these winds I'm sure it will!

Velour - Oh thankgod someone loves the lamp table!! Everyone laughs at it! poor table. How can you not like fake wood laminex? I mean really?

Lauren - So many spots! I love polkadots so much, they never go out of fashion in my world!
Oh I love my Mum! She's very special :)

Missa - I've never really been big on vests but I'm mighty pleased with the ones I bought on Sun!! I've already outfitted it! Usually they just hang unused and I donate them back to the opshop. But not these! Eeee I love them :)

Lavender - I always think of you when I go through bags of watches!! I'm so glad you found one!!

Vintage Verve said...

You are, without a doubt, the Queen of treasure hunters. How do you always manage to find such amazing clothes and items?

Happy birthday to Mother Finds too.

...and I sooo want that children's craft book!

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