Saturday, February 21, 2009

My plea to the Opshops

To all opshops specifically Salvo's, could you PLEASE stop writing prices on things in permanent marker, the whole reason it's called a permanent marker is because it's permanent.
It's not attractive to have a $6.75 price tag flashing from the bottom of your shoe every time you take a step. Expensive vintage items are often ruined because of it and we either have to sadly leave them, or buy them in hope we can fix the problem.
Here is one of my more recent of many examples.

I have never seen a rainbow brite this big before, I grabbed her up so quickly then saw the price 'tag' Grrrrr, are you serious? are they stupid? it's on her face!
I bought it anyway, it's cheap and I was determined to get it off.
The sticky drips are hairspray, I have recently tried 'JIF' but no go. It's still stained.
Is there anything else I can do? I've googled it and have heard of a 'magic eraser' but I can't seem to find them in Aus.

Vent over.

Here are some items that aren't marked in big black marker that I have bought recently.

$2 Frogskins yeee

Levi's wide leg flares.

Paisley dress.

Pretty autumn dress.

Flag skirt

This piece of fabric that I originally suspected as a tea towel but it appears to be a hanging piece of fabric, so I think I'll get it framed. It's titled 'Village Gossip' and is a whole town and right in the center is two people whispering. I love it!!

Mum bought me this bag!! Isn't it fabulous?

Last of all, I mentioned that I got books made up from Harvey Norman. This is the result. I'm very pleased. I gave Dad his yesterday and he was overwhelmed. I'm so glad I could do something that helps. I got one for everyone in my family. Pricey pwoah, but worth it in the long run I think.

Last of all here's one of my outfits.
When Mum and I went to Frankston market a few weeks ago we spied this in an opshop window and Mum drove up the next day to get it for me. I don't own a better fitting dress. Oh it was just made for me. It's home made and so pretty to wear.


Frances said...

The Sallies up here in Sydney also use the black marker pen... it is so annoying.

Have you tried a 'pen' eraser - its usually a orange colour or try nail polish remover. Hope this helps.

Love your 'finds' I also shop in op shops and enjoy it immensely.

Paula said...

Apparently toothpaste is a whiz at getting permanent marker off various surfaces. But definitely try the nail polish remover if that doesn't work.

sarah said...

hey. just dropping by your blog... you should try eucalyptus oil (from super market)! dab it on a solid cloth or cotton ball and gently swab at the marker! also a product called "zoff" or any universal adhesive remover might work! good luck.

kirby- Skint But Stylish said...

i use nail polish remover on markers and it seems to work well on everything (except wood).

the "magic erasers" are made my Chux and are avaliable in Oz, usually near the kitchen clothes and gloves (washing up stuff) HTH

The photo books are a beautiful idea,
My Aunty and her family also lost everything in the fires,
Sending strong thought to you and your family

Brooke Alexandra said...

The Frogskins! Love em. Have no advice as to the marker; whenever I find something that's been markered I leave it on the shelf in anger :(

thevintageyear said...

Oh I love ALL your dresses, including the one you're wearing. And those Oakleys are so amazing, I always wanted a pair of Oakleys when I was a kid!

With the marker pen, if you try everything else and it doesn't work, then this has worked for me before. Whenever something is marked in permanent marker, I go over the markings AGAIN in permanent marker (OK I usually scribble over it), then immediately wipe it off. I know it sounds really counter intuitive, but it works, because 'like dissolves like' (as in oil based things dissolve oil based things, and water based things dissolve water based things, permanent marker dissolves permanent marker). I'm not sure if it would work on a really OLD mark though.. I've usually done it when I've accidentally written on something in permanent marker! Good luck, I hope you get it off in the end!

Jess said...

I'd try the nail polish remover first and if that fails try some methylated spirits xxx

honey and lemon said...

that dress your wearing is really pretty :)

uhh permanent marker on vintage bad bad bad


Lavender said...

Yes! Can we start a petition or something on this?

Tanjil-Jane said...

OH i LOVE rainbow brite!! but shame about the marker.

Perhaps try White Magic, sold at Howards Storage World. That could work, it seems to work on everything else!

Vegan and Vintage said...

hey girl! Have you tried a solvent? get it from the supermarket, it usually comes in an orange or lemon flavour. Always works for me!

Grace said...

ergh, yes, i agree!

I've seen it done to leather handbags and things too!

try metho


angel wings and hearts said...

oh yes, how annoying is the marker pen or stickers on the front covers of books and when you try and remove them half the cover comes off. wall hanging is cute as. :)

Missa said...

You look adorable and your dress looks like daisies raining from the sky :)

That piece of fabric is SO AWESOME!

That's really annoying about the permanent marker, luckily I don't run into that much here, only stickers that don't want to come off or only want to come off in a million annoying little pieces :(

trishhunterfinds said...

My gosh SO many ideas!
I have no idea what one to try first.
I'm going to start with the ones that will least effect the dolls paint, probably toothpaste and work my way up.
Corosives like nail polish remover scare me as I used it on a calculator in highschool that I got white out on, and the calculator got a white coating on it from the remover.
I'm excited to get a magic eraser!! I'll try everything you all suggested till I get this doll perfect.
Until then, Lavender... LETS START A PETITION! haha.
Keshe, Oh my gosh I'm SO scared to scribble even more on it, SO scared, but I'll save it as a last resort for sure!!

Kazza said...

Hi Trish, it's kazza touching base before I head off on 5 weeks hols tomorrow. I check in to what you have been up to every now and then. Your blog has grown and has such a good following. Well done you must be pleased bloggers are enthusiastic about what you post. I noticed I OP I AM is not as busy with posts these days.

I will be venturing to Pakenham on my hols to check out the op shops there. However, I have slowed down considerable with my purchases since decluttering. I bought a lounge suite for $20.00 for the beach house recently. Amazing purchase.

Caroline said...

That last dress looks great on you!

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