Monday, February 2, 2009

I can't think of a title!

Oh today brought me great heartbreak.
Today I left a genuine Kartell childrens toy box. I walked away and am both proud and oh so regretting it.
This thing was massive, round, interesting, on wheels, BRIGHT GREEN, with a lid and all. Inside was the Kartell marking and oh I wanted to buy it.
Childrens toy box is what made me not buy it. It was definitely a toy box.
It was so scratched with deep scribble scratches that it could not be restored.
It was covered in dirt and bruises that all could have been removed with a bit of elbow grease, but the scratches, oh dear.
I touched it for a good 15 minutes, then got the courage to leave it, then went back and ummed and arred again.
I wanted to use it as a coffee table in my lounge room.
I felt sick saying no but it was the right choice. It was too far gone.
I got a little bit shitty at that kid who didn't look after their things.

Speaking of kids, whoever invented, and whoever BUYS those dolls that look like they're crying against a wall should be hospitalized because they are far from cute, those things are scary!
There was one today that two ladies were 'awww-ing' over. A life size crying child, gee I want one.

This is what I wore today, gosh I copped some looks!

And this is what I wore yesterday

This is what I bought today... (Kartell toy boxless)

I don't do boots. I don't do heals unless I'm going out either, so 90% of boots don't work for me. So I don't own any knee highs besides my white gogo ones.
I'm always hunting! A good pair of leather ones in black and tan is all I ask. I'm very picky. There's so many cheap ones out at the moment with the fake wood grain heals. Not a fan.
These leather ones caught my eye, and they fit, and theres not much of a heal so I'm very happy.
One tick in the boots box.

Two basic singlets.

I've been wanting duck hunt for SO long!!
I knew I'd find one and today was the day.
The other game is a Terminator 2 game. Funnn.

This was a good find. It's a sega game gear. Sega's attempt at competing with the Game Boy.
I payed more than I usually pay for things, I payed $20 with it's adapter, but this I know it's value is $100-150 usd (according to one of my Judith Miller books) and I figured it'd only increase with time.

Another item I've been hanging out for. Although this pair isn't ideal I'm very happy with them.
A pair of denim bell bottoms. They aren't vintage, they aren't as high waisted as I'd like, but they fit, and they have the ideal flare that I'm after. I took so many photos trying to show the flare but I can't seem to get it. But yeah. I have bellbottoms. They aren't at all bootleg they're fabulous.

And thats all for today!


StrikeMatch said...

I hope you got some looks... For looking awesome!!!! I want Duck Hunt so bad.

Kat George said...

Trisha your little cropped looks are so hot! That's probably why you copped so many looks!

Also the boots are amazing! They remind me of Ann D but I think more importantly 90210 (the OLD one!) I have a similar pair I got for 7 dolla in an op shop and I love them! Great way to toughen up a cute dress, well done!


Allison said...

I love Duck Hunt!

I remember playing it when I was younger and cheating by getting really close to the screen. I used to always try and shoot the laughing dog, to bad that never worked out.

peaitlreiecnia said...

that fringe top is awesome!! it's too bad about the toy box, but it was probably for the best.

i'm just looking at that last outfit photo, and the whole picture looks like it's from another time yet you still look amazing

thevintageyear said...

That is so sad, I hate that feeling when you have to walk away from something amaaaazing! I'm impressed by your will power though ! (even though I have no idea what Kartell is). Cute outfits too.

Lecon de vetement said...

I had the oddest dream, where you came to visit me. Haha

Missa said...

Haha, one year my friend Justin took one of those crying dolls (that he found at a thrift store) and just tied it around his leg as his Halloween costume. It was SO creepy!

Kat George said...

We can be boot buddies!

And NOOOOOOOOO about the weather! I come home in 3 weeks and I want HOTHOTHOTHOTHOT! xx

POP!shonelle said...

thoughts with your fam right now x

NapoleonsOwner said...

hey ... in your previous post.. i read somewhere you are from the Alex area.

god bless your family and friends during these fires.

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