Sunday, February 15, 2009

A big hug back :)

I've opened up notepad so many times to attempt to write an update and a reply to all of your lovely words but I'm so over the whole thing that I've been putting it off until now.
The messages/comments I've had in reply to my previous blog have been overwhelming. It really is an example of how in terrible situations, people from all walks of life, from all over the world, get together and really care. I haven't met most of you, who have sent their love, blessings, and so many hugs, yet they still each and every one made me feel that little bit better so thank you all so much.

I am okay, and my family are okay. Dad is surprisingly okay with it all, more so than us kids, but in the end, he just wants to go home and keeps forgetting that he can't. The house is confirmed as gone, well not completely, there are stumps left haha.
Sometimes I think I'm not as sad as I should be, and other times I feel guilty for feeling sad. It's weird. The best word to describe the whole thing is weird. It's just a situation that I haven't properly got into my head yet, and when I'm told facts, it just sounds so foreign, weird, and unreal.
I don't want to go back and see it, even if it does make it real.
My Brother is aching to, but I just can't imagine seeing it. It'll be the time that I crack and I don't want to be all attention seeky, crying over a house when neighbours have lost lives. So I don't think I'll go back.

I don't know really what else to say about it all, I've talked about it to so many people, so many times, so really I just want to get back to 'normal' so here comes a normalish post.

Here are some of the things I've bought.

I've been lurking eBay for wall units for a while and haven't found the right one at the right price. A couple I have bid on, I put my max bid on, and lost. Then I found this one and assuming i'd be outbid on it too, put my max bid on, and it went for $26. It's exactly what I wanted and I feel so mature for having a proper piece of furniture.

I've never owned scales, they're what makes crappy days, however when I found this orange pair for less than $1, I couldn't go past it. I have trouble 70's-ing my bathroom so this was a good step.

I've vented before about my lack of ability to find good black bags and good tan shoes.
I have an abundance of black shoes, and tan bags, and find it very hard to match them as I lack in matching bag or shoe form. I'm never one to settle, so I've been black bagless for ages UNTIL NOW. I found the dream bag. It's different, and isn't covered in gold clasps or gross decorations. Happy.

My little oppy doesn't do electricals, so when I saw this sitting out the front, I left a note on it saying that if they chuck it, to give it to me, and they were more than happy to.

Another thing my opshop gave to me was this hippy wedding dress. I love everything about it, as soon as it came in I was all over it and wanted it so badly, the sleeves, the train, the daisy decorations. It was $40 and they offered to sell it to me for $2o because I spend so much there.
I still couldn't justify it. It would just be another thing to store, and I didn't have a ton of money for a while there, so I just said no and visited it each day.
Every day I'd go in, another opshop lady would run over to it and say 'Trish this looks like you!'
They know me so well. I still turned it down, anyway after the fire the manager had to send old stock back and instead of sending it back, she gave it to me as her little bit of love. I still haven't seen her to say thankyou, but it was a lovely gesture.

Only days before I got this, I was on eBay looking them up. I wanted one for when I have my shop to sit on the counter instead of a real register. (thinking way into the future I know, but when I get an idea....) anyway then I found this at my local one. It's so cute and still dings.

Mum gave me this little red riding hood and raccoon, she's so pretty.

I bought two of these yesterday, denim jumpsuits from the 70's. Massive flares that you can't really see, and they're just fabulous. Too small crotch to shoulders for me though, so they must be pretty little.

Lastly is a hat I searched for all last winter. I found one :)

And here is some of my outfits from a week or so ago.

My most worn T-shirt. It was an XXL so I cut and hand stitched it in year 12 to fit. It's still barely held together, so I can only wear it on occasions. Still my favorite tshirt

Again thankyou a million times for all of your messages, and offerings to help, and for those who donated, helped, supported, crafted and everything else. It's all valued.

Also a big thanks to Harvey Norman who knocked $160 off the price of the photo books I've been putting together to give to the family. That's a big deal to me and helped lots.


peaitlreiecnia said...

I've been away from blogger for a short while so the last post i'd read of yours involved the kartell toy box.

i am so sorry to hear about what happened. i read the post below and this one and it was heartbreaking to read about your memories. i hope you and your family stay strong.

love and best wishes

Missa said...

Wow Trish, some great finds! I love the wee register, it's so cute and how sweet of the manager to give you the dress, what wonderful sleeves!

I love all three of your outfits :) I like that they're all so different too and how cute are you in your lil' NOFX tee?!

Ambroisine said...

You always find a lot of nice stuff :) I love the wedding hippy dress and the jumpsuit ! The wee register looks great never seen one of those..The floral dress is my favourite outfit ! Take care :)

Kat George said...

Trish it's probably a good idea not to go back! My uncle is from Traralgon and he's been fighting fires as a volunteer. He's seen where the towns used to be and as of last week has seen his first dead body.

I think the most important thing is to keep moving forward, and like you said, try to be grateful you didn't lose someone.

You're so brave and so strong! It's great to see that you're still out there doing what you love!


See you soon! (I'm home in 2 weeks!)


thevintageyear said...

That wedding dress is amazing, that's so lovely of the store manager to give it to you. I bet they couldn't bear to see it go to anyone else.. it's so 'you'!

Hammie said...

Yay for Harvey Norman! I just gave them a thousand quids for a macbook so I feel smug now knowing it went to good guys.

Don't feel guilty for missing your house. There are surveys that measure the stress of MOVING house as comparable to a bereavement so losing your house completely is incredibly traumatic. Your poor dad must be thinking of his friends too.

As for the 70's thrifting. The furniture would not look out of place in the house I grew up in in Altona, Cat statues especially. I hated them, and Mum still has em!
Not in a good way, it's all mixed in with laminate furniture and plain fuglieness.

Next time my Mum and Dad go on a cruise I will tell you their address in Barooga and you can go up and liberate them.


AusAnna said...

babes your amazing for moving forward like you are. i love that your back at the computer. continuing life like normal is so important.
your finds are great and a $26 piece of 'mature' furniture is amazing.
lots of love always. x
p.s ive added you to my link list. :)

esme and the lane way said...

What great finds! And lovely stories about ind op shops, too.

(I don't know what to write regarding the bush fires and how it has affected you – where to begin? – but I am so sorry for your loss, and am glad that your family are ok.)

StrikeMatch said...

The wedding dress is super super beautiful. It's lovely how you get to develop a great relationship with the volunteers.

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