Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh happy day!

Wow, the beginning of my day was fantastic.
I went to the markets today and oh I am so happy with my finds.

This is what I bought...

This is possibly my favorite item of the day. How can it not be? Gah
It's all embroidered suede with fabulous pockets, quilted lining and fur details. Oh it's just wow.

Ok I'll order this with clothing first, and then 'stuff' last. So scroll to the end if you are a 'seen one dress you've seen them all' kind of person.

Suede fringed vest

Handmade twin set.

And now the 'stuff'

My favorite item in the 'stuff' section

Hand made metal peace sign on a leather tie. I love it.

Swatch watch... yes another.

I got this tin of 70 vintage badges from late 60's to early 80's. He said $2 for the lot, but I gave him $5 because it was definitely worth 5, and he was a sweet old man so I was happy to.

Super cute book for kids to do all crafty things, play games, sing songs, etc. Lots of old fashioned fun that's really nostalgic to read.

Best photos.

Lastly, the item that I've been photographing my things on today is this.
Dad HATES it, he laughed in disbelief when he saw it. But I love it.
I can now be on the hunt for some fabulous lampshades to complete it.
The pallet shaped table is the style coffee table I've been waiting for, so when I saw the built in bendy lamp attached, it made the whole thing just perfect.

Then I had to carry it all home via public transport and that was definitely the end of the good day. My shoulders HURT.

It was my Mum's 50th birthday on Wednesday, I surprised her big time which has never ever ever happened, so it was a great day. I bought her the set of Carters everything vintage. The first 3 are now out of print so it was now or never, and she absolutely loved them as she too never buys herself anything new and never would have splurged on them herself.
She's going to hate me for putting this photo up, she wished I had warned her so she could have put something other than her 'bum around the house' clothes on.
This is Mum's little front garden, she's right on the beach. She has the most lovely house.
This is what she had for me.

Yves St Lauren scarf! Whoo.

Last photo of this massive blog is some more of the badges I've made :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday Dad and I drove out to Bendigo.
And I mean, Dad AND I. Poor Dad was gripping his seat and taking deep breaths as he guided me in another stressful driving lesson.
I'm still on my learners permit. Yes I'm 23 and still don't have my license.
Having left home when I was 17, I didn't have many opportunities to practice, and so put in my head that I didn't need a license. I lived in Richmond for 5 years so really didn't need one anyway as there's so much public transport, however the irritation grew as my collections grew and hated not being able to bring big things home and to regrettably leave them at the market/opshop. So I got a car to practice in. Whenever Dad could come to Melbourne we'd drive somewhere, and yesterday we drove to Bendigo. I've never spent so long behind the wheel before.
It was a big learning experience because I've never been to there before, so don't know the roads like I do the ones in Melbourne, so there was a lot of stress and scary driving.
We got home alive though, I think we both sweated out a couple of kg's, both from the non airconditioning and the near collisions haha.
Anyway, we went to Bendigo to see the Golden Age of Couture. I've been aching to go, as I've heard so many good things. It was funny taking Dad. It's not exactly his kind of thing, so we had a good time and a good laugh. He now knows how to pronounce Couture. It is no longer "Core - chew - wah-" haha. He's a good Dad.

During the day we went to a few Opshops. I was a little let down by them, however left with a bookshelf that I'm rather happy with. I'm not sure what to put on it just yet, but it fits in perfectly with the rest of my furniture.
I wouldn't have been able to carry THAT home on public transport!

I also picked up a few books to make some more pins out of.javascript:void(0)

Lastly I received an eBay package in the post yesterday. I got a bargain Gumby radio complete with batteries!

Not sure if I've shown my small Gumby collection before.

And that was our trip. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My plea to the Opshops

To all opshops specifically Salvo's, could you PLEASE stop writing prices on things in permanent marker, the whole reason it's called a permanent marker is because it's permanent.
It's not attractive to have a $6.75 price tag flashing from the bottom of your shoe every time you take a step. Expensive vintage items are often ruined because of it and we either have to sadly leave them, or buy them in hope we can fix the problem.
Here is one of my more recent of many examples.

I have never seen a rainbow brite this big before, I grabbed her up so quickly then saw the price 'tag' Grrrrr, are you serious? are they stupid? it's on her face!
I bought it anyway, it's cheap and I was determined to get it off.
The sticky drips are hairspray, I have recently tried 'JIF' but no go. It's still stained.
Is there anything else I can do? I've googled it and have heard of a 'magic eraser' but I can't seem to find them in Aus.

Vent over.

Here are some items that aren't marked in big black marker that I have bought recently.

$2 Frogskins yeee

Levi's wide leg flares.

Paisley dress.

Pretty autumn dress.

Flag skirt

This piece of fabric that I originally suspected as a tea towel but it appears to be a hanging piece of fabric, so I think I'll get it framed. It's titled 'Village Gossip' and is a whole town and right in the center is two people whispering. I love it!!

Mum bought me this bag!! Isn't it fabulous?

Last of all, I mentioned that I got books made up from Harvey Norman. This is the result. I'm very pleased. I gave Dad his yesterday and he was overwhelmed. I'm so glad I could do something that helps. I got one for everyone in my family. Pricey pwoah, but worth it in the long run I think.

Last of all here's one of my outfits.
When Mum and I went to Frankston market a few weeks ago we spied this in an opshop window and Mum drove up the next day to get it for me. I don't own a better fitting dress. Oh it was just made for me. It's home made and so pretty to wear.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A big hug back :)

I've opened up notepad so many times to attempt to write an update and a reply to all of your lovely words but I'm so over the whole thing that I've been putting it off until now.
The messages/comments I've had in reply to my previous blog have been overwhelming. It really is an example of how in terrible situations, people from all walks of life, from all over the world, get together and really care. I haven't met most of you, who have sent their love, blessings, and so many hugs, yet they still each and every one made me feel that little bit better so thank you all so much.

I am okay, and my family are okay. Dad is surprisingly okay with it all, more so than us kids, but in the end, he just wants to go home and keeps forgetting that he can't. The house is confirmed as gone, well not completely, there are stumps left haha.
Sometimes I think I'm not as sad as I should be, and other times I feel guilty for feeling sad. It's weird. The best word to describe the whole thing is weird. It's just a situation that I haven't properly got into my head yet, and when I'm told facts, it just sounds so foreign, weird, and unreal.
I don't want to go back and see it, even if it does make it real.
My Brother is aching to, but I just can't imagine seeing it. It'll be the time that I crack and I don't want to be all attention seeky, crying over a house when neighbours have lost lives. So I don't think I'll go back.

I don't know really what else to say about it all, I've talked about it to so many people, so many times, so really I just want to get back to 'normal' so here comes a normalish post.

Here are some of the things I've bought.

I've been lurking eBay for wall units for a while and haven't found the right one at the right price. A couple I have bid on, I put my max bid on, and lost. Then I found this one and assuming i'd be outbid on it too, put my max bid on, and it went for $26. It's exactly what I wanted and I feel so mature for having a proper piece of furniture.

I've never owned scales, they're what makes crappy days, however when I found this orange pair for less than $1, I couldn't go past it. I have trouble 70's-ing my bathroom so this was a good step.

I've vented before about my lack of ability to find good black bags and good tan shoes.
I have an abundance of black shoes, and tan bags, and find it very hard to match them as I lack in matching bag or shoe form. I'm never one to settle, so I've been black bagless for ages UNTIL NOW. I found the dream bag. It's different, and isn't covered in gold clasps or gross decorations. Happy.

My little oppy doesn't do electricals, so when I saw this sitting out the front, I left a note on it saying that if they chuck it, to give it to me, and they were more than happy to.

Another thing my opshop gave to me was this hippy wedding dress. I love everything about it, as soon as it came in I was all over it and wanted it so badly, the sleeves, the train, the daisy decorations. It was $40 and they offered to sell it to me for $2o because I spend so much there.
I still couldn't justify it. It would just be another thing to store, and I didn't have a ton of money for a while there, so I just said no and visited it each day.
Every day I'd go in, another opshop lady would run over to it and say 'Trish this looks like you!'
They know me so well. I still turned it down, anyway after the fire the manager had to send old stock back and instead of sending it back, she gave it to me as her little bit of love. I still haven't seen her to say thankyou, but it was a lovely gesture.

Only days before I got this, I was on eBay looking them up. I wanted one for when I have my shop to sit on the counter instead of a real register. (thinking way into the future I know, but when I get an idea....) anyway then I found this at my local one. It's so cute and still dings.

Mum gave me this little red riding hood and raccoon, she's so pretty.

I bought two of these yesterday, denim jumpsuits from the 70's. Massive flares that you can't really see, and they're just fabulous. Too small crotch to shoulders for me though, so they must be pretty little.

Lastly is a hat I searched for all last winter. I found one :)

And here is some of my outfits from a week or so ago.

My most worn T-shirt. It was an XXL so I cut and hand stitched it in year 12 to fit. It's still barely held together, so I can only wear it on occasions. Still my favorite tshirt

Again thankyou a million times for all of your messages, and offerings to help, and for those who donated, helped, supported, crafted and everything else. It's all valued.

Also a big thanks to Harvey Norman who knocked $160 off the price of the photo books I've been putting together to give to the family. That's a big deal to me and helped lots.

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