Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trish hunter meets

So on my walk home from work I breathed in a bug.
As I proceeded to choke on the bug, coughing and spluttering, tears welling up in my eyes, face probably as red as the blood it had been sucking prior to my inhalation, I breathed in another.
If I were witnessing this event, I probably would have laughed at my misfortune, remembering how I felt in year 9 when a certain school bully said 'shuttup and die already' when I was in a similar position. So therefore I would have had full rights to laugh if it, yet again wasn't me choking, so thought I'd type it here so I can laugh at myself now that I'm all better :).

Anyway, so this morning I went opshopping, Completely in my zone, expecting nothing abnormal to break my routine and I hear "Hi Trish" muffled through my ipod. I didn't register it for a while, I just thought it was some guy saying Hi (Not unusual in St Kilda) So I said Hi back, then realized that the 'hi' was personalized. This man new my name.
I rarely forget a face that I meet, unless I've only seen them through photographs, (I can't recognize anyone from a photo), or unless our conversation was done while I was doing 2390482 other things.
I have customers come into work a year later, and I will remember them, and there's a 70% chance I'll remember what they bought/hired.
Hmm anyway, I definitely didn't remember this fellow who knew my name. I was very confused.
My brain went through so many thoughts in such a little time, friend? family friend? family friend of a friend? My face stared blankly and possibly rudely (sorry)
Then he introduced himself "It's ray" Still stared blankly as my mind went over every single Ray I've ever met... School bus driver, Uni friend, Female drama teacher, all no.
"I sent you..." I got it.... Ray is a blog friend who sent me my Christmas decorations.
I hope about then my 'huh' expression went to 'hiiii' expression.
It is the weirdest experience meeting someone from a blog. And where do we meet? At an opshop! Where else?
Anyway we had a nice little chat, he got some goodies, I got the following, and all in all it was a good day!

This is what I bought

Still in Sound of Music mode it seems.... would you believe me if I said I've watched it twice since my last post? I am a strange person. Haha.
This is a great book! It's full of photos that I've never seen before, its a big fat book all about the making of the movie.

I also got a top shop faux leather high waisted skirt. This skirt lied to me. I put it's waist around my neck to see if it would fit, and it did, so I had no hesitation in buying it. However could I squeeze into it? nope not even close. Oh well, I do plan on selling it as it's quite nice so if you're keen let me know and I'll let you know when its online.

And here's to outfits that I didn't wear over the past two days.
Each time I was 5 minutes from leaving the house and I'd change into a standard Trish outfit.
No idea why, I just wasn't feeling them.

Bed time :)


Kat George said...

I love your little anecdotes. So so cute. Anyway I tagged you to do some blog things so have a look. You don't have to do it if you don't want :)


Jess said...

I love your whole retro aesthetic x

Vegan and Vintage said...

That is such a cute story! I am still planning to come down to Velour to say Hi, when are you there next?

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