Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello! I just realised that this is my 100th post!!
I never ever ever thought I'd get so many people reading all of my nonsense tales!
18 posts on my previous blog. I would have been surprised if I had 18 readers! haha.
It's kind of exciting that people are interested in what I do each day, get pleasure out of my victories and can laugh at my many misfortunes.
So I'd like to kindly thank you all for reading!

Anyway I have a few outfit posts to show as I've been lazy and haven't blogged. Oh and I've finally replied to the comments too!
My excuse for my laziness is the heat.

I love everything about excuses.

I love men excuses and how before they do anything they 'pre excuse' so that if they fail they can say 'told you its because.. I've had a few beers etc etc' but if they succeed they look even better because of their pre excuse. (So they think)

I also love small talk excuses. The ones that shop people say if they fumble, they blame it on the day, no matter what day it is.
Oh it's Monday I'm still in weekend mode
Oh it's friday it's been a long week
Oh it's only Tuesday the weeks just begun etc etc.

My favorite excuses are by the ones who will tell you the whole event of the day before they get to the excuse, (They're usually lying which is why I enjoy hearing their whole story because they've spent so long working it out.) eg:

Oh my gosh sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I woke up and was so excited to go shopping, and then my Dad called and said he needed a lift to his girlfriends house, and then we had to stay and chat and stuff, and then when I got home I realised Dad still had the house keys so I had to go and get them, and then I went online to try to check my bank balance and I found out I had like $1.30 in my account so I couldn't even afford a metcard, so I tried to borrow money from............. blaa blaa you get the gyst.

Anyway, my excuse for not blogging/replying is the heat.

Here goes

It was about 8am and I was already sweaty and gross even in my cotton kaftan. That day was ridiculous.

And todays outfit, I bought this skirt yesterday and just had to wear it. I have had so many compliments on it! Including being told I look like a cupcake. Haha. It's my favorites skirt, I don't even have to breath in!

And in the mail I recieved my presents from Hayley and Polka Dot Rabbit! What a delight.

I have already planned my outfit for the earrings!

This made me smile. I will keep this little note with the goodies forever.

Here are some of the things I've picked up over the past few days.

It's one of those bar style mirrors. I don't think this is super old or anything, but I like it... and I'm on the search for a 70's bar that I can use as my desk so would like to create a bar vibe.

My favorite item

And now you can see the other half of my heater

I got a chopping board I got a chopping board I got a chopping board. I can chop things on something that isn't a plate!

In my local opshop a lady just brought in a bag of goodies, and was describing them to the opshop lady. Inside was her lifetime postcard collection from every town she travelled to in 50's to the 70's. I bought the lot for $2. I have no idea why, but I just felt that they were something really special and, I feel special for having them.

So I have an iPhone, and for some reason, every now and then my alarm doesn't go off.
Which confuses me because I am very thorough at checking it, and I always set 3 each morning so I can snooze between each for my specified amount of time. And sometimes none go off which scares me and I lose sleep over it as I keep waking up during the night to check I haven't slept in. So I went on the hunt for an alarm clock and bought this one.
I tested it to see if it works, and hell yes it does! It works so much that I won't ever use it.
The horrible sound it creates when it goes off is enough to wake someone out of a coma. It's terrifying. So now it's just there to look pretty.

And last of all this is how I presented my radio on my dressing table.

I'm off to go and sprawl in front of the fan.
Tomorrow's job is to buy one of those hairdressers water spray bottles.
Oh won't I just be in heaven then.


harbourmaster said...

that last photo is too good! what IS that glomesh thing next to the fabulous glasses?

POP!shonelle said...

my grandparents have that exact lime green lamp! it's part of a bedroom setting that has a matching corner multi-tiered bookshelf, lampshade and side table. nanna almost wanted to throw it away until i strictly told her to consult me before visiting ANY op shops! phew!!

Vegan and Vintage said...

Ok, why does the chopping board have a large triangular side?

I'm a bit confused, but very excited for you!

trishhunterfinds said...

Harbour Master - Oooh it's travel a perfume bottle isn't it the cutest??

Shonelle - Oh yes definately consult! Grandparents often don't see value in retro things, the just see things the way we see the 90's, a bit too close for comfort. So keep on their backs!

Hollie - Oh I should have mentioned, it has a poorer on it so you can poor things into pots etc without spills!
Very handy for such a horrible messy cook like me.
You just take the chopping board out of the poorer thing and chop, then put it in to poor!
I love inventors who invent stupid things, they often benefit me! haha

kirby- Skint But Stylish said...

i get so excited over your finds you'd think i was the one who found them :P (great for the days when i'm craving an op-shopping fix and can't get out). Those Postcards sound amazing,seems like you were in the right place at the right time...... must have been the op-shopping gods ;)

thevintageyear said...

OMG that chopping board is the best thing ever. I've never seen anything like it! That would be so handy for me, I ALWAYS drop stuff off the side of my board when I'm pouring stuff which usually results in lots of swearing...hehe.

& you are so lucky to have found a vintage bowtie, I JUST made a post about how I have never been able to find a vintage bowtie! Although I whinged to you about finding sandals, then a couple of days later I found vintage sandals. Then on your last post I whinged to you about finding vintage bathers, and yesterday at savers I found vintage bathers! Lol! Maybe I should just keep whingeing to you because it seems to have a good effect!!

ChucklovesBob said...

I recognize the 'Big W' dress!
And i really like the skirt, it looks really fun!

cheshirecat said...

those post cards are possibly the best find I have ever seen! I am dead jealous!

I was living in Singapore, which had about one salvos which charged 30 bucks for a jumper but here its a dollar for one, its just..amazing! so now i am in thrift buy buy buy mode.

thank you! the move did go well and i am nicking all my mothers vintage furniture she tucked away, very happily!

hope you have a good week!

Leilani said...

I like the way you display your items in your room-- especially your night stand (that green lamp is amazing!). I wish it was warm here... it hasn't been above freezing in weeks.

trishhunterfinds said...

Kirby - Hahah well I'm the same! I love seeing what other people find! It does cure that desire to shop just that little bit doesn't it!

Keshe - Hahah oh gosh that's funny! You most definitely will have to complain about wanting things in hope it'll mean you find them! Any luck on the bow tie front yet?

Chuck loves bob - YES good old big w dress! It's such a great cool summery dress.

Cheshire cat - Singapore! Why were you over there? $30 for a jumper ew!
You must love being back. I too am currently trying to arrange some old furniture. My poor el cheapo racks are bugging me so it's change time.

Leilani - Oh gosh, not above freezing? I complain when it's winter here and it never goes below freezing. How do you survive? I can't handle the cold.
Thankyou!! I love the green lamp. I have a matching (yet kind of not matching) orange one on the other side which is kind of cool.

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