Monday, January 26, 2009

Stripes and Stripes and Stripes

Today I withstood the heat and made my way to my local opshops.
I walked past some kids playing in their sprinkler (Not too sure if that's legal with our current water restrictions) but it brought back memories of back in the family home, when one summer Dad nailed tarps to cover a fair bit of the back yard, and arranged a variety of sprinklers from each side. It was the most amazing slip and slide ever.
Those one's you'd nag for from the commercials wouldn't come close to being as good as ours. We had a reasonably big back yard that was on a pretty decent slope.
We were on that thing for ages and I remember our bellies being bruised and sore the next day haha.
Well worth it though.
Oh I'd love to have another go, although I'm much more of a woose now days.
I used to be a huge Tom boy as a kid. I'd do anything.
Building cubbies, going bush to find secret hideouts, I think I've told you all this before. Here's a new one though, I used to collect dead snakes that were squashed by trucks and hang them over my bike handles to take home.
I swear I wasn't a hick!
And one time, my best friend and I found one in the primary school, so picked it up and put it next to the pool ladies car in hope she'd 'have a heart attack and die'. How mean!!
Gosh we were fascinated with killing and death! I remember a family friend and I putting bricks on the sloping roof of our tree house as a booby trap that would kill a certain other family friend when we would kick the roof making them bounce down.
Anyway, my point is.. well I don't even remember where I was going with that, I got all distracted with evil stories. But basically I sometimes miss being a kid. I saw no barriers, and entered everything with no hesitation. Run through the bush through spider webs, putting sticks in holes that anything could come out of, but now I'd see that slip and slide and think 'ooh what if... (insert many possible risks here)'

Whoah that was long.

Anyway I did end up going shopping.

This is what I wore.

This outfit could be so many kinds of wrong. Mismatching 3 kinds of stripes. But I think the wrongs made it right.... replace the word 'think' with 'hope' haha

And this is what I bought.

A smurf book

I have tried to stop buying oversized nanna dresses, as I never end up getting around to sewing them, however the pattern on this one was similar to a dress that I'm coveting at Velour, so I bought it in hope it'll meet my sewing machine one day soon.

And last of all this 60's caroma bathroom cabinet. What a find! Made my day in the heat well worth it.
This is how I've used it.

It's funny how we're never happy with the heat.
When's summer coming?? When's summer coming??
It's too hot!! It's too hot!!


nollyposh said...

Lol! Well gOOd on you, i whereas made a quick dash out early and paid a bill and... On hold on i did pop into my local op shop (It's such a 'normal' reflex action that i forget) and found a gorgeous little book of quotes and text books for my youngest for secondary school next year... Got one for $3 that would have cost me $60 (!!!) So not so bad hey X:-)
(Ps) i remember the 'sprinkler days too (Although i'm a lot older than you!)sighhhh....

Brooke Alexandra said...


If you should ever tire of it, you have a willing buyer...

peaitlreiecnia said...

that cabinet is all kinds of awesome... so is your stripy outfit!!

i miss being little too, no responsibilities. also, with all the OH&S things that have come in, little kids these days don't have nearly as much fun

hope it's not too hot where you are, the weather has been such a drag lately

cheshirecat said...

that cabinet is so amazing! but i am also wondering how they look so happy, its 48 here and im practically melting!

but perhaps like you its a good time to shop because no one else is!


Tanjil-Jane said...

that cabinet is a GREAT find and the pattern of that dress is gorgeous!!!

Stephanie said...

So nice !

thevintageyear said...

You are so so so so brave to go out in the heat! I guess the lure of the op shop is pretty insistent :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Nolly posh - Haha yes it is such a reflex action, I've added it into my routine now so I too forget I go!
Oh isn't it good when you find something that will save you money!
Although when that happens to me, I consider it means I have more to spend! haha when really I should save.
Oh I loved sprinklers!! Best fun!

Brooke - I will be sure to keep you in mind if I ever decide to part :)

Peaitlreiecnia - Oh I'm glad my stripey outfit wasn't too clashy.
I'm with you on the responsibilities section! No rent, no bills, home cooked meals mmmm.
I know!! O H & S! They've started to ban round abouts in playgrounds. Tsk tsk.

Catt - Hahah I know!! I too was and am still melting. Have you seen the photo of the melting icecream truck?
It made me laugh when I first saw it.

Tanjil-Jane - I'm glad everyone loves my cabinet!! I too am a bit in love!

Stephanie - :):):):)

The Vintage Year - I'm not brave I'm just happier in the heat than in the cold so it wasn't too painful for me. well it was, but not as horrible as a freezing winters day.
And its all worth it when you find great things :)

Missa said...

Wow, that bathroom cabinet makes such a unique and amazing display case, seriously awesome!

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