Friday, January 2, 2009

Polyester Girl.

Hello! Happy 2009! I was in autopilot the other day and wrote '92 as the year. Eh? I have no explanation.
Anyway, I am blogging in hope someone can persuade me that the superstition I have created in my head is wrong and there is no such thing.
Even before the new year I had the fear that perhaps I just had super opshopping luck in 2008, and that was my year. And then, yesterday I went to the Salvos, and found nothing. And then Savers, the place where you're almost guaranteed to find at least one thing, a place where I don't think I have EVER left without buying something.... alas, I did. I left with NOTHING.
Oh dear. The overwhelming fear of 'badluck 09' was coming true.
Somebody please tell me I'm being stupid. I'd greatly appreciate it!

The big test will be tomorrow. A friend and I are going to Camberwell and Greensborough market. And if I come home empty handed I don't know what I will do.

I do have a couple of things to show you though.

The first being a couple of outfits I have worn over the past weekish

Mmm the oh so breathable goodness of polyester. I'm so lucky it wasn't super hot.

I swear this will be my last ever wardrobe post. The only reason I'm posting this is because I got a new rack. One that won't collapse after a week, or under the strain. Well it better not, it cost me $300. It's an industrial shop fitting and its FABULOUS. It's double sided, one side has long hanging space, and the other double hanging. It's like heaven.

New years day was spring cleaning day. I have cleared out so so much junk that I've been holding onto for years for reasons I'm unsure why. I am only half way done, and ooh i'm loving being all organised.

How gorgeous is this brooch. It was a Christmas gift from Megan, who owns Valour. I adore it.

That's all from me this rather cold January. Call me strange, but I slept with a hot water bottle over the past two nights.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


peaitlreiecnia said...

yes you are being extremely silly, and i am ABSOUTELY certain you will find more of the amazing things that you usually do in no time

high praise for those two stunning outfits!! and i'm in awe of your clothing racks


nollyposh said...

As you ~think~ so it shall be X;-)

thevintageyear said...

Oooo what an amazing clothes rack! It's like the Rolls Royce of clothing racks, hehe.

I reckon your op shop luck is probably due to the fact that many op shop volunteers are probably on break and not around to sort out new stuff to put in stores? At any rate, good luck tomorrow!

thevintageyear said...
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thevintageyear said...

OH and I forgot to say, I'm sorry to hear about your sandals that broke, that's a bit of a problem with vintage shoes isn't it? I have a pair of the most amazing '80s black patent pointy flats, and the soles are coming off, I've been meaning to re-glue them for ages but dont' know where to find shoe glue? I know selley's makes some but if you find out where to buy shoe glue then please let me know! (actually you probably WOULD know, working in a costume shop and a vintage shop, I should've asked you ages ago, lol!) Happy new year!

Kat George said...

You are being silly! I've left Savers many a time empty handed! The op-shop Gods are probably still hung over from NYE celebrations but don't fear, I'm sure they'll be back on form soon xx

StrikeMatch said...

Happy 2009! I'm sure this year will be just as amazing. But it's important to remain positive. I haven't had a heart-stoppingly good find in over 3 months! I think that 2009 is definitely my year though... :)

ldvnicole said...

I Love that blue dress!!! so magical with your coloring!

Don't worry about not finding anything, maybe its a sign to do more ebay and etsy shopping!

I myself am bored out of my mind when it comes to vintage shopping in real life hahah(not including flea markets, because I still find a jewel or two) Its all about online gems, that are either hard to find, or the seller doesn't have a clue...The internet is still for me one big fantasy play land!!! haha

angel wings and hearts said...

i am sure it is just the time of year trish. everyone still in xmas mode and on hols. i am doing a lot of sorting too. i have a lot of clothes here to go. my daughter had visions of putting them on ebay but got too busy with study and life in general so i will be sorting those as well. i am trying to discipline myself a little now, just looking at the stuff i am getting rid of, i am gonna ask myself do i really need it or want it, or want itjust because it is there. not quite making myself clear here but i am sure you understand what i mean.

brodie said...

i love these dresses and your wardrobe? AMAZING! you lucky thing.

andrea said...

THAT GOLD majestic. I'm so jealous of your wardrobe!

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