Thursday, January 8, 2009

My day of 'Nothing'

Today I was determined to do absolutely NOTHING.
I was beyond excited about waking up with the idea in my head that I wasn't even going to get out of my pajamas.
I tried so so hard to relax, but when you're generally a busy lady, and finally get time to chill out, it's really hard to do nothing. It feels alien.
It is harder to do nothing, than to do something.
So I decided to go to two of my favorite opshops that I never get to go to because they're only open on days that I work. However I'm on holidays from one of my jobs, so I can finally go!

This is what I wore

So I walk to the station, just miss a train, wait wait wait, get on the train, arrive at the destination and hooray. They're closed till the 21st January. Fantastic.
I assumed they must be open since the whole of Frankston was.... wrong. The northern suburbs volunteers are taking all the time off that they can get.
So I reverted to my on again off again relationship with Savers and picked up

This 80's cotton skirt that falls right at my knee! I love it. It's home made and fully pleated. Mmm

Tie dye is all over Melbourne like a rash at the moment which has put me off a little, but as a fan from way back I couldn't just ditch one of my fav trends and leave it there. It'll be nice and cool when summer comes.

Then I went to my little local opshop which is thankfully open, and bought

Lacey cotton blend tee.

And last of all, a Smurf tote bag.

A couple of days ago I did a $60+ food shop, and tonight, as I raided the pantry assuming I could rummage up something fabulous, I stared blankly at it, thinking... 'what exactly did I buy?' There was nothing in there!
I opened the fridge, and then the freezer and had the exact same response!
What did I buy? I have nothing to eat and I'm $60 poorer.
I thought I shopped so well.
Ah well. Back to coles tomorrow!


Skye said...

Cute skirt!

The only way the big shop ever works is if you have a menu plan (including brekkies, lunches and snacks), otherwise you just eat the convenient stuff first and get left with a bunch of random bits and pieces.

Vintage Verve said...

I love your outfit today! Sigh... if only I had your legs....

And Skye is right. I have to think about how many meals I am shopping for and what I'm going to make. A list makes all the difference in the world.

honey and lemon said...

that skirt is so cute.
how annoying is it that most of the op-shops are closed!
and i really love the smurf tote too.

peaitlreiecnia said...

man i love the skirt, it's so loud!

your outfit is super too


Allison said...

Hey, I just randomly stumbled upon your blog the other day...

You find some really great things, a lot of things I would never even think to try on, but that's why I love it! I love seeing the new things that you've bought.

And I think that white blouse is really pretty!

juznie said...

I love your outfit!

and I'm jealous of your smurf totebag :)

beccasauras said...

I"d give my right arm RIGHT NOW for that Smurf tote, my daughter is starting school and I need a library bag for her! SO cool! Also want a pair of Smurf sheets, pretty hard to find. Well done!

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