Thursday, January 15, 2009

The schnozberries taste like shit!

Today a part of me became complete.
I'd like to share it with you.

Oh, I'm sorry did you miss it?

I now have the whole set of Carters guides :)
It's true love
I don't even care if I never read them. They just look so pretty all lined up.
I lie. I'm DYING to read them. They were sitting on the desk at work teasing me all day.
I can't wait to go to bed and feel that strong pain I get when I see something worth lots of money that I wished I had bought but left. But it equals out when I find something I did buy :)

Tonight I went to Brunswick Street with a friend for dinner. I'd like to announce that I have found the greatest icecream shop in the world. Say 'psht' to trampoline, to cold rock....
Go to Timi's Gelateria. no added flavours anywhere to be seen... I never ever ever get banana icecream because as 'real and homemade' as they say it is, it's always just 'banana flavored' or 'we mashed one banana through this whole tub of icecream' but no... this is BANANA icecream... pwoah. And the cookies and cream... there were Massive chunks of chewy delicious cookies in it, not a grated mess of soggy nothing.
If Veruka Salt were here, she'd say "the schnozberry tastes like schnozberries!" Because I tell you what, if there were such a thing, it would taste like it. (Note: I just googled 'what is a schnozberry to make sure that it was a made up thing, and in the urban dictionary it told me what a schnozberry is.... I'm disturbed and glad there is no such icecream flavour.

1. schnozberry

A hardedend clump of fecal matter attached to the anal pubic hairs, similar to a dingleberry.
Alan cleaned all my schnozberries off for me.

See? Ew. (I was way way too scared to click the google images tab)
Anyway, It's the greatest icecream shop in the world.

Moving on, I bought another two books on Brunswick Street, I always nearly buy one of these books when I'm in the city, but they only ever have one, and I'm one of those people where if I can't have both, I want none. Selfish? perhaps, but today both were together so I bought both.

Now, I've been tagged by Kat from Style Lines to...

*Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures
*Pick the 4th picture in that folder
*Explain the picture
*Tag 4 people to do the same.

I too were disappointed in my 4th photo find. It did get me wondering how many people who do this just go through their folders to find the most interesting photo that they actually want to show and just lie. As tempting as it was to do so, I didn't, and so you're left with a photo of a dead daisy bush.
This is a photo I took of the daisy bush near my house. Daisys are my favorite flower, and I hate that they die so quickly. They're so pretty. I'm not exactly sure why I took the photo, something was just pretty about it, in a morbid kind of dead flower loving kind of way.

The second thing I have to do is list my 5 addictions. So here I go, in no particular order:


I hate to state the obvious, but I am crazy addicted to opshopping. To the point where if I were out of view from the public, there is a high chance that when I can see an opshop across the road, I would not casually stroll across to the window full of possibilities... but I would RUN.
And I'm a funny runner. Actually I'm a funny walker. I'm very self concious of it ever since in year 8 a girl with a very tight bun in year 12 asked me if I were drunk because I couldn't walk straight. Well gee, I'm sorry that it was the end of the day and I wasn't totally focused on controlling my walk. (I am very clearly still upset about that comment)
But yes, I am totally addicted that when I pass a new opshop that I've never seen before and is either closed, or we can't stop, I will dream about it and plan out the whole inside of it (which usually leads to disapointment when I actually see the real deal) The St Catherines one on Glenhuntly road was one of those opshops, I didn't get there for nearly 3 months after I saw it, and oh I had designed everything, I even figured out what was for sale in there. I finally got to go in and I left with nothing :(
I also seem to like touristy photos (see above photo)

2. Cake. Oooh banana cake.

See those flat pikelet looking things?
They are what I would create on my electric frypan back in the day when I didn't own a stove.
It's how desperately I loved cake that I'd make strange looking and slightly odd tasting frypan cakes.

3. Learning, I absolutely love it. Everything in every day registers somehow with me. I see things a lot of people don't because I watch everything and learn from it even if it's not a lesson. Human interaction, the way things move/work/operate, things a lot of people wouldn't see or hear if they weren't told to see it or hear it. I am addicted to watching and learning everything. Gosh that sounds awfully lame, but it's hard to explain properly.

4. This isn't so much an addiction but something I have to do or I'm mighty uncomfortable.
I have to sleep with my hair in a ponytail or I will be incredibly irritable and most likely won't sleep.
Also, unless I am eating out, I have to ponytail my hair whilst I eat. I'm not sure why it doesn't bother me when I'm out, I do notice that it's not up, but still it doesn't bother me like if I were at home. Hmmm.

5. I am completely addicted to polyester. It is the worst addiction ever. Sweaty thick un-breathable fabrics. But the patterns, the colours, the designs, Aaarrgh. Completely addicted.
I walk the isles and isles of blouses at Savers quite briskly, because a polyester shirt can be seen from a good metre away, and how can I resist. Dresses, suits, blouses, oooooh. Get me a patch for my arm because this addiction is fierce.

Finally I have to tag 4 fellow bloggers who can feel free to do one of the above or both or neither! I bestow this tag upon...
Fashion Forestry
(My favorite blog. Amazing amazing blog and girl, please check it out!,
Vintage Verve,
The Vintage Year,
Leilani (I will get back to your email I'm still in figuring out mode :)

Oh and this is what I wore today. It was rather frumpy but I just love houndstooth.



cheshirecat said...

I really love the daisy photo, this may seem like an incredibly dumb question, but do you edit all your photos to have those curves on the edges? because they look so great!

still love your blog!

Kat George said...

very nice! i o so enjoy your posts! And it's nice to see another 4th photo that isn't just the trendiest thing alive... although it's quite a beautiful photo!


kirby- Skint But Stylish said...

I love op-shops too!!! i get so giddy when i see a new one of have a great find ( my hubby hates it)

Such gorgeous pictures !

Drawing Blanks said...

eeeee, that dress where you're standing at the OP store.. wow, amazing.

where'd you get it?

ChucklovesBob said...

You're probably the only person I know who sleeps with their hair in a ponytail.
It's cute, in a nice odd way.

Leilani said...

oh yay just saw this post, glad you got my email. :) I'll reply to this tag soon!

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