Saturday, January 17, 2009

And she's back in the game!

I have a story to share with you.
I have been laughing about it all day.

So Mum and I were driving to the markets this morning, and she tells me...

'Patricia... you'll never guess what I did last Saturday, so I was driving around, and I saw a garage sale sign on a pole with the address on it, balloons tied to it etc, so you know me, slams on the breaks and does a U-turn and off I go.
I spot the place, cars everywhere, balloons on the fence, fantastic!!
I park, get out my wallet and bag and walk in.
I nearly died.
It was a big childrens birthday party.
Everyone stopped and looked at me as if to say 'who the hell is that?'
Children were everywhere, I was so embarrased, I said, 'Oh sorry wrong address' and ran back to the car haha.'

Oh I laughed. It wasn't a garage sale sign, just a sign with balloons on it! hahah

Before I show you my market finds, I'd like to share my prior purchases.

On Friday and Saturday I bought the following

I bought this dress on Friday and wore to work on Saturday. I adore different sleeves. This dress however hit me at the wrong spot (Right in the middle of my calfs) which made me look super frumpy. I decided just to deal with it until I caught a glimpse of my reflection at the train station, and hated what I was wearing. So as soon as I got into work, I went out the back, took off my dress, and sat in my underwear whilst I took up the dress a few inches. (Great vision huh?) It now sits much better. Haha.

This is rather old and quite heavy! The stones are a blue I haven't seen before but I can't seem to capture it in the photo, but oh they're lovely.

This cute 70's? Pinafore. I love it because I can wear it as is, or in winter put a pretty blouse underneath and some tights. My ideal under item is a mustard turtleneck. Still searching.


Psychadelicish fabric that I suspect is an ikea creation, but none the less will make a good something one day.

And the next two items are the things that made me know I'm back and haven't lost my opshop touch.

Oroton handbag $2

Pucci scarf 20c

Ooooooh so happy! I have always wanted to own something by Pucci!

And this is what I picked up from the markets this morning.

Psychedelic tie

Flower power shorts

Sweet bikini.

Huge S&P cat shakers. Slight paint damage to one.

These are the cutest S&P shakers. It begins as one piece, a corn on the cob with a hat on, and when you take off his hat, they separate into two shakers. His hat being one, and his body being the other.

Fabric bundle

Finally... I have spent many sleepless nights lying awake in bed with a damp flannel on my head trying to stay cool because I didn't own a fan. I mean I could have gone to Target or Coles or anywhere really and bought a white one, but I didn't want a white one, it wouldn't match my house. I wanted a vintage one that not only kept me cool, but looked great when it wasn't being used. I've seen quite a few at markets, but the prices they're asking for vintage fans is stupid. And they're usually all rusted and gross. (Did anyone see the fan collection on collectors? WOW) But finally this one was there waiting for me for only $10. I love it and can not wait to sleep in comfort tonight.

And last of all my favorite purchase for the day. I got an Astor radio. Not the most desired brand, but still well known, and still collectible. I was copping some greazies from other stall sellers, I loved it. It cost me $10 :)

I know this blog is already super long, but I'm not finished.

Mum had a few things to give me too. (Besides the greatest home made meal I've had in so long)

Glomesh coin purse.

Mum bought this dress aaaages ago, and when she held it up to show me I did the wrong thing and turned my nose up and said, it looks like a big w dress.
It's not, its vintage and actually very pretty!
So much later on when I decided I wanted it, she laughed and refused to give it to me because its the big w dress. After months and months of nagging she finally gave in, and now this lovely dress is mine :)

And last my favorite, the same day I run out of my moisturizer, mum shows me her brand new $2 purchase. 150 mls of Chanel face moistruriser. It's amaaaazing.

I haven't had such a great buying day in so long. I'm super tired, but super happy.


ChucklovesBob said...

when I had long hair and a long fringe,
I used to pull it all together and tie it into a massive ponytail on the top of my head.
It was very..
palm tree - esque.
That's the image I thought of when I read your comment on your vertical fringe!
and Yes! I cannot wait to check out grey st opshop! I will blog/tell you all about it. :)
and I'm actually very jealous of your op-shopping skills!
You always get such great finds.
I will stalk you when you're op-shopping one day.
(Dw, I'm not that scary.)

kirby- Skint But Stylish said...

Wow- i love that fan, and the dresses, and the salt and pepper shakers and..... well everything what a fantastic day you have had, *jealous*
You must have the most adorably decorated home!

Jess said...

You have a good eye!!

Wow, Your cat shakers are cool, I have so many different orange ones and a giant set of cream and brown with blue eyeshadow, sooo cute!The yellow ones are harder to come by.

I love the Oroton bag I got a matching wallet to that from Vinnies for $2, very cool.


NapoleonsOwner said...

hahhaa love the story about your mum hehehehey my boyfriends mother hopped over to the camerwell markets today and bought me an old retro dial phone.. like the green one you have... she brought it home for me and it works perfectly in MINT condition... it was like Christmas Morning.


I have Thursday and friday off from work...
thursday night - st kilda night market.. with a massive sleep-in
friday.. op shop rampage...perhaps brunswick/carlton area.


thevintageyear said...

OH my gosh, two out of those things are things I have been hunting for since FOREVER. My boyfriend always sleeps with a fan on (even in the midst of winter) and I hate it I think it's so ugly so I told him that when we finally own our own house (won't be for a while yet) he is only allowed to have a pretty vintage fan.... hehe. And the bikini, wow. I have been on the hunt for a vintage bikini after being outbid at the last second for one on ebay and now I can't seem to find any, anywhere. I'll even settle for a new one but I can't find that either! Argh so frustrating. Great finds though, as always :)

Ah, A said...

well well you seem very old-fashion.
And the dress, hehe could possibly fit moi!

because it is little, i noticed.

peaitlreiecnia said...

you are a 'brilliant finds' magnet. yes, almost every shopping post of yours proves it.

i love everything here, especially those flower-power shorts. psychedelic indeedy

oh! and the s&p shakers!! i loved those too lol


Missa said...

Oh I LOVE the 70's pinafore, SO adorable! That fan is such a great color and in such wonderful condition too, score!

p.s. I totally saw it coming when you said sign with baloons, haha, that's hilarious!

Ambroisine said...

Wow you found lots of stuff ! I love the dress & the bags. The fabrics are really cool too !

cheshirecat said...

I wish they were my unbrellas, oddly I passed this beach where all these umbrellas were stuck in the sand with no one around. I thought that deserved a snap.

Thank you! I am moving back to Adelaide, so that should be good, I hope, and means I can finally go to an op shop! After your finds I am really excited!


REread said...

I have put a link to your tres cute blog on mine ... I was inspired by the lovely Lavender and Yolk who posts all her wonderful little outfit combos ... BTW your mum's balloon mix-up is hilarious !!

Jasmina said...

Loove the purple maxidress so beautiful :o Pucci scarf - sweet

Valentine said...

Im completely in love with your floral-- boho-- GORGEOUS dress.

But all your purchases are awesome too. The fan! I want one too..


Lavender said...

You are truly an op-shop queen. I LOVE that fan. I've been looking for the perfect bedroom fan for years now, is it to much to ask for a little bit of beauty with our function?

Kate said...

Where do you go shopping?
I must know!

Leilani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leilani said...

Wow, looks like you had a great vintage-filled weekend! Love the first two dresses-- especially the sleeves on the first. The little fan is fan too, I'm a bit squeamish about old wiring so I don't pick up old appliances often. Good to know it still works so well for you.

StrikeMatch said...

Your posts always leave me so envious. The radio!!!! The Big W dress!!!! The sparkly necklace and the Pucci scarf!!! You definitely haven't lost your touch.

Thanks heaps to for the confirmation on the skirt. I might be asking you some more annoying 'dating' questions in the future :)

trishhunterfinds said...

18 comments! Oh my gosh where on earth will I start!!! I never ever expected to get so many people reading when I started this but wow.
Thanks everyone :)

Chucklovesbob - Haha oh the palm tree! I used to have palmtree hair every single day as a kid, my mum would ask how I wanted my hair, and the reply would be 'up like usual'
Its kind of cute as a kid I guess, but now days? Hmmmm perhaps not so.

Kirby - Thankyou!! My house is slowly coming together, I think that I might never be perfectly happy with it because I'm forever buying more and more, and until there's not a gap left I won't stop buying... and probably find a bigger house haha.

Lili - guess what, I was just going thorugh my carters guide and found your phone thats worth up to $100 (i think... 90 - 100) so thats pretty exciting!!! For both of us!

The Vintage Year - oh no, I can't believe someone else has that same addiction. Well I should say had. I was too a fan addict. Winter or summer, I needed to know it was on.
Goodluck on the bikini search!! I have a few to choose from this year but they still aren't my dream one. I dont know what my dream one is, but I'll know when I find it!

Ah, A - Yesss very very little. haha

peaitlreiecnia - Haha ooh i'm a magnet! I just made a noise that I imagine a magnet to make and attempted to type it and then realised it was really stupid so just thought i'd tell you that i'm really stupid and make noises when I type :)

Missa - Haha thats funny that you picked the story, I still laugh about it she would have been so embarrased poor mum!!
I too love love the pinafore! It's super tight though so it'll be worn when I'm not planning to breath much that day :)

Ambroisine - I've been finding it hard to find good fabrics lately! They're so popular at the moment I think they must get snapped up quickly but its good to jsut have them there for when I get the motivation to sew!

RE-Read - Thankyou for tagging me! You have a lovely blog!
You've done rather well on the dress!!
I've been meaning to bring out the sewing machine for a while now.
I have all these frumpy dresses that i've been waiting for summer to wear and now its too hot to be bothered to sew haha.
Ah well.
Yess my poor mum, i'm still laughing!

Jasmina - Pucci Eeeeeeeeee!!!

Valentine - Keep your eyes pealed for a fan!! I'm in heaven while I sleep! They also make the best humming noise!!

Lavender - I completely agree, vintage all the way!!! Something so big should at least be pretty!

Kate - I go shopping everywhere, it's always pot luck. I am usually in a shop every day. Before or after work, or on my days off I choose an area and do the ones around. I'm everywhere! No specific one is good every time you just have to go and hope :)

Leilani - Oh I am squeamish too!! ever since my near electrocution scare I still shut at least one eye when I plug anything in (coz that will help of course haha)
But I'm still alive :)

Strike Match - Oh the pucci scarf made my day! And my boss thinks the necklace would be worth up to $100 which is kind of cool!! i love it whatever its value anyway but knowing prices is always a bonus when they're high!!!
I haven't been taught about catagorising pieces into era's, I've only taught myself so my answers are only guesses but feel free to question, I'll do my best :)

harbourmaster said...

duuuuuuude that is a grand haul.

love that purple dress. and the big w dress.
know totally how you feel about hating your outfits when it's too late sometimes, lucky you were able to fix it so it didn't ruin your day!

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