Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kitsch Trish

Hello. It's way too hot to think about anything much to type, well its way too hot to really do much except think about being hot.
I can easily say that whatever the temperature is outside, my house is about 5 or more degrees hotter. When you prefer to stand outside on a 44 degree day than in your house, there's something wrong.
My bed is too hot to sit in, a lot hotter than my electric blanket. Everything is too hot to touch and it's so thick in here it's hard to breath.
Complaining over, I will show you what I purchased at market today. Lots of kitsch goodies.

'Japan' Sugar bowl and tea pot

I have 6 (I think) of these 1960's? puppets. I saw the value in a collectors magazine and it was like $290 for 9. So I'm getting there. Up to 7 now.

Embroidered Belt.

Love these salt and pepper shakers! The donkey pulls along the vegetables/fruit shakers!

Elephant scarf. Mum thought it was a 'Beatles' scarf and it was images of their hair/sideburns.

I haven't seen one of these sort of vases with texture like this. I've only seen Whitefriars do textured glass, but I highly doubt I found a Whitefriars.
Glass is my least knowledgable area.
I can't tell designer glass from copperart glass.
I mean I always just buy what I like, but I like to know about what I buy.
So if anyone can train me up about how to define one type of glass from another I'd be grateful. I know styles and stuff, but how can you tell if it's a cheapy or a designer.
I do look for irregularity, and feel the weight, and look for the break off bit from where it's been blown but other than that I have no idea what I own.

This owl pitcher is so good!!! It has markings and numbers underneath and is made in Portugal.
It is quite big too! I'm currently re-arranging my display cabinet and is now looking rather dashing next to his fellow owl collectibles.

And the following is what Mum had for me...

Another pair of Raybans, again slightly different. I haven't seen a pair like these before.
No rayban on the side, slightly smaller, and called wayfarer not wayfarer 2.
Are they titled like this because one was designed prior to the other, or because they're two different styles? They cost her $1. She's such a good shopper.


4 x swatch watches

My favorite. She didn't actually buy this for me, but I HAD to have her and she knew I'd ask so she said it was okay. She's so pretty. We've named her Doris because she looks similar to Doris Day. She's in such good condition, in all original clothing (but missing a sock and shoe :( )

... I feel a bit strange exposing her online, but I had to show you how she even has her original bra and undies, with a matching bow as her dress belt, and a blue bow that goes in her hair (through special holes, I just have to put it back in) Isn't she pretty? $2 in the toy bin. IN THE TOY BIN!!!!

And lastly since she found me the Norman Hartnell neglige, she's kept her eyes peeled. She picked up this two piece for $3

Lastly, I forgot I took this, this is one of my 'hot day' outfits. My fringe didn't last very long. It was pinned back not long after.

Pwoahhhh HOT!.

I think I'd be plotting a scheme to sleep in a shopping centre if I hadn't had picked up that fan the other day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stripes and Stripes and Stripes

Today I withstood the heat and made my way to my local opshops.
I walked past some kids playing in their sprinkler (Not too sure if that's legal with our current water restrictions) but it brought back memories of back in the family home, when one summer Dad nailed tarps to cover a fair bit of the back yard, and arranged a variety of sprinklers from each side. It was the most amazing slip and slide ever.
Those one's you'd nag for from the commercials wouldn't come close to being as good as ours. We had a reasonably big back yard that was on a pretty decent slope.
We were on that thing for ages and I remember our bellies being bruised and sore the next day haha.
Well worth it though.
Oh I'd love to have another go, although I'm much more of a woose now days.
I used to be a huge Tom boy as a kid. I'd do anything.
Building cubbies, going bush to find secret hideouts, I think I've told you all this before. Here's a new one though, I used to collect dead snakes that were squashed by trucks and hang them over my bike handles to take home.
I swear I wasn't a hick!
And one time, my best friend and I found one in the primary school, so picked it up and put it next to the pool ladies car in hope she'd 'have a heart attack and die'. How mean!!
Gosh we were fascinated with killing and death! I remember a family friend and I putting bricks on the sloping roof of our tree house as a booby trap that would kill a certain other family friend when we would kick the roof making them bounce down.
Anyway, my point is.. well I don't even remember where I was going with that, I got all distracted with evil stories. But basically I sometimes miss being a kid. I saw no barriers, and entered everything with no hesitation. Run through the bush through spider webs, putting sticks in holes that anything could come out of, but now I'd see that slip and slide and think 'ooh what if... (insert many possible risks here)'

Whoah that was long.

Anyway I did end up going shopping.

This is what I wore.

This outfit could be so many kinds of wrong. Mismatching 3 kinds of stripes. But I think the wrongs made it right.... replace the word 'think' with 'hope' haha

And this is what I bought.

A smurf book

I have tried to stop buying oversized nanna dresses, as I never end up getting around to sewing them, however the pattern on this one was similar to a dress that I'm coveting at Velour, so I bought it in hope it'll meet my sewing machine one day soon.

And last of all this 60's caroma bathroom cabinet. What a find! Made my day in the heat well worth it.
This is how I've used it.

It's funny how we're never happy with the heat.
When's summer coming?? When's summer coming??
It's too hot!! It's too hot!!

The eBay addiction

Just a quick little post to show you a few things I've picked up.
My favorite, being this piece of coloured glass.

Lovely colour! I'm really enjoying glass at the moment but I'm quite specific (which I'm happy about or I'd have a whole new avenue of collecting)
A lot of it bores me, but a lot of the 60's 70's glass gets me a bit excited.

As I held this bag up to my boss with a big grin on my face, she says
"I know something you need Trish, another tan leather bag!"
Add some sarcasm to that and you have a whole lot of truth.
I have way too many tan bags.
But you can't leave a nice quality bag on the shelf when you don't have one quite the same, especially when it's only $3.
So I didn't hesitate. It's very pretty!

I also got another swatch watch, in it's packet too!

I made some pins out of the fabric I got from market the other day

And last of all this is one of my outfits.

I'm a little bit addicted to furniture at the moment. And my addiction to eBay is fierce!
Mix them both together and you'll see what i've been up to for the past week in my spare time.
Mostly looking at wall units and storage as I'm always in need of storage, but the main reason is because having things that don't match drives me mad.
When something is out of place it's always the first thing I see when I come in, and when it's in my head, I won't stop until I've replaced it.
My old Ikea shelves don't match at all, and they have no hidden cupboards so everything has to be displayed, and not everything looks pretty on display, so I'm currently bidding on a few eBay goodies, and finding a lot more that I shouldn't bid on but am.
Every 'You've got mail' sound I hear is a mini panic attack, as I fear someone has outbid me. Haha.

Oh also, I found a cheapish melbourne courier that is basically half whatever you're quoted from other couriers, so if you ever need someone to pick up something heavy from ebay but dont have a trailor or car etc, let me know and I'll send you their details.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello! I just realised that this is my 100th post!!
I never ever ever thought I'd get so many people reading all of my nonsense tales!
18 posts on my previous blog. I would have been surprised if I had 18 readers! haha.
It's kind of exciting that people are interested in what I do each day, get pleasure out of my victories and can laugh at my many misfortunes.
So I'd like to kindly thank you all for reading!

Anyway I have a few outfit posts to show as I've been lazy and haven't blogged. Oh and I've finally replied to the comments too!
My excuse for my laziness is the heat.

I love everything about excuses.

I love men excuses and how before they do anything they 'pre excuse' so that if they fail they can say 'told you its because.. I've had a few beers etc etc' but if they succeed they look even better because of their pre excuse. (So they think)

I also love small talk excuses. The ones that shop people say if they fumble, they blame it on the day, no matter what day it is.
Oh it's Monday I'm still in weekend mode
Oh it's friday it's been a long week
Oh it's only Tuesday the weeks just begun etc etc.

My favorite excuses are by the ones who will tell you the whole event of the day before they get to the excuse, (They're usually lying which is why I enjoy hearing their whole story because they've spent so long working it out.) eg:

Oh my gosh sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I woke up and was so excited to go shopping, and then my Dad called and said he needed a lift to his girlfriends house, and then we had to stay and chat and stuff, and then when I got home I realised Dad still had the house keys so I had to go and get them, and then I went online to try to check my bank balance and I found out I had like $1.30 in my account so I couldn't even afford a metcard, so I tried to borrow money from............. blaa blaa you get the gyst.

Anyway, my excuse for not blogging/replying is the heat.

Here goes

It was about 8am and I was already sweaty and gross even in my cotton kaftan. That day was ridiculous.

And todays outfit, I bought this skirt yesterday and just had to wear it. I have had so many compliments on it! Including being told I look like a cupcake. Haha. It's my favorites skirt, I don't even have to breath in!

And in the mail I recieved my presents from Hayley and Polka Dot Rabbit! What a delight.

I have already planned my outfit for the earrings!

This made me smile. I will keep this little note with the goodies forever.

Here are some of the things I've picked up over the past few days.

It's one of those bar style mirrors. I don't think this is super old or anything, but I like it... and I'm on the search for a 70's bar that I can use as my desk so would like to create a bar vibe.

My favorite item

And now you can see the other half of my heater

I got a chopping board I got a chopping board I got a chopping board. I can chop things on something that isn't a plate!

In my local opshop a lady just brought in a bag of goodies, and was describing them to the opshop lady. Inside was her lifetime postcard collection from every town she travelled to in 50's to the 70's. I bought the lot for $2. I have no idea why, but I just felt that they were something really special and, I feel special for having them.

So I have an iPhone, and for some reason, every now and then my alarm doesn't go off.
Which confuses me because I am very thorough at checking it, and I always set 3 each morning so I can snooze between each for my specified amount of time. And sometimes none go off which scares me and I lose sleep over it as I keep waking up during the night to check I haven't slept in. So I went on the hunt for an alarm clock and bought this one.
I tested it to see if it works, and hell yes it does! It works so much that I won't ever use it.
The horrible sound it creates when it goes off is enough to wake someone out of a coma. It's terrifying. So now it's just there to look pretty.

And last of all this is how I presented my radio on my dressing table.

I'm off to go and sprawl in front of the fan.
Tomorrow's job is to buy one of those hairdressers water spray bottles.
Oh won't I just be in heaven then.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And she's back in the game!

I have a story to share with you.
I have been laughing about it all day.

So Mum and I were driving to the markets this morning, and she tells me...

'Patricia... you'll never guess what I did last Saturday, so I was driving around, and I saw a garage sale sign on a pole with the address on it, balloons tied to it etc, so you know me, slams on the breaks and does a U-turn and off I go.
I spot the place, cars everywhere, balloons on the fence, fantastic!!
I park, get out my wallet and bag and walk in.
I nearly died.
It was a big childrens birthday party.
Everyone stopped and looked at me as if to say 'who the hell is that?'
Children were everywhere, I was so embarrased, I said, 'Oh sorry wrong address' and ran back to the car haha.'

Oh I laughed. It wasn't a garage sale sign, just a sign with balloons on it! hahah

Before I show you my market finds, I'd like to share my prior purchases.

On Friday and Saturday I bought the following

I bought this dress on Friday and wore to work on Saturday. I adore different sleeves. This dress however hit me at the wrong spot (Right in the middle of my calfs) which made me look super frumpy. I decided just to deal with it until I caught a glimpse of my reflection at the train station, and hated what I was wearing. So as soon as I got into work, I went out the back, took off my dress, and sat in my underwear whilst I took up the dress a few inches. (Great vision huh?) It now sits much better. Haha.

This is rather old and quite heavy! The stones are a blue I haven't seen before but I can't seem to capture it in the photo, but oh they're lovely.

This cute 70's? Pinafore. I love it because I can wear it as is, or in winter put a pretty blouse underneath and some tights. My ideal under item is a mustard turtleneck. Still searching.


Psychadelicish fabric that I suspect is an ikea creation, but none the less will make a good something one day.

And the next two items are the things that made me know I'm back and haven't lost my opshop touch.

Oroton handbag $2

Pucci scarf 20c

Ooooooh so happy! I have always wanted to own something by Pucci!

And this is what I picked up from the markets this morning.

Psychedelic tie

Flower power shorts

Sweet bikini.

Huge S&P cat shakers. Slight paint damage to one.

These are the cutest S&P shakers. It begins as one piece, a corn on the cob with a hat on, and when you take off his hat, they separate into two shakers. His hat being one, and his body being the other.

Fabric bundle

Finally... I have spent many sleepless nights lying awake in bed with a damp flannel on my head trying to stay cool because I didn't own a fan. I mean I could have gone to Target or Coles or anywhere really and bought a white one, but I didn't want a white one, it wouldn't match my house. I wanted a vintage one that not only kept me cool, but looked great when it wasn't being used. I've seen quite a few at markets, but the prices they're asking for vintage fans is stupid. And they're usually all rusted and gross. (Did anyone see the fan collection on collectors? WOW) But finally this one was there waiting for me for only $10. I love it and can not wait to sleep in comfort tonight.

And last of all my favorite purchase for the day. I got an Astor radio. Not the most desired brand, but still well known, and still collectible. I was copping some greazies from other stall sellers, I loved it. It cost me $10 :)

I know this blog is already super long, but I'm not finished.

Mum had a few things to give me too. (Besides the greatest home made meal I've had in so long)

Glomesh coin purse.

Mum bought this dress aaaages ago, and when she held it up to show me I did the wrong thing and turned my nose up and said, it looks like a big w dress.
It's not, its vintage and actually very pretty!
So much later on when I decided I wanted it, she laughed and refused to give it to me because its the big w dress. After months and months of nagging she finally gave in, and now this lovely dress is mine :)

And last my favorite, the same day I run out of my moisturizer, mum shows me her brand new $2 purchase. 150 mls of Chanel face moistruriser. It's amaaaazing.

I haven't had such a great buying day in so long. I'm super tired, but super happy.

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