Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fantastic Plastic lounge is BACK!!

Hi guys!
In my earlier post about my brown lounge (here) I mentioned that my fantastic plastic lounge has become my storage area for all things I sell in my shop.
Well the plastic side of retro has always been my favorite part, and not having access to my plastic lounge has been getting on my nerves, and the job just seemed to big to do anything about.
Until today.
As soon as I woke up I decided it was time to claim the plastic lounge back as my own!
And not even mutilating my toe by trying to carry a ridiculously too heavy shelf for one person out to the garage was going to stop me!

So the rest of my house looks like a bomb's hit it.
But I'm not going to worry about that now. All I can care about is that I can see all my favorite things again, and actually LIVE in my house! (Which I believe is what it's intended for.)

I of course couldn't wait to show you all pics because I'm so proud of myself for getting it how it is.
While clearing out I have discovered a lot more goodies to bring to Camberwell market on the 3rd Jan (read here for info)

Ok here is some piccies...

This is one of those panoramic shots I did similar to the other post.
I didn't use the tripod for this one so it turned out a bit.. dodgy but you can see it all anyway.

(Click to see a bigger view)

Hehe upside down he fits on my dress makers mannequin perfectly! Love it.

Now, I can actually sit on my couch and look at my favorite shelf. I couldn't see it before. Last time I took a pic of it, I had to shift half of the lounge to get in to take it! So yay!

You've seen it before, but now I can see it again!! This little Caroma vanity cabinet displays my S&P's perfectly

Gumby playing in Retro Barbie land

My Ellis Lamp and Kartell tables corner ♥

I've kinda gone overkill with my Twiggy heads I know, but they're in a fixed spot now. I promise.

I got this McLaren Bull for Christmas from Mum. He's huge! Unfortunately his horns broken off, but we still have it, so araldite will fix him up nice and good. And he's a keeper anyway so the value drop won't bother me. She found him about 10 years ago in a country op shop for $2. I saw his poor broken head sticking out of a box she was packing to move and said.. Um what's that? I will have that for Christmas please! haah.

I finally got to lay down that giant shag pile rug I bought a few months ago. And by giant I mean GIANT! I was certain it'd fit in my lounge until I started to unfold the monstrosity of a rug and started to doubt it!
It just fits. Fewf. But you can see how close it came in the next pic

So I can't move in the rest of my house, but at least there's heaps more room otherwise haha. I'll start the boring bit of finding places for the homeless objects tomorrow.


Friday, December 25, 2009

And the winner is.... *Drumroll Please*

YAYY!! Happy Boxing day!

The day where the Winner of the THF comp is revealed Eeeee!!!

I recorded a video blog to show the draw, so have a watch.
I hope you don't cringe as much as I did when re-watching it!
The Sound and Video don't match which is just great!
But if you just look at it as a Shintaro style and not a muck-up, it'll be cool, not bad haha

Here we go....

HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Festivus, Chrismukkah, or whatever you celebrate! and a HUGE Huge Huge congratulations to the winner!!!!

:) :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Present to myself.

Books make me very happy.
Though I'm not a big novel reader, Reference books, and large hard cover books full of bright fun pictures really do make me happy.
I always have to tell myself 'no' at opshops when I see the abundance of coffee table books of which I have no relation to it's content. Yet I still feel the need to buy them as they're so pretty. (I don't! I'm strong... and well, have no room for them. )
I really do love learning, so when I find a reference book that relates to my interests, I get oh so excited!
My Christmas present to myself, arrived on the front porch this morning!
I ran inside sat down on the couch and ripped open the packaging to reveal this...

Isn't it a beautiful book? When I found out this book existed I knew I had to have it.
Nothing screams Trish more than a book titled "Fantastic Plastic, the Kitsch collectors guide" 4 of the 6 words are key Trish words.
I couldn't believe I didn't already own this!

SO.... Just as I was thinking that this book and I were a perfect match, I open the cover, turn the first page and check this out...

I turn to my right, and I'm not at all kidding, this is exactly what's set up in my house. I just had to take a photo!

Made my day! Best gift to myself ever :)

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!
I'll speak to you all on Boxing day when the winner of my competition is revealed YAYYY!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

New shop goodies :)


So I picked up a Nintendo DS at market on Sun.
It was at the same stall as a Gameboy advance that after the guy told me allll about what it was "This is a Nintendo gameboy, now Nintendo's one of the best brands you can get you know, these are in the second hand shops for $80.. blaa blaa blaa", ended up wanting $50 for it.
I then picked up the DS expecting at least $50 and he says "Not sure what that one is, some kind of hand held game, I dunno, $10."
I was out of there quick smart and happy as Luigi.

My old Gameboy has a broken screen part so getting a new one meant I could bring out my games again.. and have a go at some newbys.
Zelda Spirit Tracks is currently my latest game. I'm feeling a bit so-so about it so far but I'll give it a few more hours tomorrow and see how I go.
Until then, I'm off to bed to play some Mario Kart and I might even get some sleep while I'm there.

3 days to go to enter the comp Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve all!

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days left to enter my Christmas Competition!!!

Hey guys!! Just a reminder that there's only 4 days left to enter my competition!! If you haven't heard about it, here's an update of what goodies are up for grabs :)

A BIG HUGE thanks to everyone who has entered. Your blog posts were absolutely lovely and it's all helped me out so very much!

Another Fab competition is being run by Candice from Super Kawaii Mama! Check it out Here! My gosh you can win a Camera and all!!

To win my prize, all you have to do is post a special blog letting people know about my new online shop, with my banner (as shown below) linked to my site!
Then comment on this blog letting me know you have done so and you're in the draw!

On Boxing Day, (As Christmas is always too crazy to fit in one more thing unless it's food) I will pull one of your names out of a Santa hat and the goodies will be all yours!!

Ok here's what you can win!! (Which comes to over $80 in total!)


This is the Bible for all Vintage fashion lovers!!! Full to the brim of info and fabulous photos. Carter's LOVE VINTAGE is a fantastic book and a great reference on all Australian and International Vintage as it's written by Nicole from Circa Vintage Clothing in Fitzroy!

(If you don't happen to win this specific one, They are available for sale at my shop too! :) )

Also coming your way is a Trish Hunter Finds Tote bag to take with you when you go on your shopping adventures!

5 x Hand made badges made from Vintage childrens fairytale books

And of course 20% off your next purchase as my shop :)

You have to be in it to win it, so here's the image and the link :)

Just click in the box above and copy the text and paste it straight to your page :)

If you're feeling super nice, it'd be lovely if you have room on your site to put a small version of my banner there for visitors to see too. But of course you don't have to :)

To those who don't have a blog but are just readers of THF, you can still enter too! Just email me and we'll figure out something that works for you :)

Goodluck guys!! Eeeee!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The brown lounge's newest edition!

Hii :)

While cleaning my house today, I realised it's been a while since I've shown you parts of my house. It changes around so often as I buy new bits, and sell old bits that I don't realise how much it's changed!
A few months ago I purchased a fabulous new pair of arm chairs that I'm desperately wanting to show you, so I took a few pics to show you what my Brown Lounge is looking like.

My Fantastic Plastic lounge is now my storage area for all items in my shop, so regrettably it's pretty much non existent and looks like well... a giant mess. But an orderly giant mess!
So it's nice to have this lounge to come home and relax in.

So the first one is actually 3 photos that I mushed together using a program called 'hugin panorama' which was a nice lazy Saturday activity and quite rewarding to see the finished result!

(Click to see a bigger view)

And here are a few others...

And lastly, on a friend and I's opshopping journey the other day, we parked outside this Aquarium only to see a cliche that you only see in childrens books.

Very cute. Unfortunately we were still rummaging through my bag for my camera when it had both front paws up on the door!

Happy Saturday :)

Yay! Camberwell Market - 3rd January 2010!

It's been a long time coming,
but finally I have a stall at Camberwell booked for the first market of the New Year!
The 3rd of January 2010

Very excited.

I'll be selling mostly 80's and 90's clothes that I've had stashed in my giant stripey bags for so long.
I have no idea what's even in there anymore.

All clothing will be $5 or $10!

Even though when I go to markets, I don't even bother rummaging through piles of clothing, I have way way way too many clothes to hang, so the $5 rummage pile will be a massive rummage pile. I can't help it!
Just look for the messiest stall there haha!
It's a huge massive mound so get in early as there's some goodies!
(The $10 rack will be hung, just so you can differentiate between the two :) )

There's Blouses, dresses, cardi's, jumpers, leathers, skirts, everrrything.
It'll be completely rummageable because pretty much everything there will be vintage, so it'll be worth it! I promise :)

Ebay sellers!! Its a good time to stock up. Most stuffs cheaper than opshops these days, so buy up :) *Sales woman tone again*
I really do just have to get rid of it all!
AND... come after 11.30... and all clothing will be $1
So yeh... I really don't want to take anything home :)

I'll also be selling Genuine Vintage Raybans for $50-$70, other bits and pieces I've picked up along my journeys, kitchen stuff, bits and bobs, my badges and totes too!... and I'll be giving away my magnets of course :)

I'm sure you'll recognise a few things.

I'm going to TRY and squeeze a bike in my car if I can too. We'll see.

Even if you just come to say hi... oh and keep me awake from waking at some crazy hour, or take my mind off the hopefully not sizzling heat or heavy rain! That'd be lovely. :)

You can find me here ....

See you there and thennnn :)

Quickly... how cute are these little 50's figure I picked up to add to my ever growing collection :) I adore them.

And again...
If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things including CARTERS LOVE VINTAGE BOOK!!! Click HERE to check it out! There's just over ONE WEEK TO GO YAY!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Canvas Tote bags now available!! YAY!

Hello and hooray!

Arriving on my door this morning was my order of THF tote bags! :)
They're made of a sturdy canvas, and says "I love Vintage" Across the front.
It's the best size to take on your shopping adventures! *Excuse the sales-lady tone but it really is!*

They're available at my shop for only $15!
And every bag sold gets a free badge made from Vintage childrens books :)

Click HERE for more pics :)

There's also another 10 items up! As well including A Polaroid camera, an Oroton purse, some Psychedelic wallpaper, the best best best retro light shade, and a few of the items from the previous post!

Click HERE to check it all out :)

And again...
If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things including CARTERS LOVE VINTAGE BOOK!!! Click HERE to check it out! There's under 2 weeks to go YAY!

Polly want a Cracker of a find?

Aargh so it's super late and one eye has started to shut... Mmmm bed.
But super quickly, I'd like to share with you my latest finds :)
I'm not sure what I'll keep and sell as yet... I might have to have a play first :)

I love having odd Characters just chilling out around the house.
People can visit my house 20 times and not have seen them, until one day for some reason they notice the life size wooden parrot perched on his little wooden stand keeping a watchful eye on them from up on a shelf. He's definitely a keeper though.

2 West German vases!! The left one's fabulous!

I am off to Coles first thing tomorrow morning to get some batteries for this beauty!!
It has its original song book, and little attachable shelf to rest it on.
It's no Casio, but I'm sure I'll pump out some amazing chopsticky tunes!

I've been unsatisfied with my dinner setting for over two years now.
Every time I take it out I'm a little disappointed that I have to eat off such ugliness.
I've seen a few 'okay' sets to replace it, but they too just weren't good enough and I wanted to wait for the right one. And then I found this!
It's an English set, all hand painted and really 60's!!
Perfect size wheetbix bowls, and just really Trish.
Very pleased.

So even though these are modern, I couldn't say no. I mean they're cupcakes!!
I feel a little bit like I've gone behind my own back buying 'new' things.
And even though I have no reason to, I feel a little guilty for it.
BUT THEY'RE CUPCAKES!! They were only $5 for the set at Oakleigh Market on the weekend. I think I'll put them in the bathroom and use them for hairties, pins etc etc.

This is the best! It's an ashtray made by an Australian maker named 'Gunde' or 'Gunda' who made fabulously styled ceramics in the 50's/60's. How great is this shape!!!

Fab retro canister

Novelty Noritake Betty Boop figural mug! Pretty cool... except she's a bit Rocky Horror or something.

Really ugly coin purse to add to my novelty coin purse collection

How kitsch is this? Wooden bird with a removable feather duster tail! His head moves around in all directions too!

Lastly, is a few more odd 70's Staffordshire mugs.
Because of course my cupboards aren't full enough of odd retro mugs and such haha.
Oh well at least I can throw out my old ugly dinner setting and clear some room to buy more things :):):)

Oh... ok that wasn't lastly...

I got an early Christmas Pressent from the Boy!

My favorite band 'Camera Obscura' released a new Album that I had no idea about until we went JB Christmas shopping. I haven't had a chance to listen to it properly yet but gosh I can't wait. Their songs are amazing. They have a real 60's feel to them and are definitely worth a listen.

(I'd like to make a note that I just spelled the word 'definitely' correctly for the first ever time! I ALWAYS spell it definately for some reason, and can't seem to break the habit except right now!! HOORAY!! Goodbye red underlined word.)

My other eyelid is slowly dropping. Bed time.

Have a good... morning :)

ALSO!!! If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things including CARTERS LOVE VINTAGE BOOK!!! Click HERE to check it out! There's under 2 weeks to go YAY!

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's been a long time without an outfit post!

Yay 2 blogs in one day!
I guess that's what happens when I decide to have a 'nothing' day at home.
Doing 'nothing' is harder than doing something, so I chose to do something!

And that something involved the previous blog! And...
Well, I've received a few emails from people asking why I haven't done an outfit post in a long time. And to be honest it's because I've been feeling pretty blerck for a while with the whole dreadful hayfever season beginning, and being so busy and all with the online shop and all.
But today, I'm hayfeverless, I have a lot more time on my hands now that the shop bulk is up, and I don't want to do nothing... So, I put on my face, and put on some of the more fun outfits I've worn over the past few months.
I have actually been wearing a lot of jeans and blouses too... I started to realise as I went through editing these it started to look like a costume shop photo board, but I can assure you, I wore all of these.. except one that I'll tell you about when I get there.

Ok here goes..

Playsuits are big this year!!
And coming soon to Poppet are her home made goodies!!
Such as...

I bought mine last year, and since had believed it was made of Polyester so hadn't worn it for that exact reason!
Until... I dug it out again, searched for another tag and finally found out it's made of 100% cotton! (It certainly doesn't feel like it, but I trusted the tag and it turned out to be pretty good for summer!)

Serving tray?

Doy doy

I wore this opshopping one day, and A lady who worked there demanded I take a photo of myself in the above dress as I reminded her of herself when she was young. I don't think she'll see this, but I said I would so this is for you :)


When trying to put this outfit together I realised I own barely any navy items!!
So I'm actually wearing a 50's Jantzen bathing suit underneath haha. It worked out well except of course when I had to go to the loo :)

Ok this is the outfit I haven't actually worn but have been wanting to show people for ages!! It's an old 70's Jumpsuit for "ESSO" petrol which is pretty cool! Now there are numerous reasons I won't wear it out of the house!
1) It's not the most er.. comfortable thing to wear.
2) I have quickly realised I look like a cross between...


Dennis the Mennace


And last of all, Oh, I cut my dyed my hair back to how it used to be!! I had black hair for yeaaaars, then died it bright red, then finally grew it out to my natural mousy brown. got bored and went back to black haha.
I've got back into my 'punk' days and put my Septum ring back in too!
I took it out 2-3 years ago and attempted to put it in a couple of days ago, I obviously and very uncomfortably got there!

That's all from me todayyy :)

ALSO!!! If you haven't already entered the competition to win some awesome things!! Click HERE to check it out! There's over 2 weeks to go YAY!

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