Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Clause came to town.

Merry Christmas!
This time of the year is the most celebrated time for most, however the addicted opshoppers like myself are miserable! EVERY opshop is closed. The middle of January is the time when we can get our real fix, and that is a long long time to wait.
Other than that heavy stress on my shoulders, Christmas was celebrated on Boxing day, and my gosh, the thought of food makes me ill, which in Trish terms means it was a great day.

I mentioned in a couple of other blogs that for Christmas, Santa is buying me opshop things.
So here I am to show you my new treasures!

This is the fabulous flour sifter I mentioned earlier!

And old (but new) Shower cap, I haven't seen one like this before, it is even lined!

This water colour is so lovely in real life.

Two HUGE thick rolls of contact! These are so so so good! I'm considering covering my fridge?

This adorable toilet roll girl.

Huge set of Enid Blyton's famous five books, and some other misc ones. I can't wait to read these again.

1950's (I think?) Bathing cap. I am SO wearing this to the beach.

Anodised pot. This will be handy for those instant meal dinners.

This is lovvvvely! It's boxed brand new two piece negligee by Norman Hartnell. It's so lovely! Supposedly he dressed the queen? Something like that. I think having the box makes it so much nicer.

I have seen similar salt & pepper shakers in one of my books but now can't find them.
I THINK they might be by Carlton wear in the 60's. They're only marked Made in England so I don't know. But they're a bit cool.

Pantyhose? Tights? Stockings? I get their correct names muddled up.

These scales are so so good! I already have a sweet pair, but I think these will just be for display. I'm trying to think of something creative to use them for.

This is an old chocolates tin. It's so pretty! I'm going to put it on my dressing table for all my little hair pins and ties etc.

A Flower power tie.

My only silver mesh bag is an oroton one that was my Nan's, and so I never use it in fear of losing it/damaging it etc. So recieving this one is perfect as I can use it.

And last of all Mum new I had been looking for my own monopoly since game night and picked up this old one. Shotgun thimble!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Ate until you were sick, and then ate some more.
I'm not sure when my next blog will be due to the whole nothings open thing. But have a safe new year.
My new years resolution will be an easy one to uphold. I've completely stopped drinking as of the 22nd of Dec.
I rarely drink as it is, and having it as a resolution will be an easy excuse to drop on the peer pressurers.
I'm sure I will at some stage, on special events. But not before at least the 22nd of Dec 09.
Go Trish and her goody goody ways.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I see dead people.

So I'm going to turn two very long stories into one, cut them very short, and it still mightn't even be very short.

The other day at work, a man came in, a friendly guy who wasn't quite 'normal' by definition, who told me exactly who I was without even knowing me.
Similarly to a psychic reading, but he didn't tell me my past, or future, just who I was at this time in my life. It was the weirdest experience ever, and is quite hard to explain.
Now I am partially skeptical about all that spiritual stuff, but I am also a believer, so I did question what he was saying. But there was nothing vague about anything he said. He hit everything correctly and in detail, so I completely believed. He's never seen me before, he brought up things that I have only told my closest friends. It's hard to explain and I won't go into detail as a lot of it is personal. But wow.
It was seriously a life changing event. I was close to tears after he left, it was the weirdest thing I've ever experienced.
Anyway, the reason I brought this up was because I have always said, and even mentioned on here a couple of times that I think I have some kind of 6th sense.
Well anyway, today I went into the Opshop and was drawn to the dresses and I went there first which is something I never do because I have a routine.
As I was going through the rack I thought to myself 'I feel like I'm going to find a Laura Ashley dress' I know very very specific, and not surprising, I didn't find one.
I put it down to the fact that at Velour, there is a beautiful one, and I must have just had it in my head.
Anyway, I went to work, and started to tell my boss about my life changing experience.
I got to a part that I haven't told you yet.
One of the things he said to me was that he see's psychic in me (I can't remember his exact words but it was along those lines) and I have always though so too, I know I sound like I should have a 'magic happens' sticker on my car bumper. Haha ANYWAY
Maybe a minute after that conversation, I went out the back where we hang our booked costumes and there was something hanging there that I had never seen before, in a Trish fabric.
I quickened my pace and quickly realized it was a Laura-Ashley dress.
I was creeped out! So creeped out that I wouldn't stop bringing it up all day.
One of my boss's friends had dropped off some of the things she couldn't bare to throw out but didn't want them anymore, and my boss said "That's something Trish would like"
and the friend said "Oh good she can have it!"
So it's mine! All possibly a crazy coincidence, and there's a possibility it's too coincidental that you think I'm making it up, but I seriously was thinking I'd find a Vintage Laura-Ashley dress only 10 minutes before I was given one.
Crazy crazy.

This is the dress.

The bell shaped sleeves were taken in to be normal sleeves and I've unpicked one just to show you, I'll do the other one later. If you've ever met one of these dresses you'll know how well made they are. I just love them.

Here are some other things I picked up today/tuesday

Cute pair of sandals.

Gross patterned dress, but I love the greens so couldn't leave it.

Um I LOVE these. I hope my friends will still walk next to me when I wear them, because I LOVE THESE! they're a thick fabric, high waisted legging, and pwoah. They're so so good.
They aren't like today's leggings, I could actually wear these as pants and not repulse people.

Another poly dress with a cute petite collar.

I've been searching for a new dressing gown for a while and again, I'm glad I waited.
I wouldn't wear this if I had an open fire because I would go up in flames, but I do love it and it'll make me happy when I wear it.

Another 70's polyester blouse.

A pair of guys high waisted flares that fit me perfectly! They look huge but they're great!

I got this mixed pack of tazo's glow caps for $3. There's SO many of them. Hopefully it'll fill the gaps in my tazo book.
I was sold when I saw the amount of glow caps in there. I was brought up in the country as a kid, and every time Mum went to Melbourne, I'd give her $3 of my pocket money to buy me a pack of glow caps. Some of them were rude which made me love them more. My favorite was the one with the big poo that glowed. I was in primary school ok? Haha

And this is one of the dresses I got in bulk the other day. I love it. Excusing me horrible 'just sucked a lemon' face, isn't it pretty?

Pwoah massive blog. I hope you reached the end without falling asleep.

I'm a bit hopeless at blogging/replying lately as I'm so busy, and when I'm not busy, i'm eating/sleeping, but I'm falling into a better routine and will be replying better soon :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Opshops later...

... and this is what I came home with.
I'll keep this short and sweet because I'm completely exhausted.

I've been really tempted to buy some new sandals for summer as I'm really liking the sandal trend at the moment, but I held out because I can't bring myself to spend the amount I'd have to, to get quality ones.
Then these fell into my hands. Zip up backs, perfect fit, LEATHER, AND VINTAGE! I couldn't be more pleased.

These are a bit pretty! Perfect for those feminine outfits that don't suit solid closed shoes. Such as...

These! Which I also picked up today. I saw them last time I was there, and left them. I was lucky they were still there.

How pretty is this bag. I've never seen one like this and jumped on it. It cost me a whole dollar!

I always see these at savers for prices I'm not willing to pay. I came close to paying $60 I think for the zelda one. Oh I really wanted it, but it ruins the whole 'hunt' for things. You don't want to feel guilty for buying something, you want to leave giddy that you found such a bargain! This cost me $2.

And now comes the clothing.

This is one of the favorite dresses I own. I haven't tried it on but it looks like it'll fit. I LOVE it. Every characteristic about it screams TRISH.

Obviously from the same ladies wardrobe, same size, same brand, same condition. Another lovely maxi dress :)

I have the dress version of this shirt. I've never worn it though as it's too long and I won't cut it. But this is a possible alternative. It looks great over my jeans, and I might one day be daring enough to wear it as a mini. Scary but it's great.

70's blouse in a cotton rather than a polyester! Breathable joy.

This is a guys vintage hawaiian shirt. I'm going to wear it with high waisted shorts and tie the front of the shirt up, and chuck on a big straw hat!

And this is, ok now I don't know. This could be my favorite item of the day.
It's a pair of flower power high waisted mini shorts. Judging by the inbuilt sand capturers, I'm presuming they're beach shorts. AND THEY FIT ME! Oh happy day!

What a big long but great day.

Off to bed early tonight!
I'm shopping again tomorrow with a friend!

PS: If anyone knows how to stop eating once you get full, could you please teach me? I think yet again I'm close to bursting!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The girdle jeans

Today after work I popped into savers.

This is what I wore

I'd just like to pat myself on the back for my jeans. I can't ever find jeans that fit me so when I do I live in them until they look like saggy baggy horrible jeans that only fit after first wash, then they're useless.
ANYWAY, so after yet another lifetime going through racks and racks of drab jeans, I came across these levis bootcut jeans. I hate hate bootcut, but the fit everywhere else was like I was wearing a built in girdle, lifts, tucks, sucks, you name it they do it. I was sold. I swore to myself I'd never ever take in another pair of jeans as I always screw them up, and I end it all frustrated.
But this time, instead of pinning and repinning and getting cranky, I lay the jeans down on the ground, lay my newly washed and correctly sized old jeans on top, and pinned its outline, then just sewed it. I didn't think it would work but hoorah. I've never had a pair of jeans that fit me so good.

And this is what I bought.

Yay, new frypan! And I can't electrocute myself! I've been aching for pancakes!
It's such a heavy good quality one. I can't even warp it if I tried! Its Trish proof.

Eighties Katies dress. Even though I cringe at anything Katies, Millers, or Target, I did like the lightness of it, and I'm a sucker for polkadots. I think I'll be living in this during Summer... if it ever comes.

Love this dress. It will go in the winter pile though.

Fantastic felt bucket hat, are they called bucket hats? Well thats what I've always called them. I always buy things in green as I just love it. I can see myself as that crazy green lady when I'm old. Wearing everything from hairties to shoe laces in all shades of green. I regularly see purple ladies. Handbag, shoes, poncho, blouse, skirt, socks everything purple.

This will also be good for winter. I love the textured detail in the fabric.

I swore myself off buying frumpy nanna dresses because I like the fabric. I really don't need more stuff thrown on my 'to sew pile' but these colours/pattern is so me. I couldn't leave it there. It'll need a lot of work to make it wearable, but I'm tempted to actually do it.... one day.

AND, Ellen from work gave me her cat salt & peppers today. They look lovely on my mantle. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Fewf, my shopping cravings are over... for now.

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