Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Clause came to town.

Merry Christmas!
This time of the year is the most celebrated time for most, however the addicted opshoppers like myself are miserable! EVERY opshop is closed. The middle of January is the time when we can get our real fix, and that is a long long time to wait.
Other than that heavy stress on my shoulders, Christmas was celebrated on Boxing day, and my gosh, the thought of food makes me ill, which in Trish terms means it was a great day.

I mentioned in a couple of other blogs that for Christmas, Santa is buying me opshop things.
So here I am to show you my new treasures!

This is the fabulous flour sifter I mentioned earlier!

And old (but new) Shower cap, I haven't seen one like this before, it is even lined!

This water colour is so lovely in real life.

Two HUGE thick rolls of contact! These are so so so good! I'm considering covering my fridge?

This adorable toilet roll girl.

Huge set of Enid Blyton's famous five books, and some other misc ones. I can't wait to read these again.

1950's (I think?) Bathing cap. I am SO wearing this to the beach.

Anodised pot. This will be handy for those instant meal dinners.

This is lovvvvely! It's boxed brand new two piece negligee by Norman Hartnell. It's so lovely! Supposedly he dressed the queen? Something like that. I think having the box makes it so much nicer.

I have seen similar salt & pepper shakers in one of my books but now can't find them.
I THINK they might be by Carlton wear in the 60's. They're only marked Made in England so I don't know. But they're a bit cool.

Pantyhose? Tights? Stockings? I get their correct names muddled up.

These scales are so so good! I already have a sweet pair, but I think these will just be for display. I'm trying to think of something creative to use them for.

This is an old chocolates tin. It's so pretty! I'm going to put it on my dressing table for all my little hair pins and ties etc.

A Flower power tie.

My only silver mesh bag is an oroton one that was my Nan's, and so I never use it in fear of losing it/damaging it etc. So recieving this one is perfect as I can use it.

And last of all Mum new I had been looking for my own monopoly since game night and picked up this old one. Shotgun thimble!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Ate until you were sick, and then ate some more.
I'm not sure when my next blog will be due to the whole nothings open thing. But have a safe new year.
My new years resolution will be an easy one to uphold. I've completely stopped drinking as of the 22nd of Dec.
I rarely drink as it is, and having it as a resolution will be an easy excuse to drop on the peer pressurers.
I'm sure I will at some stage, on special events. But not before at least the 22nd of Dec 09.
Go Trish and her goody goody ways.


angel wings and hearts said...

hi trish,

you did well my dear. especially the norman hartnell. keep that one forever! he was indeed the queens couturier and designed her coronation gown. he dressed all the stars of the day as well. vivien leigh amongst them. his designs are beautiful. there is a book out on him but it is about 200 trillion dollars.


thevintageyear said...

What spectacular presents! I wish my parents would buy me op shop stuff. And I totally agree with you about the op shops being closed over this period, ouch.

Good luck with your new years resolution, it's a goodie, I rarely drink also.

NapoleonsOwner said...

Op shops aren't closed eyt! I was op shopping in ringwood, croydon and belgrave yesterday!!!!

NapoleonsOwner said...

by the way.. its' Lili from your earlier blog comments.. google blogger... i somehow changed my name but I dont know how I did it! :)

peaitlreiecnia said...

my goodness!! what a lovely assortment of goodies!

thanks for sharing, every single thing is amazing!

and if you decide to contact your fridge, it will probably be the raddest looking thing around.:)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

What lovely finds - i've been wanting an oroton for a while now and have finally got my hands on one :) I know what you mean about the frustration of all the op shops being closed, its so disappointing! Happy New Year :)

Kazza said...

Happy New Year Trish from Kazza. I am still having a peek at your blog from time to time. I am working three days a week and sometimes check in on your blog from the office.

Some lovely finds as always. I know where you store all your clothes but where do you store all your bric a brac as your home does not look that cluttered?

My hubbie recently bought me a world globe on a wooden base for $1.00. I am training him very well. I have been after one of these for a couple of years. All good things come to those that wait. I would love a good quality large Aussie flag next as I want a flag pole down at the beach house.

I too do not know how I am going to survive without the op shops being open for bargains until mid Jan. Oh well can save up some money in the meantime.

Owl and the Grapes said...

Oh you lucky lady, those are some very awesome Christmas gifts. Have you done your tie dying yet? We still haven't figured out how to stop the dye from running in the wash! Great minds indeed (I kid). You must post your things when you do it though as I would love to see the results. Happy New Year Trish!


Owl and the Grapes said...

PS Here in Sydney the op shops are an absolute treasure trove around this time, earlier this week I picked up 8 beautiful dresses for $20 or something ridiculous. Perhaps it's time for a move to Sydney!


Lavender said...

I feel your pain. I was in Christchurch for one day only yesterday and came across the sweetest strip of second hand stores... none of which were open. I could have cried.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hi everyone! Thanks so so much for your replies. I've been so slack with replies over the last few posts, but I'm now on holidays for a week or so and will be shopping and marketing and blogging and replying to the best I can :)

Angel Wings & Hearts - Thankyou! My Mum is so nervous about what she got me as we've never done 'opshop christmas' before and she feels bad, but I couldn't have asked for anything better! Her favorite find too is the Norman Hartnell. She discovered google that day when she went over to her neighbours to show her and she insisted on googling him! She's funny.
Anyway, yeah shes so proud of that find. Gosh that much for a book hey? I wonder how much my negligee would be worth! eee I'll definately hold on to it!! Every time Mum calls, she says "I hope you've got that Norman Hartnell somewhere safe Patricia" haha.

The Vintage Year - Thankyouu! Oh its just horrible isn't it! I mean the Salvos and stuff are open but they're not real opshops. I like the cute little volunteer ones where the old ladies offer you tea.

Hi Lili!! - Haha I didn't know you could change your name either!
Oh you're lucky the opshops are open over there! Most things besides Savers and Salvos are shut over here. It's so hard! haha.

Peaitlreiecnia - I'm still in fridge dilemma!! I really really want to decorate it, but I'm scared.
It's a pretty old fridge that the seals are gaping and the freezer always over freezes to the point the door doesn't shut. SO what happens if I get a new fridge??
So i'm thinking I'll wait until this one dies, and when I get my new one I'll contact that!

Pretty Little Pictures - Oh good! I love when you finally find something you want! There's no better feeling! I remember the first time I learned that Orotons were valuable, and the next opshop we went into I picked one up! I thought they must be everywhere. Nope :( I was just very lucky!

Kazza - Haha, I have no idea how I store all my bric-a-brac, maybe I don't have that much? I dont know! I am to the stage where I wouldn't mind a couple more shelves though ahha.
I've just gone on a big spring clean and have created a ton more space which I have already filled with other things that were in my way, but it still feels good.
I have a whole bare shelf that I have NO idea what to put there and that feels weird. I'll find something haha.
Ohh a world globe, my brother had one as a kid and I loved it! Thats something I'd have no space here for haha.
Its true, I have saved a bit of cash from not opshopping! It feels good! It means I can spend more when they reopen ahha.
Hope you had a lovely new year Kazza.

Owl and the Grapes - No! I haven't done my tie-dying yet! I'm a little hesitant to do so at the moment since it's in all the stores at the moment... including supre ughhh. So I'm putting it off in rebellion.
I will of course post once I do end up doing it!
Oh don't tease me! I'd love love to come up there for a good shop! I'm fairly over Melbourne stores!
However work holds me back from going anywhere for long. Boo.
One day!

Lavender - OH I know EXACTLY what you mean! I went back to my home town for the Christmas period (the typical milk bar opshop and post office, 500 people town) A place I go back maybe twice a year, and of course, its shut. It's the best opshop too! We live hard lives.

Anonymous said...

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