Friday, December 5, 2008

...Oi, Oi, Oi!

There has been this vintage nighty floating about amongst piles and piles of 'to alter/fix/not sure what to do with' costumes at work.
I've been wanting it for so long as I had great visions for it.
However everything is always useful at work, weather we can steal the buttons, the collar, use the material for something else etc, so it's been kept.
But... with my persistent nagging, teamed up with the desire to clean, today was the day I got it! :)

I have mucked around with it a lot. New neckline, new size, added bust darts, ugh I've done everything. I might as well have just started out with a piece of fabric! It probably would have been easier actually!

Anyway this is my new dress.

It's exactly what I had imagined.
An Australian version of the union jack dress. Very very 60's, and perhaps very very 90's aka Ginger Spice.

Anyway I love it. My only concern is that I'll be mistaken for a crazy patriot going to the cricket. But we'll see. I wonder what the reaction will be from others.
I am imagining Occa's yelling Aussie Aussie Aussie out of their windows. Hmm.
I can't wait to wear it! Uh not with the boots though. I just put them on to play!

Thats all from me.

Have a lovely weekend! :)


cheshirecat said...

fantastic, with the boots def ginger spice, i like the boots!

Anonymous said...

I'd smash

Lavender said...

You look quite like a lady from my Woman's Weekly commemorative 1988 Bicentennial Australia Day mag. Except hers was a maxi dress - and as I recall she also had Australia-shaped earrings.
I think there is something to be said for understatement.

peaitlreiecnia said...

eeeep! amazing dress!

and those dresses below? i can imagine someone really wanting to steal your wardrobe. right about now

fabulous as ever

Raybies said...

The boots suit that dress prefectly. Reminds me of a bloke I saw at a dance a long time ago, he had a great pair of blue flares on about 60cm wide at the bottom with Australian flags on each leg in the flare part. Looked fantastic. I'd never have the guts to wear them but they suited him.

trishhunterfinds said...

Cheshire cat - Haha yess, I felt very Geri! I loved the spice girls to the point of ridiculousness when I was younger.

Anonymous - Hmm smash huh? Not sure if that's mean or dirty. Either way, no thanks haha.

Lavender - Ooh I so want to see that picture!! There was a rad union jack image in google of a kaftan version! She too had matching earrings.

Peaitlreiecnia - Hii, and THANKS! :)
Omgosh I'm still jealous myself of the dresses. I can't believe I was lucky enough to get them!
They're hanging next to my bed and I always wake up to them and feel so good! Sounds silly.

Raybies - Haha the white boots. I thought it'd add that 60's touch to the outfit. At work white boots change any dress into a 60's dress.
I'd LOVE to see/get my hands on those flares!! I'm dying for a fabulous pair of denim bell bottoms that fit me. I spend hours going through racks of drab jeans looking for a pair but so far no luck.
You'll soon know when I find some haha.

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